JW Firehouse Bar, JW Marriott KL

JW Firehouse, New Bar – JW Marriott Kuala Lumpur

Words: Maggie Casey
Photos by Monica Tindall

The bright lights, shopping centres, and of course traffic jams of Bukit Bintang can be overwhelming to even the most seasoned traveller or KL local alike. The newly opened JW Firehouse bar, however, tucked away in the basement of the JW Marriott Hotel, offers the perfect respite from the high energy surrounds. The JW Marriott has been a five-star staple in KL’s luxury hotel market for quite some time, but over the past few months, the hotel has undergone serious renovations to keep up with the face-paced work of luxury hospitality. Part of this renovation includes the opening of JW Firehouse.

JW Firehouse Location

The JW Firehouse is located a floor below the lobby of the hotel, really giving guests the feeling of being removed and escaping from the outside world. The grand marble staircase leading from the lobby to the bar makes us feel like we are in a palace of sorts being shown to your own unique lounge.

Despite being secreted away below ground level, JW Firehouse manages to be open and spacious. The high ceilings and circular seating arrangements make the space feel large without being empty. The bar is the highlight of the room; the lights and gold finishes on the bottles displayed behind the long marble bar make for a majestic and eye-catching place to order a handcrafted cocktail.

JW Firehouse Bar, JW Marriott KL
Bartender at JW Firehouse

JW Firehouse Menu – Drinks

The JW Firehouse has an expansive collection of liquors, wines, and beers of which to choose, ensuring that there is something to suit everyone’s taste. We started with a glass of the house white wine, which was perfectly chilled and refreshing. It was a light white with a hint of citrus – the perfect drink to ease you into some late afternoon relaxation.

JW Firehouse Bar, JW Marriott KL
House Wine

As I finished off my wine, Monica ordered the Gin Rose cocktail. Served with lots of ice in a short glass this cocktail combined the exotic flavours of elderflower with a lemony zest to create a gin-based drink that felt a bit adventurous while still maintaining the traditional flavours of a gin cocktail. It’s a great option if you are looking to move away from the classic G&T.

JW Firehouse Bar, JW Marriott KL
Gin Rose

The Firestarter is an option for people looking to go more adventurous as the chillies in the drink give it a strong kick, while the lemon syrup helps to sweeten. It’s a unique cocktail that is definitely worth a try.

JW Firehouse Bar, JW Marriott KL

My personal favourite though was the Pink Mojito. Typically, I tend to shy away from mojitos as the sugar cane and mint combination can be too sweet for me to enjoy a whole glass. The JW Firehouse’s Pink Mojito is certainly an exception to this! Served with lots of ice, the drink has a delicious combination of rum, grapefruit, and mint. The added touch of basil complements the flavours wonderfully to create a cocktail that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is thirst- quenching!

JW Firehouse Bar, JW Marriott KL
Pink Mojito

JW Firehouse Menu – Food

With all our cocktail tasting happening, we made sure to leave room for the canapés. Among the small bites was the Red Bun Lobster Burger. Served on a vibrant red mini bun, this playful appetizer was stuffed with a creamy lobster filling that was both tasty and filling. The perfect canapé for snapping a couple of cute pics and taking the edge of your hunger! Keeping with the seafood theme, the Dancing Prawn was also a fresh tasting snack that was equal parts classy and delicious. Now it would not be a bar in KL if there was not a nod to Malaysia, and the chicken satay with peanut sauce that came around filled this role wonderfully. The JW Firehouse took care not to change too much of a dish that is already beloved and thus opted for a classic rendition with expertly cooked chicken and peanut sauce that managed to be both crunchy and creamy.

JW Firehouse Bar, JW Marriott KL
Red Bun Lobster Burge

Overall, the JW Firehouse is a welcome addition to the bar scene in KL, whether you are seeking a refreshing cocktail, meeting up with friends staying at the hotel, or looking for a way to relax after a day of shopping, the JW Firehouse has a little something for everyone!

Reasons to visit JW Firehouse: Centrally located in KL’s shopping and business district, relaxing atmosphere, expansive drink selection – give the Pink Mojito a try!

JW Firehouse
Lower Ground level, JW Marriott Kuala Lumpur
183 Bukit Bintang Street
55100 Kuala Lumpur
+60 3-2715 9000

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  1. I wonder what they use to make those buns red.

  2. your photos (as always) are a great advert for the venue you share with us.

  3. Red buns – a new one on me but I do love lobster. Cheers Diane

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