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White Republic

Rebecca Cannon

Do you know the worst thing about getting your teeth whitened with White Republic’s Smart Teeth Whitening System?
The cost? No.
The hassle? No.
It didn’t work? No.
Time commitment? No.

It’s the fact I have to take before and after photos of extreme close-ups of my teeth (which is completely optional, by the way). I didn’t need to know how yellow my teeth were before! However, it is nice to be able to see the proof of the improvement that White Republic has made. After 10 days of 16 minutes a day-use, my teeth have gone up 5 shades in whiteness, and all in all, it was incredibly hassle-free, even for someone as lazy as me.

White Republic
White Republic Cordless Teeth Whitening Kit

Obtaining the Goods

White Republic’s home teeth whitening kit can be ordered online with free delivery to any address in Malaysia. There is no need to travel to a store that may or may not have the item in stock, no scramble through weekend traffic, and no need to change out of your comfy around-the-house clothes! Hurrah!

Setting Up with White Republic

The kit comes all in one, in a recyclable jewellery-like box with a magnetic flip lid. Everything is contained within in its own designated place, a pleasing sight for the OCD among us. The only thing you have to do before you start is charge up the activating light. This comes with a USB charger for charging, so you can plug it into the same spot as your phone or hang it off the side of your computer if needs must. You can choose whether to charge it in its protective glass box, with its mini-USB charging case, or directly at the base with the magnetic lock-in points (my preferred method, it just seemed so novel). It takes about 30 minutes to charge, long enough to make it through the first session, then you can just leave it for several hours charging, and it should last you about a week and a half. Yes, I know that from experience.

The Steps to White Teeth

Whilst you wait for it to charge up, you can brush your teeth and take a before photo. Yes, the before a photo is optional, but otherwise, it’ll be hard to notice the changes as you become used to your new glow quickly. Once ready, select one of the silver whitening gel tubes. Twist the bottom to get the gel rising up onto the brush and paint your top and bottom teeth, up to and including the canines. Then disconnect the activating light from its charger and slice the tray into your mouth, gently bite down and turn on the blue light. After 16 minutes, it buzzes, the light turns off, and you are done for the day. This is a handy feature because I often lost track of time reading, making strange faces at people with the device in my mouth, and watching the electric blue light coming out of my mouth when I smiled.

You can now remove the tray from your mouth, but be warned! A lot of saliva will have built up over the 16 minutes, so take the tray out over a sink or be prepared to slobber like a Doberman over whatever is directly underneath you. Being at the sink also made it easy for me to give it a quick wash before storing it for the next day. This prevents the build-up of the “my old retainer” smell.

That was it, just repeated 12 times over for me. Or 7 to 10 days, if you don’t require as much teeth whitening.

Teeth Whitening Malaysia
Before and After Teeth Whitening – White Republic

To Note: White Republic

If you’re someone with sensitive teeth or your teeth, feel a bit odd whilst doing this, use the desensitizing gel after you’ve rinsed the tray and your mouth with water at the end. My teeth didn’t have the problem, so I can’t say how effective it is, but it seems very few people report any sensitivity.

There was plenty of gel left over for a couple more full sessions.

Don’t eat or drink 45 minutes after. This can seem frustrating, but if you make it part of your bedtime routine, then it’s no worry; you’re not going to be eating for many hours then anyway.

Reasons to try White Republic Teeth Whitening Cordless Kit: An incredibly convenient, pain-free and effective experience that’s great value for money.

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