Yin’s Sourdough Mid Valley

Yin’s Sourdough Mid Valley – Cafe & Bakery

Yin’s Sourdough Mid Valley – Bakery & Cafe

Words: Nichole Ong
Photos: Rich Callahan

On the back wall of the cafe, an inscription reads, “in a world full of soda, be a kombucha.” The newest outlet of Yin’s Sourdough, having just opened in the Mid Valley Mega Mall, represents a kombucha in a world full of sodas, going above and beyond the basics in their dedication to fresh ingredients and creative beverages. In particular, Yin’s Sourdough Mid Valley makes all their bread and pastries from scratch, using their unique sourdough starter. 

Yin’s Sourdough Mid Valley is conveniently located on level two of the North Court, in a semi-secluded spot away from the hustle and bustle of shoppers. We sat on the ample balcony outside the cafe and were treated to an extensive range of food and drink. 

Yin’s Sourdough Mid Valley
Yin’s Sourdough Cafe & Bakery Mid Valley Megamall
Yin’s Sourdough Mid Valley
Yin’s Sourdough Cafe & Bakery Mid Valley Megamall
Cafe & Bakery Megamall
Yin’s Sourdough Cafe & Bakery Mid Valley Megamall

Yin’s Sourdough Mid Valley Drinks Menu

The Sunrise (RM 13) is as vibrantly coloured as its namesake, with hues of purple and orange. I appreciated the bright freshness of the butterfly pea kefir and lemon, making it a refreshing and worthwhile drink to sip on between shopping sprees. 

Cafe & Bakery Megamall

In the same vein, the Sakura Blossom, an upcoming item on Yin’s Sourdough Mid Valley’s menu, is equally light and refreshing, weaving together kombucha, kefir, lime, pomegranate seeds and mint leaf. It had a sour tartness with an added kick from the kombucha. 

Yin’s Sourdough Mid Valley
Sakura Blossom

We also had the pleasure of tasting upcoming varieties of coffee and found them to be delightful. The Toffee Nut Latte, mixing toffee nut syrup alongside cinnamon and cocoa powder, provided a sweet touch alongside the nuttiness of the coffee, even coming with a small gingerbread man perched atop the whipped cream. Meanwhile, the Longan Espresso mixed longan water with cold brew to infuse a nice tartness into the bitter coffee, making the drink fresh and fruity.

Yin’s Sourdough Mid Valley
Toffee Nut Latte
Cafe & Bakery Megamall
Longan Espresso – Yin’s Sourdough Mid Valley

From the kombucha selection, the Ginger Kombucha (made by Yin’s themselves) is well fermented with a spiced kick at the end, making it a refreshing and healthy drink option. As a matcha fan, I liked the Matcha Kombucha for the earthy taste the matcha gave the drink at the end of every sip. 

Yin’s Sourdough Mid Valley

Yin’s Sourdough Mid Valley Menu

A cafe classic, Yin’s Avocado Toast (RM 20) is a familiar taste done well. Yin’s sourdough toast provides a quality base for the entire dish. I enjoyed the freshness of the avocado used and the jammy texture of the poached egg. If you prefer to eat clean, consider asking for the sauce on the side.

Yin’s Sourdough Mid Valley
Avocado Toast

Yin’s Vegetarian Burrito (RM 26) goes beyond the standard in its flavour and portion. The generous helping of turmeric rice gives lovely aromatics. At the same time, the roast brinjal, tomato pico, and kefir sour cream infuse the bite with smoky and spicy flavours. A perfect option for hungry vegetarians. 

Cafe & Bakery Megamall
Vegetarian Burrito

The Rotkraut Chicken Sandwich (RM 28) builds on Yin’s freshly baked sourdough with wholesome ingredients to accompany it. The roast chicken in the sandwich is well seasoned, tender and juicy, coming in a highly satisfactory portion, while the rotkraut provides some acidity to the dish and an eye-catching pop of colour from the red cabbage. For those new to sourdough, Yin’s makes a good bridge between commercial bread and hearty European-style loaves, maintaining some softness and a gentle flavour to the slice.

