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A visit to PHI Clinic Malaysia feels more like a luxury spa appointment than a trip to the doctor’s office. From behind a stylishly lit counter, a receptionist greets clients and offers them a moment to relax in a comfortable seating area adorned with potted plants and colourful armchairs. Further adding to the climate is soft music and a welcome with hot tea and a chilled moist towel. I think it’s a very good sign when a medical clinic considers the overall well-being of a client, setting a mood of calm from the onset.

PHI Clinic Malaysia, Mosaic Laser
PHI Clinic Malaysia, Mosaic Laser
Waiting Area

I’m here to consult with Dr Angeline Wong Siew Yoon (one of three medical doctors and two dentists at PHI Clinic) to see what she recommends to set me on a good path of skin care for 2019. There’s a myriad of treatments available at my fingertips, and as much as I’m a researcher of the details, I find comfort (and convenience) in a trusted professional doing the sorting for me.

My primary concerns are all to do with ageing. Wrinkles, dark circles under my eyes and sagging skin. While I would love there to be a fast and immediate solution, I do not have a high pain threshold and can’t afford weeks of downtime. I want results with minimal pain, little downtime and something that is effective for the money spent. I’m willing to have a few sessions over a period of time and am rather interested in what the latest laser technology can do for my skin. This is what I share with Dr Angeline.

The consultation involves a global look at my skin and a variety of treatment options, which Dr Angeline jots down on a timeline looking over the year ahead. A compilation of the latest in technology is used for an integrated approach and the team at PHI Clinic don’t recommend purchasing “package deals” but rather build a fluid plan constantly re-evaluating and re-focusing along the path. A specific treatment might be used more than once but that will only be determined after analysing the results after the first and each subsequent treatment. If there is one thing I’ve learned from my research on the complexity of different aesthetic lasers it is that I want a clinic that has a comprehensive range and recommends the next step only after assessing the results of the first.

I guess that is one of the things that impressed me most about Dr Angeline. In our first consultation where she analysed my skin and asked about my desired results, she was clear from the start that a multi-faceted approach would achieve optimal results. While she presented a year-long plan of a variety of lasers and supportive treatments, she was firm in her communication that the skin should be re-evaluated after each session fine-tuning the journey as need be.

After a detailed consultation and armed with a pile of information pamphlets on each treatment discussed, I’m ready to begin with the Mosaic Fractional Laser followed immediately by a session with Intraceuticals.

Prep for treatments, such as putting on numbing cream before a laser session, happens in a spacious room with fresh bunches of flowers. There is even a bloom on the bed, which itself is a high-tech chair automatically raising or lowering to comfort level with a touch of a remote control. A giant flat screen TV with multiple channels including Netflix makes the 45-minute wait for the numbing cream to take effect feel like a gift of time to self that very rarely happens in real life. Face numb, it’s time for my first session at PHI Clinic with the Mosaic Fractional Laser.

PHI Clinic Malaysia, Mosaic Laser
Treatment Room at PHI Clinic Malaysia

Mosaic Laser Treatment

Mosaic Laser Treatment, a fractional laser technology, works to stimulate the skin’s natural healing process generating a new rejuvenated skin layer. Multiple tiny laser beams penetrate the deeper layers of the skin without hurting the surface. The growth of collagen and elastin are stimulated during the process, which in turn leads to a reduction of fine lines and tightening of the skin.

As the nozzle is charged over my face I feel a prickly sensation. While it is not painful it’s not relaxing either – rather a light itchy annoyance. As the laser is doing its work, a nurse is blowing chilled air onto my face, which gives immediate relief to the heat. Dr Angeline talks me through the process as she is doing it and time disappears quickly. The procedure lasts around 15 minutes. At the end, chilled wet towels are placed on my face and this too (as did the cool air) lessens the heat.

PHI Clinic Malaysia, Mosaic Laser
Dr Angeline Performing the Mosaic Laser

Mosaic Laser Before and After

Directly after the session, my skin is bright red, as if I’d fallen asleep in the sun. It feels a little dry and tight but this subsides within about two hours. My skin remains blush in the evening and slowly fades the following day. For some people, it takes up to three days for the redness to vanish. Pale Caucasian skin fares well, however, and I am fortunate to need nothing but a light tinted moisturizer to take the edge off the red on the second day.

For the next four days, my skin looks a little darker than usual (just as if that sunburn had turned to a tan). It’s certainly not anything that would cause me to stay at home. In fact, my Aussie friends think I look good with a bit of colour. My skin’s surface is a little rough to touch and as the top layer gradually self-exfoliates, I’m left with a smooth glow.

I’m not sure if it is a result of the skin self-rejuvenating after the laser or caused by wearing sunscreen straight for seven days, but the second week following the session, I have a number of tiny white pimples on my nose and forehead. They clear quickly with an over-the-counter pimple cream but it is something you might want to plan for.

