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Interview with Adam Liew, Fashion Designer

What originally made you want to study fashion design and become a fashion designer, and what particular aspects of your background and upbringing have shaped your design principles and philosophies?

I was originally a mass communication graduate from LIMKOKWING UNIVERSITY COLLEGE, and worked in an event and advertising agency for eight years. What triggered me to study fashion design was the Glam Street Fashion Bazaar.

From the start of the start-up in 2010, I was handling event concept, graphic design, marketing and public relations. I started to do research on different fashion aspects to strengthen my ability to expand the fashion business. It’s here I developed the love for fashion.

Through the research and findings I began to observe consumer behavior and gained insight on what they need the most in the market. This is where I developed my research and development skills in terms of fashion and trends. With the love of Coco Chanel, Christian Dior, Surrealism and Zaha Hadid I can be confident to say that I do like to mix extreme styles.

I started as a self-trained designer in Malaysia before receiving formal training as a professional Fashion Designer in Melbourne, Australia.

I launched my own fashion label in Melbourne, Australia, implementing every stage from concept development, design sketches, fabric selection, pattern making and machining – all myself. I believe fashion designers also need to know how to pattern and sew to understand the practicalities of making their designs reality.

Describe your style as a good friend of yours might describe it.

Classic and elegant. They can see themselves in most of the designs that appear in their daily routine.

Describe the evolution of your work.

I have to expand on the Haute Couture evolution that I have developed, which marries East and West. I take the initiative to analyse personality, personal preference, fit and measurement. For the garments that are made for each individual I first need to get to know her personality as our brand’s best friend including what she likes and does not. Then I develop a few options of design sketches to suit her needs. This is beyond what regular fashion designers like and prefer. It’s all about client wants and needs, combined with the expertise of our team.

With the data we receive from the consultation, we make a toile based on the measurement. The toile is made perfectly for the pattern making process to make sure we know the exact drape on the client’s body shape.

We fuse the western technique of making clothes for the perfect fit and the eastern way of making garments through data.

It’s definitely an achievement for the brand that clients get to work directly together with the fashion designer.      

Which of your projects have given you the most satisfaction?

Definitely the kick starter project, it was a roller coaster ride the project started over a coffee session without any strategy and plan. Just shot a short video clip and posted it up.

The whole process is very organic. Even though after the kickstarter project we faced a lot of challenges and the brand almost shut down, but we bounced back stronger and better.

Do you discuss your work with other designers or friends?

I usually restrict talk about work to only the workplace with colleagues.  I don’t usually like to talk to others about my working life.

Where do you usually work on your projects?

Everywhere. Because the street and humanity is my inspiration. I do sketches, very quickly, often more than 50-60 on the same research.

What is the best moment of the day for you?

A piece of cake, a cup of piccolo café latte and people watching.

What kind of music do you listen to at the moment?

Hahaha!!! I am a Canto pop fan because I grew up with it. Beside Canto pop, I listen to classical, jazz, blues, house – I don’t really stick to one kind of music as I think it’s a universal language and I love all of them.

Do you read design and fashion magazines?

I do, often Vogue (any countries and any edition) because each edition is very inspirational! For design I follow Zaha Hadid, because I like her style too much not to read up about her.

Is there anything that you are afraid of regarding the future?

I only fear that I won’t be able to work in fashion and create my own designs anymore. I do hope that in our current society we put more focus on sustainable fashion rather than disposable fashion.

Find a detailed article on the Haute Couture process here and see the design Adam Liew Melbourne came up with for The Yum List’s editor, Monica Tindall.


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