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Kampai Yakiniku -Japanese Bamboo Hills

Kampai Yakiniku – Japanese Barbecue KL

Words: Nichole Ong
Photos: Rich Callahan

Located amongst the sprawling scenery of Bamboo Hills KL, Kampai Yakiniku delights the taste buds with premium quality Japanese meat. As a luxury provider of yakiniku (Japanese grilled meat cuisine), Kampai Yakiniku prides itself on authenticity with two Japanese chefs, a Japanese owner, and wagyu beef is flown in from Japan. 

The whole restaurant is covered but open-walled, letting us admire the Bamboo Hills scenery from our table (there is an impressive artificial waterfall and picturesque lake nearby). Each table gets its own grill for an interactive cooking experience, letting the sizzle and scent of the food fill the air. 

Kampai Yakiniku Bamboo Hills
Japanese Chef
Japanese Barbecue Kuala Lumpur
Japanese Barbecue, Kuala Lumpur
Japanese Barbecue Kuala Lumpur
Kampai Yakiniku, Bamboo Hills
Japanese Barbecue Kuala Lumpur
Dining and Semi-private Areas
Japanese Barbecue Kuala Lumpur
The Kitchen

Starters at Kampai Yakiniku 

To start, we tasted the Three Varieties of Kimchi (RM 20) platter, showcasing cucumber, radish, and the classic cabbage kimchi. All the fermented vegetables gave a robust range of sour, salty and spicy flavours with a sharp kick that was a delightful way to start the meal.  

Japanese Barbecue Kuala Lumpur
Three Varieties of Kimchi

Beef at Kampai Yakiniku

The main show was the 5 Kinds of Meat (RM299) platter displaying the best cuts of wagyu beef. The beef was presented in a way that honoured the quality of the meat, emerging from the kitchen in a cloud of dry ice. Yakiniku focuses on bringing out the natural flavour of the beef, so our cuts were minimally seasoned with some salt and chilli flakes. 

The first cut, Zabuton, loosely translates to “little pillow” in Japanese due to its resemblance to a Japanese cushion. After some sizzling (special thanks to Rich for his efforts on the grill), the cut was perfectly tender with a rich buttery flavour. 

The ribeye cap comes from what is regarded as one of the most flavourful places on the cow. It was my personal favourite cut due to its tenderness, making the meat almost melt in the mouth. 

The premium short-rib Karubi cut is a popular cut for yakiniku taken from the outer ribs of the cow. It was decadently juicy and leaner than the previously mentioned cuts of meat. 

The Tougarashi cut is taken from near the shoulder blades of the cow and is rare due to its small yield. This cut had a chewier texture with a delicious umami flavour. 

Lastly, the Ichibo cut is distinguished by its intense marbling. This thicker cut was fattier and more buttery, giving that same incredible melt-in-mouth feel. 

Kampai Yakiniku Bamboo Hills
5 Kinds of Meat Platter
Kampai Yakiniku Bamboo Hills
Kampai Yakiniku, Bamboo Hills

Vegetable Menu

To complement our meal, we had the Combo Mix Platter (RM 69) of assorted vegetables, which we also grilled alongside the beef. The ample portion of vegetables was beautifully presented in a bridge-like arrangement showcasing eggplant, corn, asparagus, onions, bell peppers, carrots, and potatoes, as well as shiitake and king oyster mushrooms. All the vegetables were fresh and sliced in a way that was easy to grill. The platter came with a plate of butter cubes which we lavishly spread over the veg.

Kampai Yakiniku Bamboo Hills
Combo Mix Platter
Kampai Yakiniku Bamboo Hills
Combo Mix Platter


From the rice menu, we sampled the Wagyu Curry Rice (RM 30), which we all found highly satisfying. The dish is warm and hearty, coming with an adequate portion of short-grain Japanese rice and Japanese curry. The curry was a particular highlight, nailing the savoury-sweet balance of the Japanese recipe.

Kampai Yakiniku Bamboo Hills
Wagyu Curry Rice

Drinks Menu Kampai Yakiniku 

Kampai Yakiniku provides a simple drinks menu offering classic refreshments alongside their food items. Monica opted for a Whiskey Highball from the restaurant’s bar, which was light and refreshing, reporting that it “takes the edge off a hard day.” 

Kampai Yakiniku Bamboo Hills
Whiskey Highball

Kampai Yakiniku Bamboo Hills Review 

Kampai Yakiniku is a must-visit for the decadent variety of quality beef, complemented by ala carte and vegetable items off the menu. As the name “kampai” (‘Cheers!’ in Japanese) suggests, it is the perfect place to come with a group and celebrate the luxury of Japanese grilled meat. 

Reasons to visit Kampai Yakiniku: Premium Japanese Wagyu beef, variety of quality cuts, open-air interactive environment, great Japanese curry. 

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Kampai Yakiniku – Japanese Barbecue KL
Lot P3A, Taman Bukit Bambu (Bamboo Hills),
off, Lebuhraya Duta – Ulu Kelang, Segambut, 51200 Kuala Lumpur
+6010-525 2525

Kampai Yakiniku Opening Hours
Daily 12 pm – 10 pm

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