Sebastian's Gastro Bar, Ampang

Sebastian’s Gastro Bar, Empanada Thursdays, Kuala Lumpur

Words: Matt Jones     Photos: Monica Tindall

Hola! Want to know the best kept secret in town? Every Thursday night Sebastian’s Gastro Bar is playing host to Venezuelan celebrity chef Tamara Rodriguez who is rolling out some heavenly Latin American specialties!

Sebastian's Gastro Bar, Ampang
Sebastian’s Gastro Bar, Ampang

Las Empanadas de Tamara is a selection of empanadas from different countries around South America such as Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, and Argentina (just to name a few), so you can be guaranteed to get a new surprise each week. Changing on a weekly rotation, you can find a new favourite every Thursday.

Sebastian's Gastro Bar, Ampang
Bucket of Empanadas

Made from wheat flour, cassava, plantain or corn, these filled pastry bundles will have you buzzing. I can highly recommend the Colombian cheese, and the chicken and pecan with aji de gallina stuffing from Peru.

Sebastian's Gastro Bar, Ampang
Peruvian Empanada
Sebastian's Gastro Bar, Ampang
Variety of Empanadas
Sebastian's Gastro Bar, Ampang
Beef and Egg Empanada
Sebastian's Gastro Bar, Ampang
Chicken and Pea Empanada

Served with a set of four dips and sauces on the side, ours included a green chimichurri (an Argentinian sauce for meat), a peanut sauce (very delicate), black bean, and an avocado mayonnaise (we ended up having three serves it was so good).

Sebastian's Gastro Bar, Ampang
Corn, Cheese, Ham Empanada
Sebastian's Gastro Bar, Ampang
Cheesy Empanada

At RM27 for a plate of five empanadas complete with the dipping sauces, it’s the perfect Thursday after work snack or meal to enjoy over a cocktail or two.

Sebastian's Gastro Bar, Ampang
Tequila Sunrise
Sebastian's Gastro Bar, Ampang
Sebastian's Gastro Bar, Ampang
Cuba Libre

With their newly revised drinks menu to compliment Tamara’s creations, try a Venezuelan Rum and Coke/ Cuba Libre (RM30), a Tequila Sunrise (RM25), or my favourite, a Dry Gin Martini (It’s a martini! Can never go wrong there).

Empanadas are typically street food so have some fun and eat them with your hands. Cheap, delicious and perfect for sharing with friends, get on down to Sebastian’s this Thursday from 7pm and share a plate with us. Keep calm and eat Empanadas!

Sebastian’s Gastro Bar
32 Persiaran Ampang
Taman U Thant, 55000
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
+6 012 250 2465


  1. Hmm I would like to try all of them!
    Are Peruvian empanadas sweet?

    These baked empanadas from South America are much healthier than our local deep fried curry puffs. 😉

    • They’re not sweet, but they do have a sprinkling of sugar on top – sweet savoury. Oh, yes, I like that they are baked rather than fried too. 🙂

  2. Corn, cheese and ham Empanada? It sounds delicious!

  3. Empanadas look good. I like the look of the chicken one and the beef too…but I love ham! Too bad there’s wheat, not gluten-free.

  4. It all looks delcious 🙂

  5. Spanish curry puff? 😛

  6. Looks different to the usual KL bar vibe.

  7. It seems different countries have different varieties of a similar snack….empanadas, curry puffs, call them whatever you want….it’s still a lovely snack of fried dough stuffed with goodies! ^_~

    • You’re right, I had a similar great conversation with Tamara about the cross-cultural similarities…asian dumplings, indian samosas, irish pasties, aussie meat pies. But all unique and all equally delicious. Have you been down to Sebastian’s to try any?

  8. Wow! These Latin American specialties are so deliciuos! I would try them immediately!

  9. Hi Monica, lovely photos! May I know what camera you used?

  10. Oooo….I like all the different types of Empanada.

  11. Love those little corns…wish I knew how to grow and do them up.
    Coffee is on

    • Fantastic right? And so different, I’d never seen them before either. I found some just last week in the fresh fruit and veg section at Cold Storage. Divine with Tamara’s avocado mayonnaise dipping sauce 🙂

  12. beef Empanadas is so delicious ..but never tried cheesy one.

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