Venezuela Gastronomy Festival Malaysia 2016

Venezuelan Gastronomic Festival, Cedar on 15, Impiana KLCC Hotel

In conjunction with the celebration of 30 years of Malaysia-Venezuela diplomatic relations, this Monday opens the 11th Venezuelan Week in Malaysia. In a week long festival, showcasing the country’s food and culture, Malaysian residents and visitors will be treated to a little taste of Venezuelan cuisine and a snapshot of the nation’s vibrant arts scene.

Of course the highlight for us Yum Listers is the cuisine side of things, and our mouths have been watering for weeks dreaming of tequeños, tostones, cachapas, arepas and golfeados. Celebrity chef Tamara Rodriguez leads the culinary offerings in the very pleasant environs of Impiana KLCC Hotel’s signature restaurant, Cedar on 15.

Venezuela Gastronomy Festival Malaysia 2016
Chef Tamara Rodriguez, Venezuelan Ambassador to Malaysia Manuel Guzman, Chef Carmen Rawstron
Venezuela Gastronomy Festival Malaysia 2016
Venezuela Week at Cedar on 15

Two menus will flip flop over the course of the week, providing much reason to visit on more than one occasion. Standards such as Pan de Jamón (usually made with pork ham, but adapted for Malaysians with chicken ham), Golfeados (an incredibly delicious sticky bun often served with a slice of soft white cheese on top), Arepas (an unleavened bread and daily essential), and the classic Guasacaca (avocado sauce that seems to do well with any meal) are on daily duty.

Venezuela Gastronomy Festival Malaysia 2016

From the starters selection, on our must eat-as-many-as-we-can-while-we-can list are Tequeños (white cheese filled pastries), Cachapas (corn pancakes topped with cheese), and Vuelve a La Vida. The latter, “return to life,” also known as “Rompe Colchón” (the mattress breaker), is a preparation packed with seafood supposedly of grand aphrodisiac power, the perfect cure for a hangover, and ideally eaten on a pristine beach on the Caribbean with an icy cold cerveza (beer). Well, there’s no beach, so chilled beer and a warm climate will have to do: unless the magical soup also has the power of teleportation.

Venezuela Gastronomy Festival Malaysia 2016
Venezuela Gastronomy Festival Malaysia 2016
Pumpkin Soup and Black Bean Soup

For mains hubby’s hunting down the Asado Negro (roast beef with black sauce) and the Lomo Emparillado (barbecue beef). My treasures however are more of the ocean variety, and Pastel de Chucho (layers of fish, plantains and cheese), and Pescadito “como en la playa” (fried fish just like you’d get it on the beach) are the items I’m stalking. Chef Tamara is also known for her use of Venezuelan cacao in dishes, so if this is of interest to you, look out for the Galantina de Pollo (chicken) con Kumachi and Chocolate.

Venezuela Gastronomy Festival Malaysia 2016
Plantain with Salsa
Venezuela Gastronomy Festival Malaysia 2016
Impiana KLCC Chefs

It goes without saying that we recommend saving a little pocket for dessert, for no Venezuelan feast would be complete without at least one serving of Quesillo. Close to Spanish flan in flavour, its primary ingredients eggs, condensed milk, vanilla and milk form a base that is cooked in a mould lined with caramel. Upon completion the flan is inverted resulting in a wonderful mix of creaminess dripping a heavenly thin liquid caramel. Delicioso!

Venezuela Gastronomy Festival Malaysia 2016

The promotion runs from October 25th until October 29th nightly for dinner service, starting at 6:30pm. Lunch will also be served Saturday October 29th from 12 noon until 3pm. The buffet dinner is priced at RM98 nett per adult and RM58 nett per child under 12.

Reasons to visit: a unique opportunity to taste Venezuelan cuisine without forking out for an around the world ticket.

Cedar on 15
15th floor Impiana Hotel KLCC
13 Jalan Pinang
50450 Kuala Lumpur
+6 03-21471111
[email protected]

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  1. I have not tried Venezuelan food before. 🙂
    Had Colombian some years ago…
    Not sure if they’re similar.

    • Yes, Colombian and Venezuelan cuisine have many commonalities. You’d find some familiar items here.

  2. Quesillo looks like caramel egg custard – I love that! Oh! Looking at your description, it is one!

  3. I really like how the chefs are dressed and so many nice smiles! I am totally unfamiliar with Venezuelan cuisine…however, the presentations are lovely! And my favourite pro bowler is originally from Venezuela. His name is Amleto Monacelli and is a wonderful bowler. 🙂

    • Yes, a lovely friendly feeling here. Hubby sure will be impressed with your knowledge of baseball – he does not get such engagement from me 😉

  4. Wow, how did they get the flan to come out so perfectly? The plantain with salsa looks like one delicious bite. The price for the buffet is a steal indeed though your pics seem to make them look like they’ve been ordered a la carte! ^_*

    • I attended last night, which was a private cocktail style event for the opening – so limited items were served buffet style – and didn’t photograph well. Mostly what you see here are the dishes that were served as finger food and passed around the crowd.

  5. I have not tried Venezuelan food before.
    I really wish to explore different cultural food.
    The food description and photos made me hungry. Yummy yummy 🙂

  6. I am attracted to the last item, looks like caramel egg custard! Yums!

  7. The Plantain with Salsa looks so good. Happy Tuesday♥

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