The Blue Cow Butcher, online meat shopping, Kuala Lumpur

The Blue Cow Butcher, Quality Australian Meat Delivery, Kuala Lumpur

Real Fresh Food for Real Fresh People

High quality Australian cuts of meat. A huge range of beef, lamb, pork and chicken butchered to order. An easy to use website. Fuss-free delivery. It’s obvious that The Blue Cow Butcher’s recently launched on-line service is going to be a huge success!

The home page is extremely easy to navigate. We choose our fancy – Beef, Lamb, Pork, Chicken, or Sausages & Burgers – and we’re lead to a page of colour photographs clearly describing each cut, price and quantity, which makes choosing very easy. A simple click adds an item to our cart and we can proceed to checkout or continue shopping.

The variety is extensive! Steaks, cuts, roasts, whole or processed: just about any form of meat you could want for. Hubby is in carnivore heaven browsing the site. He’s like a kid in a candy store. A beef rump roast, beef mince, a medley of sausages, bacon, ham, chicken breast, lamb cutlets, lamb strips for stir fry: he’s in full glory making selections and enthusiastically reckoning his plans for each cut.

The Blue Cow Butcher, online meat shopping, Kuala Lumpur
Hubby’s First Screen – Beef Steak

I’m impressed by the collection of house made deli items available. Burgers, sausages, Cornish pasties and Aussie meat pies are all made by hand from quality ingredients. The bacon is even cured precisely to measure for Blue Cow Butchers, and some claim it to be the best bacon in town. It might be the only place I’ve seen that consistently sells organic free-range chicken, and the BBQ packs and marinated pork ribs sure look like convenient fare for a party.

The Blue Cow Butcher, online meat shopping, Kuala Lumpur
Sausages, Hamburgers and A Good Number of Deli Items Made In House
The Blue Cow Butcher, online meat shopping, Kuala Lumpur
So Many Options

Ready to head to check out, the first-time sign-up is effortless. Address and contact details entered, it’s time to pay with credit card and choose desired delivery date and a morning or afternoon delivery period. Orders above RM100 receive free delivery service, but you can also select to pick items up directly from the store.

The Blue Cow Butcher, online meat shopping, Kuala Lumpur
Items in My Cart
The Blue Cow Butcher, online meat shopping, Kuala Lumpur
Order and Delivery Date and Time Confirmed

A couple of days later, our shopping arrives exactly as ordered. The meat is superbly fresh – nothing like anything I’ve ever found in the supermarket. Even though we’re in-between-meals as we unpack, hubby can’t but help throw some sausages in the pan. It all looks and smells so good!

Blue Cow Butcher, Online Meat Delivery, Kuala Lumpur
Blue Cow Butcher, Online Meat Delivery, Kuala Lumpur
Meat Freshly Delivered
Blue Cow Butcher, Online Meat Delivery, Kuala Lumpur
Meat Freshly Delivered

The Blue Cow Butcher’s online service is probably the easiest and freshest food shopping I’ve come across to date in Malaysia. I foresee the service being a huge hit amongst home chefs, those desiring high standard no rubbish products, and for all of us who just seem to always be short on time.

Reasons to use this service: high quality Australian meats delivered fresh to your door; excellent range of beef, lamb, pork and chicken; products such as pies and pasties made in house from fine ingredients; easy to use website and fuss-free order system.

The Blue Cow Butcher
N-1-4 Plaza Damas
60 Jalan Sri Hartamas 1
Sri Hartamas 50480 Kuala Lumpur
+6 03 6201 3206
[email protected]


  1. Hello, it would be nice to have high quality meat delivered to our door. It is a great service.
    Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and the week ahead!

  2. I tried to visit their website from the link you provided but unfortunately I am unable to view it from my country here in Canada. The meat looks fresh and delicious. I also really like the packaging and name. 🙂

  3. The name brings Paul Bunyan to mind. 😀

  4. I’m really liking what I see here….thanks for sharing, Mon. I’m immediately drawn to the freshness of the sausages and burgers (unlike the low quality and commercialised ones I see in supermarkets). And the steaks, I’d love to cook them at home as they cost quite a bit at restaurants (and finding good quality ones at supermarkets have been elusive). I hope I’m within the delivery zone! 😉

    • Yes, we’re planning on using their services to help with catering for a party. The ready made pasties and pies look like quick and easy party fillers.

  5. Everything goes online now! I’m impressed with their creativity!

  6. This surely is good news! Now I don’t need to worry about traffic for those beef!

    • That’s right. No more excuses not to cook at home when your ingredients can be delivered to your door. 🙂

  7. The meat and other items look very fresh. Very convenient and easy to get fresh meat delivered to your doorstep according to the day you want them.

  8. What a fantastic service. You know, we are a huge meat consumer. Sweetheart cooks the most gorgeous BBQ. This is a service he would definitely adopt IF we lived there. But as you know we live too far away. Have a lovely week Monica 🙂

    • Especially in this country – it’s difficult to find everything you need in one place and traffic and parking is not the most pleasant – so to avoid them altogether is most welcomed.

  9. Thanks to Brexit! Soon we will be able to enjoy Australian beef! 😉

  10. We ordered meat from Blue Cow a few weeks ago. I must say I am really impressed. The delivery driver called in advance to say he would be at my building shortly. He was very pleasant carried our order up to our apartment. Went through everything with me. The only meat that I wasn’t to pleased with was the Chicken pieces they didn’t have much meat on the pieces. However everything else was outstanding. Very tender when cooked. Would highly recommend Blue Cow Butcher.

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