Smith Breads & Cafe Bukit Damansara

Smith Breads & Cafe, Bukit Damansara

Smith Breads & Cafe

Words: Shaun Humphries Photos: Monica Tindall

Spending the last three months quarantined indoors and away from other people has left me missing many things – and restaurants are high on the list. The smells, the energy, the conversation, and of course, the food are all deeply connected to many of the joys of being alive.

So, when Monica let me know that the in-person reviews were back on, I was excited to connect with all those human feelings again. And walking into the bright and casual confines of Smith Breads and Cafe on a recent cloudy Wednesday morning, the smells of fresh coffee brewing and homemade bread baking instantly reminded me what life was like before hearing those awful words – ”the new normal.”

Smith Breads & Cafe Bukit Damansara
Smith Breads & Cafe
Artisan Bakers KL
Sourdough – So good!

Good Coffee Bukit Damansara

To keep us in a much more normal state of mind, we started where all sane people start in the morning – coffee. Served in colourful, artisanal mugs, Smith Bread’s espresso blend coffee is a unique offering in KL. Incorporating beans from five different places – Panama, Colombia (x 2), Malaysia and Indonesia – their blend is medium roasted, moderately acidic and carries dark chocolate and earthy notes. The highlight is the Malaysian-grown Liberica beans (20%), which give that extra oomph to every cup.

I found it bold and full-flavoured and so tasty that we had to try several different versions of it. The Long Black (RM8), Cappuccino (RM10), Cold Brew (RM9) and Melbourne’s signature brew of ristretto topped with steamed milk called Magic (RM10) all disappeared from sight during our visit. The coffees all come with two shots of espresso, which ensured our chat with the friendly owner, Wong Yin-How, was fast-paced and full of laughs.

artisan bakers KL
Cold Brew
Smith Breads & Cafe Bukit Damansara
artisan bakers KL

Besides the coffees, we also enjoyed the Original Sparkling Kombucha (RM15), which was a refreshing and bubbly change after the coffees and was a fine substitute after hitting my caffeine max.

Smith Breads & Cafe Bukit Damansara
Original Sparkling Kombucha

Smith Breads & Cafe – Wood-fired Oven Bread

After the coffee, it was time to sample the next superstar offering at Smith’s – the fantastic bread, which is baked in the two, 2,500 kilogram, wood-fire stoves imported from Germany. As Yin-How explained the arduous process it took to get the stoves shipped and installed, I was simultaneously tasting the bread and letting him know the trouble was worth it.

The first of the bread we sampled was the white, oven-baked sourdough, which acted as the foundation for the Smoked Salmon Tartine (RM25). Consisting of capers, mayo, smoked salmon slices, cucumber, red onion, sour cream and lemon zest, I enjoyed all the different flavours and textures in this dish, which is anchored by the wonderful crunchy, spongy sourdough.

Smith Breads & Cafe Bukit Damansara
Smoked Salmon Tartine

Next up was the Mexican Potato Rosti Turkey Brekkie (RM28) consisting of Spanish turkey ham, turkey chorizo, a sunny-side-up egg, pico de gallo and feta cheese. This one carries a bit of spice and a lot of protein, which is a real winner in my books. If you’re hungry, hungover, or both, this is the one you want.

Smith Breads & Cafe Bukit Damansara
Mexican Potato Rosti Turkey Brekkie

My favourite of the day was the Beef Brisket Toastie (RM38), a slow-roasted Black Angus beef brisket served inside country sourdough bread with mozzarella, sharp cheddar, Dijon mustard, mayo and pickles. I got to take half of this one home as a leftover, which made me very happy later in the day.

Smith Breads & Cafe Bukit Damansara
Beef Brisket Toastie

Something Sweet at Smith Breads & Cafe

We slowly started to transition into dessert with our next dish. Served with honey and French butter, the German Pancake (RM13), which is the brain-child of German immigrants to the United States, is inspired by the German version of pancakes – the Plannkuchen. It reminded me of a sweet golden-brown moon crater, which turns out, is also delicious.

artisan bakers KL
German Pancake

Finally, we (mostly I) enjoyed a piece of Smith’s Cake of the Day (RM16), which was a homemade creamy kampung egg burnt cheesecake. Even though it was a relatively large piece, I managed to get every last tasty bite down before saying my goodbyes and thinking about all the catching up I have to do now that our world is opening up again. It was a good day.

artisan bakers KL
Smith’s Cake of the Day – Kampong Egg Burnt Cheesecake

Smith Breads & Cafe is open daily for dine-in or takeaway (specifically those loaves of bread) from 8:30 am to 4 pm or you can place your order for delivery or pickup at

Reasons to visit Smith Breads & Cafe: A great place to feel normal again with outstanding coffee, homemade bread and satisfying breakfast items. Must try the Beef Brisket Toastie.

Smith Breads & Cafe
71, Jalan Setia Bakti
Bukit Damansara, 50490

Smith Breads & Cafe Opening Hours
Tuesday to Sunday 8:30 am – 4 pm

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  1. Toastie looks awesome, that beef brisket filling!

  2. I want the beef brisket toastie and kampong egg burnt cheesecake. It’s great to dine out again!

  3. It all looks good but the cheesecake would be my favourite. Cheers Diane

  4. That Beef Brisket Toastie looks simply mouth-watering! That cheesecake could not be finished and would have to come home with me. 🙂

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