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Monica L’s Favourite Christmas Gifts found in KL Supermarkets

We asked our team of Yum List writers to share with us their personal lists of favourite spots to eat, drink, visit or shop in the city of Kuala Lumpur. Each week we’re featuring a different writer and revealing his or her top picks. Here are Monica Larrieu’s favourite Christmas gifts to take back home from the big name supermarkets (Isetan/Jaya) for convenient and last-minute presents.

  1. The much-venerated kopi luwak for the more adventurous loved ones. Only a subset of my friends and family would be impressed by this gift, others not so much.
  2. Gift packaged Boh tea sets (loose and bagged).
  3. Malaysian-made curries and sauces that are cleverly packaged by One Fine Shop and available at Jaya Grocers.
  4. Kitschy tins of Beryl’s chocolates with Malaysian decor (even the chocolates have towers in the mold!). Not fine chocolate but tasty if you like milk chocolate.

    where to buy gifts to take back home from Malaysia
    Monica Larrieu



  1. Teas are always or should say it usual makes a great gift…Coffee is on

  2. thanks for sharing, Boh tea sets is my favorite 🙂

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