Hotel Jen Male Maldives

Hotel Jen Malé by Shangri-La, Male, Maldives – The Best Hotel for a Stopover

Monica Tindall

With many flights from South East Asia arriving late afternoon or evening to Malé, the best thing to do is stay close to the airport on the day of arrival. Accommodation is not cheap in the Maldives and we see no point in paying big bucks solely for a night’s sleep. Hotel Jen Malé is a chic clean hotel only seven minutes by speedboat transfer from the airport and makes an ideal bed before heading further afield to explore the atolls.

Hotel Jen Male Maldives
Hotel Jen Maldives
Hotel Jen Male Maldives
Hotel Jen Male Maldives
Coffee Shop, Hotel Jen Maldives
Local Culture, Hotel Jen Malé

Besides its convenience, Hotel Jen Malé gifts guests with an opportunity to uncover a little local life before being whisked away to a resort that could be on just about any tropical island in the world. Situated in the buzzing corporate and government district, the property is a minute’s walk to the jetty where you can watch the boats come and go. The hotel also provides a complimentary walking tour of the capital with one of the highlights being the morning market. This is where you can get up close and personal to the famed Maldivian tuna.

Facilities at Hotel Jen Malé

Facilities at the hotel are a business traveller’s dream with fast (yes, it really is speedy) free Wi-Fi everywhere, a 24-hour fitness centre, all day and night room service, on-site massage and a rooftop infinity pool. The one-bag charge for laundry is another revolutionary concept we’d like to see all hotels adopt – as long as it fits in the bag, you’re charged one flat rate – no more washing panties out in the shower to avoid paying five bucks or more for every single pair. Not a moment is lost as everything is always accessible. The generous breakfast buffet even includes containers to-go for those who need to eat on the run.

Hotel Jen Male Maldives
Sunrise From The Rooftop Infinity Pool
Hotel Jen Male Maldives
Rooftop Infinity Pool
Hotel Jen Male Maldives
View from the Roof of Hotel Jen Maldives
Hotel Jen Male Maldives
Sundeck Hotel Jen Maldives
Rooms at Hotel Jen Malé

Rooms are clean and contemporary. They have everything we do need, and no clutter that we don’t. Arriving on the evening flight we’re highly appreciate of the high-pressure shower, the cloud-like pillows and crisp linens. The 24-hour room service comes in pretty handy too, especially when we’re not so impressed with what was served on the flight over. Although for some, the complimentary treats in the mini-bar might tide you over until the morning.

Hotel Jen Male Maldives
Azur Restaurant, Hotel Jen Malé

Azur, Hotel Jen’s rooftop restaurant offers a good variety of international dishes. Being an island nation, it makes sense to order seafood and our top picks from the menu are the Seafood Miso Soup (MR154.00) and the Sesame Crusted Yellow Fin Tuna (MR308.00). The Japanese soup comes packed with prawns, mussels, squid, wakame and tofu. The lightly seared fish is crusted with white sesame seeds, which not only add a slight crunch, but also complement the tuna with their mild oiliness.

Hotel Jen Male Maldives
Sesame Crusted Tuna
Top Choice Transit Hotel

The quick one-nighter in Hotel Jen Malé enabled us to make the most of our travel to the Maldives. Following breakfast the next day (and oh at breakfast don’t miss the local dish of flat bread and tuna salad) the staff had us back at the airport, ready to meet our next transfer in less than 10 minutes. Thank you Hotel Jen for making life so easy, and… islands here we come!

Hotel Jen Male Maldives
Maldivian Breakfast
Hotel Jen Male Maldives
Illy Coffee Hotel Jen Male 

Reasons to visit: conveniently located less than 10 minutes from the airport, chic clean hotel, super-friendly staff, a great stay for the night of arrival or last night before departure.

Hotel Jen Malé by Shangri-La
Ameer Ahmed Magu, Malé
20096, Republic of Maldives
[email protected]
+960 330 0888

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  1. It looks like my kind of a place to stay 🙂

  2. Such a lovely island!

  3. Wow! That sure is a great review of a “Hotel With A View”.
    Love the idea of that laundry system………..that can sure make a
    hole in the pockets of travellers.
    Complimentary treats in a “mini-bar” !!!!
    Too good to be true.
    I hope that your travelling readers take note of this excellent hotel.
    Seems to tick with some gusto all bases.
    El Colin Cordobes

  4. The views are absolutely stunning!

  5. Beautiful place with beautiful view.

  6. That’s a very luxurious hotel with nice facilities and a delicious meal. Right a pleasure for a soul and body!

  7. that’s an incredibly beautiful setting for an infinity pool!

  8. Beautiful! That shot of the sunrise from the rooftop!

  9. perfect view 🙂

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