Kuching Walking Tour BORNEO A LA CARTE

Kuching Walking Tour – BORNÉO À LA CARTE

Kuching Walking Tour

Monica Tindall

Food is of such importance to the Malaysian culture that the universal greeting, “Sudah makan?” literally means, “Have you eaten?” Nowhere else in the world have I come across people who talk about what they will be having for dinner while they’re still eating lunch. Or anyone who could hold an intense conversation for hours on the single topic of a particular local dish. Or… people who are willing to drive two hours just for a meal and then, tummies satiated, turn around and head back home again. Welcome to Malaysia – a food lover’s paradise and what better way to enjoy it than with a Kuching Walking Tour with a local guide giving you the “in” on the most delicious places to eat?

Kuching Walking Tour BORNEO A LA CARTE
Sarawak Laksa – a must-try

Sarawak Food

Sarawak is no different in celebrating the country’s passion for food. What makes the local style stand out from the mainland, however, is not only the multi-cultural population and ethnic groups contributing dishes but also the multitudinous array of ingredients at their disposal. Borneo is one of the most biodiverse places on earth and, as such, access to flora and fauna not found elsewhere in the world gifts the state with unique flavours and recipes.

Sarawak Sightseeing
Torch Ginger in the Local Market

Kuching Walking Food Tour with BORNÉO À LA CARTE

Often, the best way to see any city is on foot. BORNÉO À LA CARTE gives an insider’s route to the best of the local food scene and allows guests to see the sights along the way – this is the way I like to plan travel.

Usually beginning mid-morning, the tour takes four hours and has participants exploring the key sights of Kuching such as temples, colonial buildings and the waterfront while stimulating their taste buds at the same time.

Kuching Walking Tour BORNEO A LA CARTE
Murals are starting to pop up adding colour to the city streets
Sarawak Sightseeing

The top must-try along the way is Sarawak Laksa – a spicy broth with bean sprouts, egg, rice noodles, shredded chicken and prawns. Another Kuching signature is Kolo Mee, a noodle dish with minced pork topped off with some extra barbecued pork. From the Main Bazaar you can opt for something sweet such as Apam Balik – a thin crisp pancake with crushed peanuts, and, of course, found all over Malaysia, Pisang Goreng or banana fritters (hubby’s favourite). Taking a rest from eating, the BORNÉO À LA CARTE guide explains some of the spices found in the market and then it’s time for a boat ride!

Kuching Walking Tour BORNEO A LA CARTE

A sampan (a flat-bottomed wooden boat) takes you across to the Kubah Ria market, the largest in the city. Both harvested from the farm and foraged for in the jungle, the produce here is a multitude of newness. Meat, poultry and fish are followed by row after row of vegetables, herbs, fruit and other local treasures such as wild honey and black rice.

Sarawak Sightseeing
Sarawak Sightseeing
Along the River

As the afternoon heat takes its hold, a welcome ending to the day is either with a chilled coconut or ABC (Air Batu Campur – mixed ice) or both. The former offers a healthy refreshment while the latter provides a local sweet treat of shaved ice topped with syrup, fruit and jelly cubes.

Kuching Walking Tour BORNEO A LA CARTE
Kueh Samples from the Market

Kuching Walking Tour Price with BORNÉO À LA CARTE

The price of the tour varies depending on the number of people in the group. Private tours, of course, cost a little more while small groups prices start from RM  per person.

  • Kuching Walking Tour Tip: the wet market is largest on the weekends so I recommend booking the tour for a Saturday or Sunday to see the largest variety of produce.

Reasons to go on the Kuching Walking Tour: a great way to see the city on foot and through its food; personal guide sharing the best spots to eat and providing an education along the way; professional, friendly and punctual team.

Walking Street Tour Kuching
Flavours of Kuching – A Culinary Exploration
93100 Kuching, Sarawak
+6 082 234 126
The Flavours of Kuching – A Culinary Exploration tour with BORNEO A LA CARTE is priced at RM 144 per adult and based on a minimum of two pax and maximum of eight pax.
Children (below 12 years) accompanied by a minimum of two adults enjoy discounted rates. There is also a reduction in price for teenagers (aged 12 – 17 years).
Discounts are provided if a travelling party of three or more adults book together.
Private tours are available upon request with a surcharge.

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  1. Walking tour now that cool.
    Coffee is on

  2. Welcome to beautiful Sarawak!!! Hope you had a great stay here!

  3. I love the smell of fresh torch ginger buds.

  4. Ashamed to say that I haven’t stepped foot in Kuching before, time to right that wrong!

  5. Kuching waterfront for delicious food choices in the evening. Be sure to try Top Spot Seafood stop a parking garage. Stop by the Black Bean Cafe on Carpenter St. for coffee made from the island’s coffee beans. Sunday Market Satok and MJC Market are a must for exotic fruits. For a cold beer to top off the day try The Monkey Bar or The Drunk Monkey Bar.

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