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The Farm Foodcraft, Bangsar South, Garden to Plate

Words: Anna Chew   Photos: Rich Callahan

After uncovering so many gems in our time, it’s hard to believe that we can continue to be surprised by hidden coves. This time it’s with a farm in the city: a farm right in a restaurant itself. Tucked away in an enclave of restaurants amidst the landscaped beauty of The Sphere in Bangsar South, lies The Farm Foodcraft – a dining concept that epitomises the garden to plate concept.

The Farm Foodcraft Bangsar South
The Farm Foodcraft Bangsar South

The Farm Foodcraft

The Farm Foodcraft (The Farm for short) is welcoming and bright. The Farmhouse, i.e. the main dining hall, is walled in glass and adorned with hanging vines. Besides having their own urban farm in the restaurant – indoor, outdoor and hydroponic – they also source from local farmers, promising to serve food that was harvested on that day itself. You can’t ask for fresher than that.

The Farm Foodcraft Menu

The menu is complete with starters, soups, pasta, mains and, of course, desserts. One is spoilt for choice and pricing is really on-point – generous servings at affordable prices.


We start off with cold-pressed juices and smoothies. These are perfect for a balmy afternoon in their al fresco dining section. Beautifully presented, each drink looks like a mocktail. We absolutely loved the Sucker Punch (RM18). It’s reminiscent of a widely available kopitiam drink but elevated. This is made from young mango and assam boi with house-pickled papaya that we couldn’t stop chewing on. Lovers of sour notes would take well to this drink. For a healthy and refreshing option, the Green Supreme (RM13) is made from kale, cucumber, apple and lime. It’s so well-balanced that even those who usually shun green drinks might find it appealing.

Garden to Plate KL
Sucker Punch
The Farm Foodcraft Bangsar South
Green Supreme

From the smoothie list, The Love Potion (RM15) made from Betagen, strawberry, blueberry and honey, is so good we almost forgot it is rich in antioxidants and great for gut health. Gym bunnies and health freaks will be happy. Those who adore something heavier and creamier should try the Chasing Sunrise (RM15). Made from jackfruit, mango, pineapple and dates, it is something quite unique, with distinct pineapple flavours, acceptable also by those (not mentioning any names, Mon 😉 who usually avoid jackfruit.

Garden to Plate KL
Chasing Sunrise and The Love Potion

Coffee lovers need to note that the owners of this restaurant also run a roaster in Malacca and their coffee is outstanding! We had the Cold Brew Black (RM12) and, if not for the fact that it was running later into the day, we might have had ourselves a double. Smooth, nutty without being bitter nor overly acidic, this could be one of the most balanced cold brews in town. Have it just because, or even better, savour it with dessert.

Garden to Plate KL
Matcha Latte
The Farm Foodcraft Bangsar South


For starters, we had the Golden Crunch (RM15) with charred corn, baby corn, capsicum and a dash of paprika. The presentation was festive, with the yellow kernels served alongside the charred corn cob and dried husks.

Garden to Plate KL
Golden Crunch

Local influence is seen in what is usually thought of as western dishes. The ‘Lala’ Land (RM28) and the Curry Beef Lasagne (RM25) livened traditional recipes with Malaysian flare. The former is inspired by a Chinese seafood dish and the latter was actually the contents of a curry puff layered with crisp wonton skins assembled in layers. The lasagne was an all-around hit.

The Farm Foodcraft Bangsar South
‘Lala’ Land
The Farm Foodcraft Bangsar South
Curry Beef Lasagne

The Crab Risotto (RM38) was nicely and generously presented. The recipe turned tradition upside down once again by keeping the linking ingredient, rice, but preparing it with a thick, soft and pulpy consistency. It came topped with a huge soft-shell crab and was served with their homemade XO sauce. Another dish for the spice club members.

The Farm Foodcraft Bangsar South
Crab Risotto

Time For Tea (RM22) is one of the vegetarian options available on the menu and is crafted after Thunder Tea Rice or the Lei Cha. Rice is served with cashew nuts, finely chopped long beans, four angled beans, turnip, edamame, preserved vegetables, herbs and tofu with a pesto broth with dramatic kale tempura topping the dish. It was delicious and the portion abundant.

Garden to Plate KL
Time For Tea


Desserts were a highlight and the presentation was eye candy. The Burn-T Cheesecake (RM22) was served with a teh tarik ice cream and teh tarik reduction, almost like condensed milk with more flavour than sweetness. You can’t help but have side scoops of that teh tarik sauce as a dessert on its own. We also highly recommend the Kuih Gulung (RM22). It’s a gula Melaka-infused pandan cake (drool level 8), with pandan kaya lava (drool level 9). It’s topped with spun caramel and coconut ice cream (hits the roof!). What a perfect combination of ingredients for a dessert!

The Farm Foodcraft Bangsar South
Burn-T Cheesecake
Garden to Plate KL
Kuih Gulung

Reasons to visit The Farm Foodcraft: a beautiful space that relaxes the soul and fresh food that nourishes the body; our favourite items were the Golden Crunch (corn salad), juices, smoothies and coffee, and most dessert.

The Farm Foodcraft
Level Ground, The Sphere, Bangsar South City
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 59200
+603 2242 0964
* Pork-free

The Farm Foodcraft Opening Hours
Daily: 10:30 am – 10 pm

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  1. Lala Land looks enticing…and I sure would love to try that lasagna with a twist, curry sounds great.

  2. The dishes are so beautifully and so artistically presented. The Crab Risotto and Time for Tea would be my top pick as well as the Burnt Cheesecake!

  3. A very light, airy and bright ambiance the abundance of glass provides! It brings the outside in. The drinks are quite refreshing and I love that crab entree.

  4. Lots of choices to choose from especially the drinks. I would have a hard time deciding. Very nice presentation for drinks and food.

  5. He he… Lala Land made me laugh 😀

  6. Oh wow, I would love to visit there, even the drinks made my mouth water!! Have a good week, Cheers Diane

  7. I love the ambiance of this place.
    Looks amazing and relaxing.
    I’m sure their food tastes great as it looks.

  8. Love these farm to plate concepts.

  9. Everything looks so lovely and fresh.

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