Calowries Burger KL

Calowries Burger KL – Gourmet Burger Delivery

Calowries Burger KL – Gourmet Burger Delivery

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A newbie on the burger delivery scene, Calowries Burger promises 100% real meat in their patties and fillings. Their menu is handcrafted with high-quality ingredients. In turn, their gourmet burgers come with a lower calorie tag. They proclaim no fillers, just lean meat. Each recipe we try is delicious with the taste of wholesome, natural ingredients.

Calowries Burger

The team at Calowries Burger has their sesame brioche bun made to order by a local bakery. It’s soft and squishes gently between the fingers, wrapping itself around each patty and compacting compliantly into the mouth. A good bun is a good beginning.

Another positive sign is a compact menu. Currently, there are six burgers offering sufficient variety (although we would like to see a plant-based option), but not too many to lose confidence that each can be executed without compromise.


A solid place to start at any burger joint is with a Classic Beef Burger (RM 18.90). Cooks at Calowries Burger fill their buns with juicy, beefy patties. Lean, ground brisket and sirloin are the secret to the full, beefy flavour. Nothing but real meat is used here. Tomato, lettuce, mayo, cheese, cucumber, and don’t forget caramelised onions do their job well in supporting the quintessential recipe.

Western Food Delivery Kuala Lumpur
Classic Beef Burger

Another popular pick, the Fried Chicken Burger (RM 16.90), features a hefty piece of crispy-coated chicken. It’s simply dressed in tomato, lettuce, mayo, cheese and cucumber. It’s a fantastic bite.

Western Food Delivery Kuala Lumpur
Fried Chicken Burger

You might not want pineapple on your pizza, but how about on your burger instead? The Aloha Chicken Burger (RM 17.90) is a firm favourite at Calowries Burger. We love the lean piece of grilled chicken in the middle. A pineapple ring adds some fruity sweetness, and caramelised onions partner well here too.

Western Food Delivery Kuala Lumpur
Aloha Chicken Burger

We like the theme of real pieces of minimally processed meat at Calowries Burger. It pops up again in the Braised Beef Burger (RM 21). The menu says it’s “just like eating a comforting bowl of stew,” and we have to agree. The gravy from the beef is caught between the lettuce and the cheese, preventing the bun from becoming soggy.

Calowries Burger KL
Braised Beef Burger

Satisfying cravings for Greek flavours, the Classic Lamb Burger (RM 20) is plump with a lamb patty and the usual suspects of tomato, lettuce, cheese, cucumber and caramelised onions. Thinly sliced red onions and yoghurt sauce provide a mild tanginess that slices through the richness of the lamb.

Calowries Burger KL
Classic Lamb Burger

This week’s special is a Classic Chicken Chickpea Patty Burger (RM 15.90). Bulked up with garbanzos, every mouthful benefits from a quality plant protein. It could be a healthier option for those slowly transitioning to eating more plants.

Western Food Delivery Kuala Lumpur
Classic Chicken Chickpea Patty Burger

Calowries Burger also offers a Taster Box (RM 18.90), where you get any two burgers of your choice for the price of one! They’re slightly smaller than the regular burgers, so great for small eaters or those who want to taste across the menu.

Reasons to order from Calowries Burger: Great burgers! Simple recipes and wholesome ingredients.

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  1. I want to have that lamb burger!

  2. All look delicious. Not easy to decide which one to start with. I love pineapple, so maybe I will start with Aloha Chicken Burger.

  3. Calowries = low calories! I like that!

  4. Aloha! I will pick the Hawaiian burger too.

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