Packing for Europe

Packing for Europe, What’s In My Luggage? The Travel Essentials

Monica Tindall

It’s summer and we’re heading to Europe! But, oh what to pack? Even after all of these years of travel I have to say I’m not speedy in getting my luggage together. I need a good plan to make the most of space and keep my bags light. Truth be told, if I could fit everything into a carry-on bag I would. A variety of activities and weather however on our upcoming travels means I’ll need a little more than an overnight bag. Fortunately, there are some forward thinking people are there who help me get started.

So what’s in my luggage?

Mestrae Shoes with Interchangeable Heels

As mentioned, I am not fond of lugging heavy bags around so try to keep items to a minimum. Besides my laptop and camera, the next heaviest things in my bag are usually shoes. That’s why Mestrae’s shoes with interchangeable heels are a dream for frequent travellers. With the click of a heel, I can change my shoes from flats to two and a half inches, to three and a half inch stilettos in seconds! One pair of shoes and a small bag of heels gift me with both versatility and light luggage!

best travel shoes
Mestrae Changeable Heels
Adam Liew Little Black Dress

Songs, poems and whole books have been written about the little black dress for a reason. It never goes out of style and can transform from an elegant lunchtime dress to a sizzling number for an evening occasion. You might have read me rave about Adam Liew in previous posts, and so you might predict who I turn to when I’m looking for multipurpose travel garments. Adam celebrates the female figure and his whole philosophy is about making women feel great about themselves no matter their size. So, a cocktail number from his off-the-rack collection also makes it into my bag.

Packing for Europe
Adam Liew – Little Black Dresses
Vicky G Earrings

Jewellery is not something I pack a lot of when travelling. I’m prone to leaving an earring here or a bracelet there, but a fancy pair of earrings can turn a simple outfit into more stylish attire without taking up any precious weight allowance in the luggage. This pair that I picked up from Vicky G’s collection are oxidised silver filigree studs with a butterfly and rose made with resin. The turquoise and opalite handblown glass beads add to the whimsical feel of the design.

Packing for Europe
Vicky G Earrings
Bollywood Pro Makeup

I’m a simple girl when it comes to makeup. A good tinted moisturiser with sunscreen, some black mascara and a bright lippy and I’m good to go! As my skin ages, however, I’ve found myself becoming more sensitive to ingredients found in makeup and rarely find something that gives decent coverage without going into the depths of my wrinkles and emphasising rather than playing them down. Enter Bollywood Pro and I’ve found a product that is perfect for me. Made with lots of things to nourish the skin I get coverage that looks natural and a product that promotes health rather than breakouts. My top picks for travel are the Mineral Sheer Tint with broad spectrum SPF20 for daywear, the Mineral Photo Touch Foundation to glam up the evenings, and the Liquid Lipstick, which protects my lips while giving a soft touch of colour.

Packing for Europe
Bollywood Professional Makeup
Naomi Medical Japanese & Korean Beauty Products

Travelling (the sun, air-conditioning, long flights, lack of sleep) takes its toll on my skin so a daily routine is of utmost importance. Naomi Medical is the sole supplier of two superb Korean and Japanese brands that I swear by for regular maintenance. Rosa Cell Air Solution with Vitamin C I spray on my face morning and night helping to tone and freshen my complexion. AXXZIA Beauty Eye Day Care Cream I use to minimise wrinkles and dark circles, and I swear by Le Ciel de L’aube Premium Serum for providing an almost instant lift.

Packing for Europe
Naomi Medical Beauty Products
TEP Wireless – Freedom While Traveling

Lastly, a travel writer cannot be without a steady Internet connection for too long so TEP Wireless Europe is my solution to a trouble-free journey. The small device fits in my handbag and provides me with uninterrupted and unlimited data for the duration of my stay.

Packing for Europe
With TEP Wireless I can instantly capture and share my travel pics such as this beauty of the Duomo, Milan, Italy

What are the essentials in your travel bag?


  1. Nice looking products, Monica! And I really like the changeable heel concept!

  2. Nice, hope you are having some great time in Europe! Can’t wait for mine in October!

  3. Can’t wait to revisit Europe soon! I need those interchangeable heels too, babe! xoxo

  4. i like to travel light too … which for me, just means packing as few clothes as possible! 🙂

  5. I love those shoes with changeable heels…such a neat idea!

  6. Wow! Monica you are so close to us… only 3 hours from Geneva 🙂
    You know I am a light traveller myself so I would carry exactly the same as you. Hope you are having a fantastic time in Europe 🙂

  7. Great article and tips for packing. Thanks! Although… I’ll be passing most of these onto my wife 😉

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