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Juniper Club MY- Gin Subscription Club KL

Juniper Club MY

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Originally hailed as medicinal by monks and alchemists across Europe, gin has a rich and vibrant history. From Italian monasteries, Dutch pharmacies and English battlefields to today’s artisanal distilleries and hip cocktail bars, gin has certainly stood the test of time. Perhaps carrying over from the British tradition of drinking gin and tonic (with quinine) to ward off malaria, the spirit is almost ubiquitous in the tropics and makes fine sipping especially in warm weather. I think it’s a highly enjoyable drink in this part of the world and, as such, am excited to sample Juniper Club MY’s new gin subscription service.

Callan C Green, the founder of Juniper Club MY, tells us more about this gin subscription club and some interesting tales surrounding the history of the bitter spirit.

Juniper Club MY – Gin Subscription Club KL

What is Juniper Club MY?

Juniper Club MY is a subscription-based gin club. You receive a box at the start of every month containing a new gin, premium tonics, garnishes, info cards and recipes. There’s also a community among members, special masterclasses and events (when MCO ends).

Why gin and not another spirit?

Gin is delicious!! As my day job is as a gin ambassador, it made sense to pick gin. Not only is it something I’m very well versed in, but it’s also overwhelmingly the fastest growing spirit in the market.

Any favourite gins? 

West Winds, of course, Oxley, Xoriguer, Portobello Road and Hepple.

Tell us a bit about the different types of gin.

Gin’s horizons are constantly expanding. The traditional styles of London Dry, Old Tom, Plymouth etc., are being challenged by so many new world gins using more and more out-there ingredients such as ants, durian and pretty much anything you can think of.

Any fascinating moments in the history of gin?

This is a hugely broad question, but my favourite period in the history of gin is probably the Gin Craze from 1720-1751, when people were drinking so much gin in London that it became somewhat of a drug epidemic. Funnily enough, this is how the invention of the vending machine came about. A child would be in a wooden box with a drawer, and you’d put your money in the drawer and out would pop a bottle of gin!

Any famous characters associated with gin?

There are many, but one that’s always a classic is Queen Elizabeth II, who has always been a famous gin drinker. Last year she released her own gin using botanicals from the garden at Buckingham Palace. It sold out in eight hours!

Juniper Club MY – The Details

Juniper Club MY costs RM 299 per month. Signing up can be done via email: [email protected], WhatsApp +60176109961 or messaging the team on Instagram @myjuniperclub. You have the flexibility of cancelling at any time.

Juniper Club MY
Juniper Club MY Gin Subscription Box
Gin Subscription Kuala Lumpur
Juniper Club MY

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  1. I only know Gordon’s but one Bombay something seems mighty popular, blue bottle.

  2. Oh yeah, it’s a London thing.
    Like Milo to Malaysia.

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