Three weeks on, I think my skin appears visibly lifted. In particular, the skin just above my jawline and the place between my eyebrows and lids seem to have the most benefit. It is something they say will improve with time as collagen is stimulated.

Mosaic Laser After Care

It’s highly recommended to use a good quality moisturizer and avoid products that might irritate sensitive the skin for the subsequent week. Of course, sun protection is essential and it’s best to avoid vigorous exercise and anything that might cause the skin to heat such as a sauna for a few days.

Mosaic Fractional Laser Price

The price of the one session of the Mosaic Fractional Laser at Phi Clinic is RM 1 250. As mentioned, however, many vendors like to sell packages claiming that up to six treatments will bring optimal results. The team at Phi Clinic take a different approach and evaluate the effects and current needs of each individual’s skin succeeding each appointment. Perhaps another blast with the same laser will be on the cards but they may also determine that a different technology will be better suited.

Mosaic Fractional Laser Review

As the Mosaic Fractional Laser takes up to three days of downtime, it is not recommended for those looking for a “lunchtime” facial. It is rather, an investment in your skin, with a longer downtime than many “laser facials” currently on the market but also greater results. Balancing out the price, time, mild prickling (ie virtually no pain) and the reduction in fine lines and improvement of skin elasticity, it seems to be a great product.

Intraceuticals KL at Phi Clinic Malaysia

Not only does the Mosaic laser make your skin warm and dry for a few days but it also opens up pores. Immediately following a session is an ideal time to schedule an Intraceuticals treatment. Designed to maximize hydration, it is the perfect post care complement to the Mosaic Laser and also doubly beneficial as the laser has already prepped the skin allowing for the greatest penetration of the serum.

Intraceuticals are founded on the concept that dehydration is a prime cause of and facilitator to the signs of ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles. As such an applicator uses a concentrated stream of oxygen under pressure to help penetrate the skin’s layers and deliver the rejuvenating serum.

Instead of simply moisturizing, Intraceuticals uses a layering system providing a trio of differently weighted hyaluronics. The low weight hyaluronics help to restore the skin’s natural volume. The mid-weights replenish water providing long-lasting hydration and hence minimize the appearance of fine lines. Lastly, the heavy-weights protect the surface from environmental factors leaving the skin feeling supple.

The process is fantastically relaxing. What feels like a cool airbrush gently moving over the face is forty-five minutes of pure bliss. After the warmth of the laser treatment, this cool light touch is ever so welcome. Yes, I am red following the laser but I sincerely feel that my speedy recovery is enhanced by the Intraceuticals session.

PHI Clinic Malaysia, Intraceuticals KL
Nurse Performing the Intraceuticals Treatment

I’m on a plan with Phi Clinic Malaysia to have a number of skin treatments in 2019 and will report back again in a few months’ time with a more comprehensive evaluation.

Reasons to try the Mosaic Laser: an effective treatment for skin tightening and fine line reduction; mild discomfort but not painful; minimum downtime of 2 – 3 days.

Reasons to try Intraceuticals: deep hydration and a very pleasant sensation.

Reasons to visit PHI Clinic Malaysia: a clinic with the safe, welcoming feeling of a spa; doctors who are experts in their fields with a comprehensive range of technology to provide a holistic approach to skincare; recommendations made on a needs basis rather than the promotion of packages, giving a more complete strategy to achieve goals.

Mosaic Laser & Intraceuticals
PHI Clinic Malaysia
Damansara Plaza
Level A1, Block B, 45, Jalan Medan Setia 1
Bukit Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur

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  1. Wowwww!!! Unfortunately, I’m beyond repair. LOL!!!

  2. Mosaic Fractional Laser is one of the most painful lasers around for me. I had researched & read a lot before picking up the courage to try some years back cause I was really afraid after hearing all about their painful treatments. As most patients had described online, it was very painful for me as well, & I had shared my experience in my blog post too. Gotta admit I’m one with very low threshold of pain. Perhaps your version is an improved one since mine was done long ago……. Speedy recovery! xoxo

    • Thanks, Shirley! Apparently, Caucasian skin does quite well with this laser. I didn’t find it painful at all – more prickly than anything. The technology changes so quickly – it is possible that if you tried again now it might be a different experience.

  3. It sounds rather scary and I am really chicken when it comes to pain! I have lots of freckles and spots on my skin and maybe a few zaps of laser could fix it.

  4. I like the vibrant colours in the waiting room.

  5. Sounds interesting but too far away for me to think about it 🙁 Have a good day, cheers Diane

  6. Beauty comes at a price. Ha x
    But hey, no pain no gain, right?

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