Le Meridien Putrajaya

Latest Recipe, All Day Dining Buffets, Le Meridien Putrajaya, Malaysia

Latest Recipe, Le Meridien Putrajaya’s all day dining venue is a popular restaurant it would seem at any time of day. During a recent stay we had the chance to sample a number of meals over breakfast, lunch and dinner, and found all occasions to be a buzz with hungry diners.

Le Meridien Putrajaya
Latest Recipe
Le Meridien Putrajaya
Latest Recipe
Le Meridien Putrajaya
Executive Chef Liou Chong Yaw

Located right next to the IOI City Mall and across the road from the Palm Garden Golf Course, the restaurant draws not only in-house guests, but a crowd of leisure seekers and office workers in the area too. Most visitors were local from what we could presume and so we watched carefully to see what their plates were filled with. Here’s what we spied and tried.

Le Meridien Putrajaya
Latest Recipe

At breakfast, chefs at the egg station, noodle station and local bread (think roti canai and thosai) grill were kept cooking non-stop. Our two loves of the morning were the thosai, cooked to be crisp on the edges while maintaining softness within, and a local take on eggs benedict. The Latest Recipe version saw a poached egg, nicely runny, perched atop a muffin, drizzled with hollandaise sauce and finished up with a generous wallop of spicy sambal. Boy this is one wake-me-up call for early morning!

Le Meridien Putrajaya
Le Meridien Putrajaya
Latest Recipe’s Version of Eggs Benedict

All the regular expectations are found on the buffet in a rotating mix of recipes. An appetizers section with fresh seafood, salads and a teppan grill is where many start off. Our favourites here were a quickly cooked batch of prawns and mussels in a light chilli seasoning.

Le Meridien Putrajaya
Fresh Seafood
Le Meridien Putrajaya
From the Teppan Grill

The western section sees pasta cooked a la minute to guests’ preference, and some thinly crusted pizzas recently taken from the wood-fired oven just seconds before serving. Lamb, beef, fish and chicken all rotate through some European and western style recipes too.

The noodle and rice station is a must visit. The chicken rice with the three accompanying sauces, and choice of roasted or steamed meat, might just be some of the best we’ve had in Kuala Lumpur. We felt assured that we were on the right track when we noted many tables also with large helpings.

Le Meridien Putrajaya
Chicken Rice

The Indian line-up is not bad either with its breads and curries. The don’t miss here however is the biryani rice with abundant amounts of cashews and succulent tandoori chicken.

Le Meridien Putrajaya
Biryani Rice
Le Meridien Putrajaya

Saving room for dessert we didn’t even make it to the Malay barbecue, which was serving up stick after stick of satay in what looked like a thick luscious peanut sauce.

Le Meridien Putrajaya
Chocolate Fountain

But, yes, space for dessert (and a little bit of cheese) is always wise especially when there are so many temptations available. Fresh fruit, a chocolate fountain, ais kacang, and row after row of mini pies, cakes and pots of goodness make the choosing lots of fun.

Le Meridien Putrajaya
Selection of Desserts
Le Meridien Putrajaya
Teppan Ice Cream!

All prices are nett making the various buffets a very good deal. Breakfast (RM68) is served from 6.30am – 10.30am (11am on weekends). Lunch (RM108) can be taken from 12.30pm – 2.30pm. Weekends see extended midday hours with High Tea (RM108) available between 12.30pm and 3.30pm, and Dinner (RM128) can be found daily from 6.30pm – 10.30pm.

Reasons to visit: a huge variety of local food; must try the chicken rice.

Le Meridian Putrajaya
Lebuh IOC, Resort City Sepang
Putrajaya, Malaysia


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  1. Nice array of fresh foods.

  2. Latest recipe – that sure is telling it as it is. Would love to give the thosai a try and the tandoori chicken looks good too.

  3. It been a while since I been to a buffet type of restrunt.
    Coffee is on

  4. Jeremy Hew

    This is a very good spread.

  5. All look good, like the dinning room.

  6. It’s been a while since I have eaten in a buffet restaurant. The Fresh Seafood and the dessert its a real treat! 🙂

  7. Looks really delicious ) Thanks for sharing!

  8. That’s a good variety!

  9. like the fresh sea food section…great

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