The Lido Rooftop Bar Bangsar

The Lido Rooftop Bar, Alila Hotel, Bangsar

Monica Tindall

I think views and cocktails are the perfect kick-offs to the weekend and so it is we find ourselves at The Lido Rooftop Bar, the latest in Alila Hotel’s food and beverage offerings.

With stellar vistas of the sinking sun on one side and the lights twinkling on in the city on the other, this three-level rooftop bar makes us very happy. The rain has just cleared as we make our way to the 42nd floor and we can’t believe our fortune as the sky parts to reveal a golden farewell to the sun while the last of the moisture in the air creates an arc of colour – sunsets and rainbows, cool clean air – I can’t imagine a more perfect evening.The Lido Rooftop Bar Alila Bangsar

The Lido Rooftop Bar Alila Bangsar
Rainbow viewed from The Lido Rooftop Bar!

The Lido Rooftop Bar Alila Bangsar

The Lido Rooftop Bar KL
Lounge Area The Lido Bar
The Lido Rooftop Bar Alila Bangsar
Looking Down Over Alila’s Rooftop Pool

The Lido Rooftop Bar, Alila Hotel – Cocktails

Setting: tick. Time for a cocktail.

Bartender Ruben Anandha and his team have created a compact list of classics with a splash of local influence along with some tonics and spritzes, which complement the warm climate adeptly.

Aperol Spritz (RM38), the classic – three parts Aperol, two parts prosecco and a dash of soda – is lushly garnished with a slice of orange and a giant juicy green olive. It’s one of my go-to cocktails as I love the refreshing bitterness and lightness of the recipe. (It also performs well in photos with its vibrant orange hue.)

The Lido Rooftop Bar KL
Aperol Spritz

The Winged Migration (RM38) literally looks as though it might take flight with its fanciful garnish of fresh herbs and voluptuous glass. The Lido’s interpretation of Malaysia’s very own classic, the Jungle Bird, is made with dark rum, Campari, fresh pineapple and calamansi juices, house-made cinnamon cordial and firewater. It’s fruity and refreshing with a depth of flavour that we both appreciate coming from dark rum (one of my fave spirits). The spice of the chilli padi tingles the back of the throat but it’s smoothed over with the sweetness of the juice giving Ruben’s signature sense of balance.

The Lido Rooftop Bar Bangsar
Winged Migration

Coconut Tonic (RM34) leans towards the lighter side and makes a great aperitif. A white rum base offers less weight and allows the mixers of coconut cordial and lime juice to influence the overall profile. A bit of bubble is added with a topping up of tonic water.

The Lido Rooftop Bar Alila Bangsar
Coconut Tonic

Lastly, Lepak Local (RM38) is something for gin lovers featuring London Dry Gin combined with calamansi juice, lemongrass and palm sugar cordial and fresh pineapple juice. It’s not listed on the menu but there is a thread of spice that lifts the full flavours of the juice and gin. It comes with a straw (remember to request no straw and bring your own metal one) but has a rim of salt, making sense that you would sip from the glass.

The Lido Rooftop Bar Alila Bangsar
Lepak Local

The Lido Rooftop Bar, Alila Hotel – Snacks

We’re just warming up the night here with plans to move on to another location, so it’s wise to have a few snacks to keep our energy high and the alcohol balanced. Both the Sambal Salmon Ravioli and the Chicken Con Carne Roll provide local inspiration to international recipes.

The Chicken Con Carne Roll (RM22) hugs a chicken herb sausage in a soft, sweet and fluffy brioche bun. The bread is made in-house and is lightly toasted, the perfect complement for the spicy salsa that crowns the top.

The Lido Rooftop Bar Alila Bangsar
Chicken Con Carne Roll

An ideal bar snack is found in the Sambal Salmon Ravioli (RM33). Deep-fried mini pasta is filled with salmon and a spicy sambal. It’s just the right balance of fried fatty seductiveness and spice to break it up.

The Lido Rooftop Bangsar
Sambal Salmon Ravioli

Reasons to visit The Lido Rooftop Bar KL: views, views, views; a fantastic place for events or celebrations.

The Lido Rooftop Bar
Level 42 – 44 Alila Bangsar
No. 58 Jalan Ang Seng
50470 Kuala Lumpur
+6 03 2268 3888
[email protected]
* Guests should be forewarned that there is a dress code requesting covered shoes for men and no sandals for the ladies.

** Prices inclusive of GST and service charge.

The Lido Rooftop Bar Opening Hours
Friday, Saturday and Sunday: 6 pm – 12 midnight.

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  2. Beautiful view and sunset from the rooftop. A lovely evening.

  3. The view is fantastic! Yes, I guess having a drink while taking up the scenery would make for a relaxing evening.

  4. Lovely views from the rooftop!

  5. The Reader's Tales

    Breathtaking view and a lovely evening.

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  7. Nice! A friend just asked me if I know of any good rooftop bar around. I suggested a couple of places. I must add this in the list now.

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