Flechas de los Andes

Flechas de Los Andes, Rothschild + Noma, Stoked

Monica Tindall

There’s nothing like the name “Rothschild” to grab a wine lover’s attention. Add “chef from Noma” and you’re guaranteed to make any serious gourmet sit up and listen. Put both together and you have one fortunate and very happy bunch of diners, and such was the case at the Baron Edmond de Rothschild wine dinner at Stoked KL this month.

Flechas de Los Andes, Stoked KL

Known for its meticulously curated wine list, and more recently for bringing the Chef de Partie from the former number one restaurant in the world (!) Noma to their kitchen, Stoked KL played host to a pairing of notables. A series of fabulous wines from Flechas de Los Andes owned by Baron Edmond de Rothschild were paired with dishes cooked in the Bertha oven by Chef T.C.

Flechas de los Andes
Flechas de Los Andes
Flechas de Los Andes

The story of Flechas de Los Andes goes that a group of Bordeaux investors (one such man being the famed Rothschild son) partnered with renowned oenologist Michel Rolland to explore the possibilities of an exceptional terroir: that found in Malbec, Argentina. With plots covering over 800 hectares, the associates utilized their collective knowledge to create Clos de Los Siete (Vineyard of Seven). The project grew and individual estates went on to bear their own vintages. Flechas de Los Andes, one of the original seven, solely produces red wine with a focus on the country’s most celebrated grape, Malbec. And, what better pairing could there be for Argentinian reds than quality meats from the grill?

Flechas de los Andes
Flechas de Los Andes

But to begin, an aperitif.


A glass of bubbly is always a welcome starting point and the Champagne Barons de Rothschild Brut NV does not disappoint. Produced by three cousins in the Rothschild family, the kin’s lineage and reputation for perfection are presented in a chardonnay-based Champagne, which is fine, elegant and feminine.

Flechas de Los Andes, Stoked KL
Champagne Barons de Rothschild Brut NV

A medley of creative canapes, imbued with the taste of the grill, whet appetites and open speculation for what might follow. Mulled Watermelon and Citrus, Caramelised Corn and Serrano, Spiced Focaccia and Grilled Maitake with Spicy Herbs showcases the attention to detail that Chef T.C. invests in even the smallest of bites.

Flechas de los Andes

Following some pre-dinner mingling, guests are seated and greeted by Mr. Florent Mougin, chief representative for Baron Edmond de Rothschild, who walks us through the wine pairings, sharing tales of the legendary family throughout.


Smoked Spring Chicken with cabbage and angelica (a herb used often in Europe and a member of the parsley family) cradles the smokiness of the grill and gets the benefit of two pairings: Flechas de Los Andes “Punta de Flechas’ Malbec 2014 and Flechas do lo Andes “Aguaribay” Gran Reserva Malbec 2013. The former, named after the point of the five arrows representing the five sons of the Rothschild family, is gentle and smooth, lush with berries, and concludes with freshness. The latter borrows its name from the sacred Incan tree, symbolic to the Mendoza region and sharing the same grounds as the grapes in this bottle. Deep red in colour, the wine is aromatic with flavours of dark berries, is nicely balanced and has a well-rounded body.

Flechas de Los Andes, Stoked KL
Smoked Spring Chicken
Flechas de Los Andes, Stoked KL
Flechas de Los Andes “Punta de Flechas’ Malbec 2014
Flechas de Los Andes, Stoked KL
Flechas de Los Andes “Aguaribay” Gran Reserva Malbec 2013

One of France’s oldest cheeses, Fourme d’Ambert brings out the flavours of the Iberico in the next dish and pleasantly complements the tomato with its creamy and well-balanced blue cheese tang. Accompanied by Flechas de Los Andes “Gran Malbec” 2011, the pairing is a match made in heaven. Sporting the typical dark intense hue, this wine fills the mouth with berries and chocolate and leaves with moderate tannins and a whisper of oak.

Flechas de Los Andes, Stoked KL
Flechas de Los Andes, Stoked KL
Flechas de Los Andes “Gran Malbec” 2011

Dry-Aged 120 Days Sirloin with truffle pomme puree and cacao jus is a clever combination celebrating the fruits of the earth. The mate, a blend of Malbec, Syrah and Cabernet Franc, the Flechas de Los Andes “Gran Corte” 2011 is rich in the palate with spice, red fruits and liquorice. The union epitomizes why the classic Argentinian love for grilled meat and red wine is long lasting.

Flechas de Los Andes, Stoked KL
Dry-Aged 120 Days Sirloin
Flechas de Los Andes, Stoked KL
Flechas de Los Andes “Gran Corte” 2011

Perhaps one of the most tempting desserts I’ve had over the last few weeks, chef’s Yoghurt, Cassis (blackcurrant flavour) and Roselle compilation, refreshes the palate with a mild fruity sweetness, supplying a gentle ending to a magnificent evening.

Flechas de Los Andes, Stoked KL
Yoghurt, Cassis and Roselle

Reasons to drink: beautiful Malbec made with the passion of the French and the terroir of Argentina; besides, who can resist a “Rothschild?”

Flechas De Los Andes

Stoked Restaurant and Bar


  1. I do drink a little wine but I do not know much about wine.

  2. The dishes look exquisite!

  3. I am totally lost when it comes to wines. I do drink just a little when the occasion calls for it, so I will be focused more on the bites 🙂

  4. Lucky you getting to visit Rothschild!

  5. I love the place, the table setting, white table linen. Classy!

  6. I am quite sure that I was misplaced when they handed out careers – obviously I was destined to become a wine connoisseur and someone shuffled the cards badly! Now, I certainly enjoy wine, but the stratospherically priced vintages are well beyond my modest means. Actually, on my recent trip to Slovenia and Croatia, I enjoyed several delightful home made wines and pear brandies. A wine making tradition continues to thrive there.

  7. That sirloin steak looks just perfect and Fourme d’Ambert is one our favourite cheeses. Think I could have really enjoyed a meal with you there 🙂 Cheers Diane

  8. The food looks delicious and I am sure the wines paired with it beautifully.

  9. Looks really interesting! Thanks a lot for sharing)

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