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Epicurean Nests – Kappa Senses, Ubud

Epicurean Nests

Words: Kirsten Durward
Photos: Monica Tindall

Kappa Senses, a nature-inspired resort on the outskirts of Ubud, styles its restaurants as ‘Epicurean Nests.’ Epicurean denotes a devotion to pleasure and refined enjoyment, primarily associated with good food and drink. So, who better to visit and taste the Epicurean offerings than your Yum Listers, who delight in all of the above?

Kelapa Restaurant
Kelapa Restaurant

Kokokan Restaurant, Kappa Senses

With uninterrupted views of the rice paddies from the vast wooden terrace and named for the white herons that inhabit them, Kokokan serves a curated selection of South East Asian cuisine. Neutral tones and natural woods abound in the sleek and stylised gastro bar interior. Kokokan aims to re-invent Indonesian specialities with modern techniques and modern presentation. Our taste of the rice crackers with twin dips of sweet peanut and spicy sambal is a promising start.

Epicurean Nests Kappa Senses
restaurants in Ubud
Kokokan – Epicurean Nests

Dinner at Kokokan

Indonesian Gado Gado and Peanut Sauce (IDR 90K ++) is a traditional Indonesian dish of fresh garden vegetables. However, we have never seen one plated so prettily. A selection of veggies straight from Kappa’s permaculture garden tumble across the plate, adorned with edible flowers.

Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls (IDR 110K ++) come in three varieties – stuffed with crab meat, smoked duck and plump pink prawns. They’re a fresh and filling feast with soya sauce and sesame dressing.

The Thai Kad Pad Med Ma Muang (IDR 140K ++) takes us to Thailand with stir-fried chicken and cashew nuts from Muntigunung. The dish is further seasoned with dried chilli, soy sauce, honey, onions and peppers, as well as a variety of vegetables from Kappa’s permaculture gardens.

Open daily from 10.00 am to 10.00 pm
Dinner service: 6.00 pm to 10.00 pm

Epicurean Nests Kappa Senses
Gado Gado and Peanut Sauce
Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls
Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls
Epicurean Nests Kappa Senses
Thai Kad Pad Med Ma Muang

Kelapa Restaurant, Kappa Senses

Kelapa is promoted as a zen-vibe restaurant, and that’s not far off. I see the same contemporary blend with historical touches that pervade the whole Kappa Senses property. Rococo chandeliers dangle between rotating fans under a woven roof that tops the two-story structure. Dramatic interpretive water scenes in shades of blue dominate the walls, while natural tones of wood intersperse with soft turquoises to echo the central pool. Kelapa offers a Mediterranean-inspired menu with a few signature Balinese twists. We enjoy both breakfast and lunch in this relaxed poolside ambience.

restaurants in Ubud
Kelapa Restaurant
restaurants in Ubud
Kelapa Restaurant
restaurants in Ubud
Kelapa Restaurant – Epicurean Nests

Breakfast at Kelapa

Fresh Young Coconut (IDR K ++) is a great way to start a tropical day. These young coconuts are huge, sweet, and organically grown by the resort team. Happy sipping!

Ricotta Pancakes (IDR 60K ++) are a stack of light and fluffy rounds adorned with crushed pistachios, a sprinkling of chocolate powder, dehydrated orange and a little lace tuile. Very pretty.

The Potatoes Rosti Benedict (IDR 75K ++) offers a gluten-free choice with a poached egg on salty potato rosti. It’s bulked up with a tumble of shimeji mushrooms and sauteed spinach and held together with a light hollandaise sauce.

The Loaded Salad in a Bowl (IDR 60K ++) is a generous serving of house-made pita bread, beetroot and regular hummus dips with falafels. Accompanied by a light salad of frisée, rocket and grilled zucchini, we commence the day with a nutrient boost.

Jumping on the smoothie bowl trend, the Pitaya Smoothie Bowl (IDR 60K ++) blends banana and vibrant red dragon fruit in an icy base. Toppings of house-made granola, crushed peanuts and fresh fruit add texture to the cooling mix.

Epicurean Nests Kappa Senses Ubud
Fresh Young Coconut
Epicurean Nests Kappa Senses Ubud
Ricotta Pancakes – Epicurean Nests

Lunch at Kelapa – Epicurean Nests

The lunch menu at Kelapa mirrors breakfast with its fresh, light theme, and Andalusian Gazpacho (IDR 85K ++) is a cooling beginning. The classic cold soup resonates with olive oil and refreshing on a warm afternoon. It’s prettily garnished with a long crispy crouton scattered with tiny mango, red pepper and cucumber cubes.

The Roasted Butternut Squash Salad (IDR 80K ++) plates generous pieces of well-roasted and caramelised pumpkin embellished with cubes of beetroot and a scattering of feta. Frisée lettuce lends a touch of bitterness. Dots of pumpkin cream complete the dish.

Snapper and salmon are solid options for those wanting some animal protein but still desiring some healthy choices. The Red Snapper Escalope (IDR 160K ++) is a dense fillet with light coconut foam layered on seasonal vegetables. The Grilled Salmon (IDR 180K ++) celebrates colourful plating with the lightly poached fish sprinkled with pine nuts, edible flowers and a red wine vinaigrette. Nutty orzo tumbles with feta, baby tomatoes, spinach and chives and sports a great texture providing something smooth but with bite.

Each main course comes with an option of one vegetable and one potato dish. Our sides are soft carrot mousse, sauteed haricots verts with crunchy buttery almonds, lightly seasoned oven-roasted Panama potatoes, and a large dish of pommes gratin potatoes.

Epicurean Nests Kappa Senses Ubud
Andalusian Gazpacho
restaurants in Ubud
Roasted Butternut Squash Salad
restaurants in Ubud
Red Snapper Escalope
restaurants in Ubud
Grilled Salmon – Epicurean Nests

Epicurean Nests Kappa Senses Ubud – Dessert

Mon and I would much prefer a glass of wine over dessert but try one anyway to show a more complete picture of the menu. The Spiced Poached Pear (IDR 80 ++) is soft and sweet and large enough to share. House-made mint-yoghurt ice cream and a little light crumble accompanies the fruit with a Balinese-spiced syrup contributing another layer of complexity.

Spiced Poached Pear
Spiced Poached Pear

Kappa Senses: Epicurean Nests Review

Al fresco dining in nature is always a pleasure. Visit Kokokan at sunset to take in the subtle colours streaking the sky behind jungle silhouettes. Enjoy Kelapa during the day to appreciate the turquoise poolside setting and generous helpings of freshly prepared food.

Reasons to eat at Kappa Epicurean Nests:  Beautiful locations. Outdoor dining. Generous portions. Pretty plating.

Epicurean Nests – Kolokan and Kelapa @ Kappa Senses
Banjar Tanggayuda, Jalan Taman Sari, Kedewatan
Ubud, Gianyar, Bali 80571, Indonesia
+62 811 3800- 555
[email protected]

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  1. Love their presentation of their Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls, very different from any that I’ve seen.

  2. The food all looks so inviting. Great set of photographs. Cheers Diane

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