The Butcher’s Table, Pavilion, Pork Restaurant

The Butcher’s Table, Pavilion, Pork Restaurant

The Butcher’s Table Pavilion

*Now closed

Words: Kitty Noble   Photos: Richard Callahan

‘You always want what you can’t get’. Well, this is certainly true of me and piggy goodness! Back in the UK, pork was never my favourite meat, but since moving to Malaysia and finding it restricted, I find myself craving it ALL. THE. TIME! Thankfully, the Butcher’s Table comes to the rescue.

The raison d’etre of the Butcher’s Table is to both showcase and educate about quality ingredients at an affordable cost. Besides the passion for excellent pork, The Butcher’s Table’s core is evidently about building relationships with its customers.

This, the fifth of five The Butcher’s Table, outlets was opened in February 2019, and is expertly lead by Tiffany, daughter of one of the founders Mr Ho. You may recognise his name from Euro Deli, an infamous Bangsar institution. With a background in marketing and content, Tiffany does the same for the business, as well as running the day to day operation, managing the kitchen and quality checking the food. Besides the outlets in SS2, JB, Ipoh and Penang, watch this space for a sixth outlet to be opened in Hartamas in the next couple of months!

The main dining space is moodily lit, with fun and funky, porcine wall designs. A private room which can seat up to 10 people is available for your parties and events (no minimum spend). Pass this room and you open out to a large outside covered space, flooded with natural light, providing excellent social distancing. Faux grass and plants, with wall decal of the Three Little Pigs, gives a light, airy and playful feeling. A deli counter at the front of the restaurant, allows the customer the choice of take-home porky products, along with hints and tips on how best to cook the products.

Bukit Bintang Non-Halal Eateries
Naturally Lit Space
The Butcher’s Table, Pavilion, Pork Restaurant
The Butcher’s Table, Pavilion,

The Butchers Table Pavilion Menu

We started with Grilled Pancetta (RM 17.80), which was simply served, with a sprinkling of parsley and a great mix of lean meat to fat. As with all of their smoked offerings, this was home-smoked over beech-wood to give a rich, voluptuous flavour.

The Butcher’s Table, Pavilion, Pork Restaurant
Grilled Pancetta

Our next carnivorous delight was Salted Beef (RM 29.50). Beef brisket is treated to a labour-intensive process, brined and cured for 10 days, then slow-cooked for 24 hours. Probably Monica’s favourite, perfectly textured, this was served with bacon-laced sauerkraut. A match made in heaven.

Bukit Bintang Non-Halal Eateries
Salted Beef

Did you know that to be labelled ‘sausage’ the pork-sword only needs to contain 32% meat content and that can include connective tissue and fat?! This is not a concern at The Butcher’s Table where all of their sausages are made in-house with 100% meat in a natural pork casing, and a smattering of garlic and spice to enhance the carnivorous delight. No nitrates, preservatives or fillers here!

We had a selection of bangers, including Iberico (RM 12.90), using quality pork and a dash of pepper, Lamb Merquex (RM 11.90), complemented with the addition of mint and chilli powder, Farmers Bratwurst (RM 10.50), meaty with a little parsley and a mouth-filling Angus Beef (RM 12.90) all served with honeyed German mustard. The lamb was a real stand-out for me and Caning loved them all!

The Butcher’s Table, Pavilion, Pork Restaurant

The house and Rich’s favourite and served at nearly every table, the Tomapork (RM 88) comes in at a gut-busting minimum of 700 grams. This enormous loin and belly combo, with the bone in-tact, is, as with all the dishes, intended for sharing. The gargantuan steak is oven-roasted then grilled for the char. The slightly pink colour is owing to the cure then completed with a honey glaze. A pairing of the in-house coleslaw is perfectly refreshing with not too much mayo, and lime to lift it, and complements the tomapork. Finally, the artery-clogger is served with a bacon cream sauce and fries, in case you were worried about a low-calorie intake.

The Butcher’s Table, Pavilion, Pork Restaurant

Tiffany’s favourite, Smoked Pork Knuckle (RM 86.25 / 93.75 with a side), bursts with flavour. Foreleg knuckle of 800g- 1kg is again home-smoked and a great sharing plate. The chewy, delicious meat is enough to fill the hungriest of bellies. I’d recommend trying a side dish of the yummy German Potato Salad (RM 15) with gherkins, and the ubiquitous bacon bits.

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Smoked Pork Knuckle

In case we were feeling pig-deprived, we finished off with the Crispy Roast Pork (RM 17.50). It was perfectly cooked with a mouth-watering accompanying sauce sporting a healthy kick. Chilli, fish sauce, lime and garlic create an excellent acidic patsy for the juicy meat and crunchy crackling. Yummeh!

The Butcher’s Table, Pavilion, Pork Restaurant
Crispy Roast Pork

The Butcher’s Table Drinks Menu

Whilst we were not there to focus on The Butcher’s Table drinks menu, the list is one of the most competitive in the city that I’ve seen. Somersby Sparkling Rose (RM 15.75) was the perfect pairing to the food, but if you prefer, there are glasses of wine at a minuscule RM 12.90, bottles from RM 69 and buy-one, free-one coffees (total RM9 for two!!). Even a bottle of Champers (Moet, indeed), will only set you back RM 235.

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Somersby Sparkling Rose
Bukit Bintang Non-Halal Eateries
Coffee – Two for RM9!

The Butcher’s Table exudes the homely comforts of simple but tasty grub, with a focus on quality, shared plates and affordable food and drink. Thank goodness we had Caning’s awesome appetite to get through, what felt like, an entire pig!

Reasons to visit The Butcher’s Table Pavilion: Pork served in every possible way; excellent quality ingredients without the addition of fillers, artificial additives or preservatives; a welcoming environment, both from the staff and the setting; fantastically priced for both food and drinks.

The Butcher’s Table Pavilion
Lot 7.01.07, level 7, Pavilion KL
168, Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
+6 03 2110 4438

The Butcher’s Table Pavilion Opening Hours
Daily: 10 am-10 pm

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