Healthy Cafes Gold Coast

Healthy Cafes on the Gold Coast, Queensland

Monica Tindall

In my mind, there are two sets of people on the Gold Coast: those who drink, party and think hot chips are the be all and end all of good food; and those who exercise, meditate and care about what goes into their bodies. And then perhaps, there are those like me, who take a little from each side of the bandwagon, maybe choosing the latter to balance out the former. Either way, with the burgeoning crowd of nutritionally-aware comes a rise of healthful food outlets catering to multiple dietary desires and here we’ve tracked down some of our current fave:

Healthy Cafes on the Gold Coast.

Real Food Kitchen, Burleigh

Originally part of the Paleo Cafe group, Real Food Cafe was renamed with an expanded focus. Continuing with healthy Paleo dishes as the core, they’ve expanded to include a wider range of dishes for customers wanting cafe favourites with nutritious choices also an option. I had a great brekkie bowl here (Paleo friendly) and coffee with coconut milk (foamed nicely). It’s also one of the few cafes on the Gold Coast with free WiFi.

Healthy Cafes Gold Coast
Brekkie Bowl at Real Food Kitchen, Burleigh Heads

Ruby + Green, Burleigh

Another cafe with much-appreciated complimentary Wi-Fi and power points for charging too, Rubi + Green has a lovely menu of breakfast and lunch items. Here I was tossing up between the yoghurt and granola bowl (with fruit, gluten-free granola and chia pudding) and the acai bowl. In the end, I went with the acai bowl. Great choice! Coffee is great also.

Healthy Cafes Gold Coast
Ruby + Green, Acai Bowl
Healthy Cafes Gold Coast
Ruby + Green, Burleigh

Paradox Roasters, Surfers Paradise

One of a small few cafes in Surfers Paradise that feels like a local cafe rather than a tourist trap, these guys are serious about their coffee. Boasting on-site roasting facilities you can see (and smell) the beans being toasted. Coffee is some of the best I’ve had in the city. While the menu doesn’t cater to specific dietary requirements, the food is fresh and there are a decent number of vegetarian items alongside a good kids’ menu as well.

Healthy Cafes Gold Coast
Mushies on Toast, Paradox Coffee Roasters

Caffe Republic, Bundall

For someone like me who is extremely fussy about ingredients, Caffe Republic is a dream. Offerings include extensive options for those following vegan, vegetarian, Paleo and Keto diets, and all produce is meticulously sourced. Some might find the prices on the higher side for the portions provided but for those who want food with a conscience, they don’t seem to mind to paying a little extra.

Healthy Cafes Gold Coast
Caffe Republic – Organic Grass-Fed Beef Burger
Healthy Cafes Gold Coast
Caffe Republic – Stuffed Mushrooms
Healthy Cafes Gold Coast
Cafe Republic – Raw Dessert + Coffee

Marie Anita’s Gluten-Free Health Cafe, Mermaid

The entire menu at Maria Anita’s is gluten and refined sugar-free with a whole lot of options for vegan, vegetarian and raw preferences too. Every plate is a rainbow of colours and if I had to choose one restaurant to eat at every day for the rest of my life, this would be it.

Healthy Cafes Gold Coast
Marie Anita’s – Pan Seared Wild Caught Fish
Healthy Cafes Gold Coast
Marie Anita’s – Chunky Wild Rice Salad

The Collective, Palm Beach

Perhaps one of the hippest new openings this year on the Gold Coast, The Collective at Palm Beach brings some of the city’s best restaurant offerings together in a cooperative environment. With a hashtag of #bettertogether and a similar concept to an Asian foodcourt – communal tables and wait staff, multiple kitchens – diners benefit from “individual businesses work(ing) together to thrive as a group.” Five restaurants, a bar and some of the cheeriest wait staff I’ve come across, collaborate to create an upbeat and delicious experience. And, besides being a fun place to be, there are complete vegetarian and gluten-free menus (not just a couple of items, but comprehensive menus!) backing up the selections.

Healthy Cafes Gold Coast
The Collective – Salmon

Where are your favourite healthy cafes on the Gold Coast? Leave a comment below.


  1. That’s one gorgeous table at Ruby+Green.

  2. Sound and look like all wonderful places to dine 🙂

  3. I would be very happy to eat healthy food that look and taste as good as what I see up there!

  4. That food looks quite delicious.
    I have weird memories of the Gold Coast – trying to find our accommodation we must have gone up Tamborine Mountain a half dozen times – my BIL was map reading and before the days of GPS!! Then the second day I put my back our and was on hands an knees for several days and treatment did little to help. I was really glad to get back to South Africa and get the best chiropractic treatment ever.
    Have a great week Diane

  5. Lovely colourful and creative presentations! It all looks amazing!

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