The Establishment - Secret Club in Publika

The Establishment – Secret Club in Publika

Words: Jessica Stagg
Photos: Rich Callahan

Everyone loves having a secret spot. Be it knowing where to find the best nasi lemak in town, or knowing a luxe hideaway to enjoy with your closest friends. Hidden away amongst the maze of Publika, is a place that combines both. Concealed behind an unassuming door is KL’s best-kept secret – The Establishment.

Originally, The Establishment was created by a group of friends with a love and passion for luxury cars. The friends wanted a place to discuss their shared interest while enjoying world-class whisky. As the group brought more and more friends along, the idea of membership bloomed. Two years later and the club has amassed a membership of over 100. While the members are able to invite three guests per visit, there is a growing demand to gain access to this exclusive venue.

Gaining access, however, is no easy feat. Once you have actually found the door (it took us quite a number of tries), you are swiped into what appears to be a small barbershop. Fitted out with a vintage barber’s chair, you feel that you have stepped back into the 1920s. To gain entry into the main venue, you will need to embrace your inner spy, think James Bond. Tucked away in a shelf is a thumbprint reader; only those who are members are able to use their unique thumbprint to open the door.

As the door slowly opens, you are transported into what appears to be the inside of the Moulin Rouge. Rich red velvet curtains envelop the space, while chandeliers help to create an atmosphere of indulgence and fantasy. Music warms the space, creating a relaxed ambience where conversation can be held. The Establishment aims to combine “comfort and luxury in a way that straddles the worlds of work and play perfectly.” With spaces where business meetings can take place, or where business clients can be impressed, these areas transition seamlessly into a night of fun.

The Establishment - Secret Club in Publika
The Establishment
The Establishment - Secret Club in Publika
Bar – The Establishment

Private Rooms, Entertainment & Group Packages at The Establishment Publika

Men and women of style and taste will be impressed with the ability to organise exclusive entertainment such as cabaret shows, themed events and specially curated private shows. With the use of one of The Establishment’s private rooms, groups can host events such as hen’s nights, where a range of activities, for example, karaoke, can be organised. The Establishment provides a variety of group packages starting from RM2000, which as well as securing a private room includes two bottles of The Macallan 12 Years Old, two bottles of Belvedere Vodka and one bottle of Moët & Chandon.

The Establishment - Secret Club in Publika
Private Room – The Establishment

Drinks at The Establishment

The Establishment Publika is one of two The Macallan-endorsed private members’ club in Southeast Asia, and as such, there is a selection of single malt whisky on offer (prices for a bottle start from RM530 for members and RM880 for non-members). A unique cocktail, The Bar Tender’s Whimsy (RM55), benefits from the unmistakable sweetness of the American Oak used to create The Macallan 12 Years Double Oak. While pink in colour, the drink is not overly sweet with the subtle flavours of honey and citrus creating a smooth taste.

Surveying the menu to select your drink, you will be delighted to find all of your favourite classic cocktails. Ranging from the balanced Classic Margarita (Glass RM50, Jug RM110), the fresh and minty Mojito (Glass RM50, Jug RM110), to the tropical delight of Sex on the Beach (RM50). Notably, the Lychee Martini (RM50) is served frozen, which allows the sweet flavour of the lychee to shine.

The Establishment - Secret Club in Publika
The Bartender’s Whimsy
The Establishment - Secret Club in Publika
The Establishment - Secret Club in Publika

Food at The Establishment Publika

While The Establishment Publika does not serve its own food, it has developed relationships with local restaurants to provide their members with delicious meals. Pak Omar Champion Nasi Lemak is one of these. Pak Omar created the Nasi Lemak ‘Ayam Goreng Berempah’ (RM16.90) when is opened in 2013. Topped with crispy deep-fried chicken coated in local herbs, and coupled with fragrant rice, spicy sambal with a hint of sweetness and crunchy ikan bilis, it is clear why this dish has been voted a winner amongst regulars.

The Establishment - Secret Club in Publika
Nasi Lemak

The menu of Pak Omar Champion Nasi Lemak offers a selection of Malaysian classics. Including the Mee Siam Sambal Sotong (RM15.90) which is served with light and refreshing noodles that have a distinct Tom Yum flavour. The Giant Curry Puffs (RM3.90 each or 3 for RM10), are a must try. The pastry is a star, with its buttery flavour and crisp flakey texture. Inside it is packed with ingredients, all which have been perfectly cooked in a mild curry. The newest addition to their menu is the Butter Chicken (RM12.90) served with rice and a fried egg. Despite its humble appearance, this South Indian influenced dish will melt in your mouth.

The Establishment - Secret Club in Publika
Mee Siam Sambal Sotong
The Establishment - Secret Club in Publika
Giant Curry Puffs
The Establishment - Secret Club in Publika
Butter Chicken

Reasons to visit The Establishment: The Establishment provides a private lounge club where you can enjoy time with your friends or schmooze business clients. Come for the exclusive venue, the quality whisky and the private rooms.

The Establishment – Secret Club in Publika
Jalan Dutamas 1, Solaris Dutamas
50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
+6 012 350 9883

The Establishment Opening Hours
Monday- Saturday 7 pm-3 am

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  1. Very auspicious colour, like Chinese New Year. Nasi lemak looks great…and the mee siam too.

  2. Simple, rustic…and cheap food wasn’t something I was expecting from this establishment….but I guess it serves its purpose in feeding hungry drinkers if there happen to be any 🙂

  3. What an interesting experience just to gain entry into this establishment! And the interiors are levish with the rich reds throughout!

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