BE Urban Wellness, Damansara

BE Urban Wellness, Comprehensive Spa & Fitness

Monica Tindall

The festive season is upon us and while we want to look our best for the almost daily celebrations and get-togethers, it’s easy to let the fitness and beauty routine slide. Lucky for us, however, BE Urban Wellness offers a complete package to rejuvenate mind, body and spirit with their facilities, professional staff and classes.

Combining a gymnasium with a spa, guests get a one-stop shop when it comes to looking and feeling good. The spa downstairs features a comprehensive beauty and relaxation menu, and the fitness centre upstairs is extremely well fitted out with the latest in technology and regularly scheduled classes. Supporting the foundations are a range of visiting specialists and doctors offering workshops and consultation services.

When time is short I don’t want to be driving around the city between appointments so find it wonderfully convenient to get in a workout, learn some new skills, and a facial all in one spot at BE Urban Wellness.

BE Urban Wellness Gym

The gym is opened daily from 7.00am to 10.00pm and prices begin from as little as RM170 per month for a 12-month membership with unlimited group classes, free usage of BE facilities including the swimming pool, infra-red sauna, Jacuzzi and steam room, one EMS (20 min Electrical Muscle Stimulation) session and an hour with a personal trainer.

BE Urban Wellness, Damansara

EMS or Electric Muscle Stimulation utilizes external electro impulses to get a total body workout. The body’s muscles naturally contract using bioelectronics, so the application of extrinsic impulses enhances the body’s natural state intensifying the training achieved.

Power Plate

Another tool to enhance the body’s natural response is the Power Plate. The Power Plate’s vibrating platform moves 25 to 50 times per second to engage muscles in a consistent, and controlled manner. And, just like EMS, albeit a different method, it aims to accelerate training and performance results. For those looking to maximize their fitness levels Power Plate enables them to potentially do so faster, more efficiently and safely.


The EMS, Power Plate and excellent strength and cardio machines are a huge drawcard in BE Urban Wellness’ fitness facilities, but for me, I appreciate the group classes and find motivation in the variety and the social element. Various types of yoga, Pilates, HIIT, Zumba, aqua training and Kraw Maga self-defence are regularly scheduled with a number of classes each week open to the public. It’s a great way to try out BE Urban Wellness before committing to a membership.

Krav Maga Self-Defence

The highlight of my visit was a Krav Maga self-defence class with master instructor Ben Abbes Jihad. Combining the best of martial arts tactics with street fighting techniques, the discipline made famous in Israel trains students in fighting to survive using every means necessary. From assessing the surrounds, to avoiding conflict in the first place, even after a single class I have more confidence in my place in the world. Not meaning that I’m ready to head out and pick a fight, but more so that I’m a little more aware and thinking about my environs (such as not What’s Apping in a carpark on the way to my car). Ben made such an impression on me, that even over a month later his only rules of, “get up, get out, never give up,” still ring in my mind.

BE Urban Wellness, Damansara
Krav Maga Self-Defence Instructor – Ben Abbes Jihad
BE Urban Wellness Spa

After sweating it out and learning new skills, some pampering is well-deserved don’t you think?

The spa has a comprehensive menu of relaxation and beauty treatments in the form of massages, facials and scrubs using traditional hand techniques but also incorporating the latest in technology in others. An oxygen chamber and flotation tank are two devices also found in the spa and are not commonly found in KL. The first delivers a concentrated amount of oxygen to the entire body, while the second removes all sensory stimulation allowing participants to completely relax. Some say it’s the ultimate in meditation. I, however, was in need of a little skin care. Just recovering from a cold, my skin felt dull and lifeless so I thought a facial was in order.

BE Urban Wellness, Damansara
BE Urban Wellness
BE Urban Wellness, Damansara
Spa Treatment Room

The Flower Power Facial (RM210, 90mins), formulated with orchid and mango pulp, provides intense moisturising and is said to reduce skin puffiness. The products claim to utilize the essence of 1001 flowers and their fragrance is soft and attractive. It’s followed by a Monoi honey massage and completed with a mask ensuring that no cell is left dry. My therapist had expert technique and at the end, I felt rested and rejuvenated.

Be sure to check out BE Urban Wellness packages and complimentary classes on their website if you’d like to have a little “try before you buy.”

BE Urban Wellness, Damansara
And there’s that view again…

Reasons to visit: comprehensive spa and fitness facilities; fantastic city views: a personal fave – the Kraw Maga self-defence class.

BE Urban Wellness
11/F [email protected]
Jalan Changkat Semantan
Damansara Heights
50490 Kuala Lumpur
+6 03 2095 1999
[email protected]

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