sunset views from Galle

Sunset Drinks, Amangalla, Galle, Sri Lanka

Words: Kirsten Durward    Photos: Monica Tindall

Resident guests at the Amangalla, Galle Fort can be treated to divine sunset views over the red tiled rooftops each evening during cocktail hour. From 5:30pm onwards the sky changes tones with remarkable speed while a range of signature cocktails, classic beverages and wines by the glass are served by white robed butlers. External patrons are welcome to partake of the same bounty on the shady verandah at the front of the Amangalla property.

Amangalla, Galle, Sri Lanka
Amangalla, Galle Fort

Monica and I have become quite fond of Arrack, the local Sri Lankan Lanka, which goes so well with lime and other tropical flavours. At Amangalla, one of the signature cocktails is our favourite Arrack Sour (Rs 1500).

Amangalla, Galle, Sri Lanka
Sunset Cocktails

I decide to ring the changes and taste something new to me, a very 20’s sounding Mint Julep. This bourbon based drink with fresh mint and plenty of ice and lime hits the spot as the sun starts to fade.

Amangalla, Galle, Sri Lanka
Mint Julip

Our preferred drink of the evening and recommended to all is the signature Amangalla G&T (Rs1500). Thinly sliced cucumber infuses so well with the aromatic Hendricks gin and the fresh mint gives an additional freshness to this drink that we are both happy to savour.

Amangalla, Galle, Sri Lanka
Ready for the Sunset

Amangalla offers several wines by the glass to accompany dinner or for simple sipping. We manage to sample a few as the sun dwindles in the sky, streaking pink, and orange behind the clouds before settling down in a mellow glow that echoed our mood at the end of this glorious day.

Amangalla, Galle, Sri Lanka
Sunset Viewed from Amangalla

Who can resist a glass of sparkling as the sun goes down? Not us, that is for sure!  Brut Prosecco by Cantina Sacchetto Veneto (Rs 1400) is a delightful fruity fizz with strong apple and grapefruit flavours and a dry refreshing finish.

This pale Rose is overshadowed by the sun in the sky but nonetheless it makes pleasant drinking. Gris Blanc by Gerard Bertrand IGP Pays D’Oc 2013 (Rs1700) is a crystal clear grenaceh with fresh mineral notes that pairs well with seafood.

Amangalla, Galle, Sri Lanka
Rose and Prosecco

For white we try a glass of the Gruner Veltliner by Domaine Gobelsberg Kamptal 2013(Rs1700). I don’t know much about Austrian wine but based on this sampling I would happily try more. Sporting crisp fruit flavours with overtones of green apples and a light minerality, it is certainly easy sipping.

Amangalla, Galle, Sri Lanka
Wine and Roofscape

Our red is a surprising Pinot Noir by Wishbone Marlborogh NZ 2013 (Rs 2000), which sports ripe cherry flavours and slight violet notes, we think this has a little more character than your average pinot noir and we’re exceedingly happy with the choice.

Amangalla, Galle, Sri Lanka
House Wine

Reasons to visit: Charming historical property; excellent service; signature cocktails; wine by the glass.

10 Church Street
Galle Fort
Galle, Sri Lanka
+ (94) 91 223 3388
[email protected]

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  1. I don’t drink alcohol but the ambiance is beautiful and the views are captivating!

  2. Breathtaking sunside. Love the classic colonial surroundings.

  3. Breathtaking sunset. Love the classic colonial surroundings.

  4. Awesome! reminds me of those bars housed within the Georgetown heritage houses

  5. The “Mint Julip” will do me, but where is the Magnolia Tree for better
    Southern (USA) aka “G W.T.W. atmosphere???
    Scarlett and Rhett would be mortified – ha ha.
    El Colin Cordobes

    • We may have been short on Magnolia Colin, but we had plenty of jasmine and frangipani. Beautiful scents in the night. The atmosphere more P.T.I. or thank G.T.W.W. however

  6. These images of sunset are a surreal beauty. 😉

  7. Stunning sunsets and great ambiance. The rattan chairs look very comfortable.

  8. Hello, the sunset are lovely. A beautiful spot to have a few drinks. Enjoy your day and the week ahead!

  9. love the photo of the sunset – the sun shimmering behind the clouds, with those vivid colours contrasting against the leafy landscape 🙂

  10. Arrack Sour sounds like my cuppa!
    How sour? 😉

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