Cosmetic Dermatology in Kuala Lumpur

Interview with Dr. Siddique, Cosmetic Dermatologist at Lyfe Clinic

What do you do and how did you get into the industry?
I used to work as a GP at a busy group practice and one of my colleagues was offering chemical peels and dermabrasion at his branch, which I took an immediate interest in. Subsequently I decided to pursue a diploma in aesthetic medicine, followed by diploma in dermatology to equip myself the with proper knowledge and skills.

Why cosmetic dermatology?
People are more and more concerned about their appearance and skin being the largest organ is often neglected. There’s a need for consumers to have access to safe, effective and proven products and treatments. I love being able to provide that.

What’s the best/ worst part of your job?
The look of contentment on a clients’ face always puts a smile on mine.
When I have to decline a treatment or procedure to a client if in my opinion I feel they don’t require it.

What’s the most popular treatment in your centre?
Soprano laser diode hair removal and Coolsculpting

What treatment do you think gets the best results for money?
Botox and Coolsculpting

A day in the life of a cosmetic dermatologist is…
… finding a balance between work, family, friends and self improvement.

The perfect day off would be…
A good book, a swim and chocolates!

What do you do for fun?
Usually catch up with friends over dinner, the movies or travel.

What’s your view on the beauty scene in Kuala Lumpur?
The beauty scene in KL is definitely booming and consumers are increasingly being exposed to both genuine and bogus treatments and products. It’s important to speak to experts who can advise accordingly.

Where do you see the industry headed?
We are certainly behind compared to the market in South Korea and Thailand, but catching up fast. It’s important for consumers to properly educate themselves regarding some unscrupulous treatments and products. I always tell my patients to feel free to ask any questions and also strongly believe that by providing that knowledge you empower them to make their own informed decision.

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  1. Great interview, and I love his idea of a perfect day off. 🙂

  2. Always interesting to find out more about a person.

  3. What a good looking doctor! Good advertisement for his services.

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