Yin’s Sourdough Mid Valley
Rotkraut Chicken Sandwich – Yin’s Sourdough Mid Valley

The Mushroom Cheese Boat (RM 25) is a hearty portion. The sourdough baguette is loaded with mozzarella, cheddar, and parmesan cheese, giving a satisfying cheese pull in each bite. On top of this, the shiitake and white button mushrooms were great touches of umami flavour, complementing the savoury cheese. 

Yin’s Sourdough Mid Valley
Mushroom Cheese Boat

Yin’s Big Breakfast (RM 30) lives up to its name, showcasing a variety of breakfast favourites such as housemade chicken sausage, scrambled eggs, luncheon meat, mushrooms, tomatoes, and fruit alongside its signature sourdough toast. 

Yin’s Sourdough Mid Valley
Yin’s Big Breakfast

Crispy and layered, the Cured Salmon Croissant (RM 30) gives a satisfyingly savoury bite. The salmon is cured in-house and synergises well with the salted egg relish and the tanginess of the sourdough to create an optimal dish for a brunch or an afternoon treat. 

Cafe & Bakery Megamall
Cured Salmon Croissant

The Baked Egg Toast (RM 18) was one of our meal’s highlights, combining the sourdough toast’s tastiness with a baked egg in tomato coulis alongside baked capsicum, zucchini, and eggplant. The bread was toasted well and was of an excellent thickness to withstand dipping into the coulis and baked egg. 

Yin’s Sourdough Mid Valley
Baked Egg & Toast – Yin’s Sourdough Mid Valley

Pastries & Cakes

We enjoyed the Fruity Danish (RM 10) for its airy, buttery pastry, showcasing many layers upon cutting it open. The cream was light and sweet, pairing well with the fresh mangoes and cherries on top. 

The Cinnamon Danish (RM 7.50) was another highlight; not overly sweet and accentuated the cinnamon flavouring well. It was extremely satisfying to pull back the spiral layers from the crisp outside to the soft inside, showcasing Yin’s aptitude for superbly baked goods. 

Yin’s Sourdough Mid Valley
Cinnamon Danish

From the cake selection, the Lychee Rose Cake (RM 15) was sweet and light, highlighting the freshness of the lychee in both the cake and the jelly topping. For something richer, the Black Forest Cake (RM 15) brings deep chocolatey flavours amidst the tart sweetness of the cherries. With its smooth texture, the Matcha Cheesecake (RM 15) melds the matcha’s nuttiness with the cream cheese’s sweetness and sourness. 

Cafe & Bakery Megamall
Lychee Rose Cake, Black Forest Cake & Matcha Cheesecake

Bakery To-go

Besides a solid sit-down menu, the cafe and bakery also offers its baked goods as well as housemade spreads to take away. With everything made from scratch, you’re guaranteed top ingredients in every jar. We appreciated several of their jams and nut spreads, with the almond sesame and coconut being high on our yum list. 

Yin’s Sourdough Mid Valley
Bread & Spreads To-go

Yin’s Sourdough Mid Valley Review

Yin’s Sourdough Mid Valley is a solid choice for a family meal in the mall, crafting its menu around its specialty housemade sourdough and baked goods. It’s a comfortable spot for a rest amidst shopping to have a chat, enjoy some food and drinks, and pick up some goodies to take home too.

Reasons to visit Yin’s Sourdough Mid Valley: soft, light sourdough; unique beverage options; everything made from scratch on wholesome ingredients; housemade kombucha; a quieter end of the mall offering a break from the bustle.

Yin’s Sourdough Mid Valley – Bakery & Cafe
Lot S-018&19, Level 2, North Court,
Mid Valley City, 58000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Opening Hours
Daily 10 am – 10 pm

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    Not sure if Yin’s Sourdough also has another branch in JB.

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