TEP Wireless, Mobile Internet Europe

TEP Wireless, Unlimited Internet While Travelling in Europe

Monica Tindall

While it’s fun reminiscing about travel when I was in my 20s with no Internet, just a backpack and a plane ticket, oh boy am I glad that I’ve “been there done that” and now have a whole host of modern conveniences to assist in making the most of my time away. TEP Wireless, or Tippy for short, is one such labour-saver that I’m highly appreciative of when travelling in Europe.

TEP Wireless, Mobile Internet Europe
TEP Wireless for checking out transport schedules

This mini device fits in hubby’s pocket or my handbag and gives unlimited (that’s better than my home data plan) access for the entirety of my trip. I don’t have to restrict my activities to purely browsing but can upload and download to my heart’s content, which is pretty darn essential for a blogger.

TEP Wireless, Mobile Internet Europe
TEP Wireless for finding the best aperitivo in MIlan

Pick up and return couldn’t be easier. The device can be received anywhere in the world (including airports) and is returned via post when the trip has ended. I gave my hotel details for the first and last days of my travels so the device was waiting for me when I arrived and FedEx collected it from my hotel on the day of my departure. Simple!

TEP Wireless, Mobile Internet Europe
TEP Wireless for instantly sharing holiday snaps

Up to five devices can be connected at the same time and the standard battery life is about eight hours, although we stretched ours to around 10 before it died. I must admit I had a few novice questions when I first received the device (such as where to find the password… on the screen duh!), to which 24/7 customer support responded within minutes (phone, email, chat, social media, SMS) politely.

TEP Wireless, Mobile Internet Europe
TEP Wireless for communicating with family while away

I chose this device specifically for travel in Europe, but check out the coverage map below! Seems they’ve conquered just about the entire world (excepting Africa, Mongolia, and Greenland).

TEP Wireless, Mobile Internet Europe
TEP Wireless Coverage

There’s even an option for frequent travellers to purchase their own Teppy and pay only when they connect at a discounted rate. With the number of days that I’m on the road, this just might be an option I’ll consider.

TEP Wireless, Mobile Internet Europe
TEP Wireless for finding the best ‘off the tourist strip’ restaurants

TEP Wireless: the smartest way to travel.

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  1. He he… Just enjoy your holiday! Don’t worry about your readers!
    As long as you save us some gelato!
    What?! No pictures of gelato?!
    Totally gutted. 😉

  2. That’s great! Nothing worse than going travelling and not having any internet access.

  3. Lovely photo of the two of you, Monica! And I love the views here. The food looks delicious, good thing I just finished my supper. 🙂

  4. beautiful images

  5. Monica
    This is great to know, but are the rates competitive?

  6. Great idea for my next trip , thanks for sharing

  7. Great resource. I hate being without connection when travelling.

  8. It sounds like a great idea, I had not heard of it before.

  9. Looks really interesting! Thanks for the great post)

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