avi Spa Lounge, Avillion Port Dickson

A Superb Day Trip From Kuala Lumpur, aVi Spa at Avillion Port Dickson

There’s something about water views that feel so peaceful. Gazing at the horizon, with nothing but the blue sea between myself and the skyline, somehow induces an instant state of calm. aVi Spa at Avillion Port Dickson does just that – and that’s before we’ve even seen the treatment menu.

Built over the sea in a double story pavilion, aVi Spa is a contemporary Peranakan inspired place of relaxation with three distinct venues: aVi spa suites, aVi spa space, and aVi lounge. Top quality spa treatments, a light spa cuisine menu and stunning sunset views make this beautiful property in Port Dickson a luxurious day trip from Kuala Lumpur.

avi Spa Lounge, Avillion Port Dickson
aVi Spa, Avillion Port Dickson

About an 80-minute drive from KL is just the right amount of time to separate us from the stress of the city and deliver us to the serenity of the sea. It’s also plenty of time to work up an appetite, so we suggest beginning the experience with a light lunch in aVi Lounge.
Executive chef Chan has devised a spa cuisine menu keeping in line with the spa’s healthy and light concept, and to start we refresh with the vibrant Hydration Juice blend of watermelon and lime.

avi Spa Lounge, Avillion Port Dickson
aVi Spa Lounge
avi Spa Lounge, Avillion Port Dickson
Hydration Juice

Young Spinach Salad with tahini and yoghurt dressing makes a flawless starter. Served with pumpkin, beetroot, asparagus and walnuts, and sprinkled with roasted sesame seeds, it’s fresh and a little different from the usual salads on menus in KL.

avi Spa Lounge, Avillion Port Dickson
Young Spinach Salad

Poached Salmon comes with three spoons of pesto cream on the side – perfect for fusspots like me who like to add seasoning to their own liking. A base of mashed seasonal vegetables – today it’s pumpkin – supports the moist pink flesh. Fresh garden leaves and a wedge of lime refresh the side, and this one has us both planning the next time we can reorder it.

avi Spa Lounge, Avillion Port Dickson
Poached Salmon

Pumpkin Cutlets prove that vegetarian recipes can easily compete with their meaty counterparts in taste and flavour. These beautiful rounds of mashed pumpkin are coated in breadcrumbs and quickly deep-fried. The result is a slim crisp coating – not a drop of oil can be detected. A touch of black pepper, thick brush stroke of capsicum puree, and salad leaves colour the plate. Delicious!

avi Spa Lounge, Avillion Port Dickson
Pumpkin Cutlets

We smell dessert as it’s being laid on our table as the sabayon sauce and fruits that side it have been freshly caramelised. Blueberry Crepes are such a simple dish with cream cheese mixed with berries as the filling, but they are oh-so-satisfying. This one does get a reorder, as hubby has gobbled two and half of the three crepes before I’ve even picked up my fork!

avi Spa Lounge, Avillion Port Dickson
Blueberry Cream Cheese Crepes

Hunger satiated, but tummies not overly full, we head downstairs for our scheduled spa treatment.

Aquamarine shades accent the light contemporary rooms and, as mentioned above, those impressive sea views prompt a dreamy state all on their own. The treatment menu is extensive, and easily competes with anything you find in the city. While there are a number of body treatments such as scrubs and wraps on the list, we’re both fans of massages and facials and find multiple variations of each.

avi Spa Lounge, Avillion Port Dickson
Couple’s Treatment Room
avi Spa Lounge, Avillion Port Dickson
Foot Bath and Scrub Ritual Begins Every Session
avi Spa Lounge, Avillion Port Dickson
Patio in the Couple’s Treatment Room

Our 90-minute session includes a 60-minute body massage and 30-minute facial; each adapted to suit our desired goals and preferences. Our therapists are highly skilled not leaving a single detail without thought. Before and after tea, foot bath ritual, high quality massage beds, disposable underwear, cushions under ankles (when prone) and knees (when supine) to relieve pressure on the lower back, adjustments to temperature and music – every element has been considered.

avi Spa Lounge, Avillion Port Dickson
Welcome Tea
avi Spa Lounge, Avillion Port Dickson
Massage Oils
avi Spa Lounge, Avillion Port Dickson
Relaxation Lounge

If choosing from the comprehensive a la carte menu sounds daunting, you might like to select a package, such as that designed in honour of the month of love, February. Formulated as a couple’s treatment it begins with a foot bath, is followed by a chocolate body scrub, and finishes with a milk bath. This enchanting series of therapies leaves the skin feeling smooth and supple, and relaxes minds and bodies setting up the conditions for romance to continue.

avi Spa Lounge, Avillion Port Dickson
aVi Space

And, for a smashing beginning to a pleasurable night or ending to an unforgettable day, we head upstairs to aVi Lounge. The space is surely one of the most spectacular locations on Port Dickson. The glass walled cathedral-like building lets in the blue from the sea and the green from the jungle. A fabulous circular seating area juts out over the water, and as the sun lowers so does the temperature.

avi Spa Lounge, Avillion Port Dickson
Sunset Cocktails
avi Spa Lounge, Avillion Port Dickson
aVi Spa at Night

Cocktail in hand while watching the sky change from a palette of blue to one of golden-orange and finally deep purple and star-speckled black, is a fairytale ending to a dreamy day.

Reasons to visit: stunning setting; highly skilled therapists; an excellent range of treatments.

aVi Spa
Avillion Port Dickson
3rd Mile, Jalan Pantai
71000 Port Dickson
Negeri Sembilan
+ 6 06.647.5740
[email protected]


  1. Oh, my! A lovely glass of healthy juice, a young spinach salad and poached salmon would be what I would definitely want! And I absolutely love the ambiance and the glorious views!

  2. For a while I thought that was a spaceship, your first pic. Pumpkin Cutlets look good.

  3. Lovely pics! May I know what camera you use?

    • Hi Jason, Thanks for your message. I just use a simple point and shoot. Nothing special. Do you have a recommendation for a good camera? I really just want something that is easy to use and carry.

    • Hi Monica! Your photos look like it’s taken with a DSLR. What point and shoot do you use? Mind sharing?

    • Thanks Jason! It’s a Panasonic.

  4. Oh, I like the prelude to your spa treatment! ^_~

  5. Gosh! This place is gorgeous – the view and the food!

  6. Hello, oh yes. Sounds like a wonderful place. The drinks, food and the views all look awesome.

    Thanks for sharing. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  7. A beautiful place to relax. Love the hydration juice and spinach salad. Beautiful night shot of aVi spa.

  8. Building are interest shape.
    Coffee is on

  9. I remember that place very well. More than a year ago you had published an article that has dazzled me. I was conquered by the scenary and decor. Magnificent as always 🙂

  10. Such a lovely place but the sea is rather muddy thou.
    Probably better if it was constructed in the East Coast facing the South China Sea?

  11. I so love the beach views giving ambience to the experience.

  12. OMG what a perfect view and ambiance …

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