Rixos Marina Abu Dhabi

Rixos Marina Abu Dhabi – 24-hour Stopover

Rixos Marina Abu Dhabi

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Abu Dhabi is a growing global city that offers visitors a unique blend of culture, grandiose architecture and modernity. The city’s strategic location makes it an excellent transit point for travellers on long-haul flights between Asia and Europe. With its close proximity to the airport and downtown, world-class accommodations like Rixos Marina Abu Dhabi, quality services, top-notch facilities, excellent restaurants, and exciting things to do, it’s an ideal destination for a 24-hour stopover.

Rixos Marina Abu Dhabi Location

When it comes to stopovers, proximity is key. Rixos Marina Abu Dhabi is conveniently situated less than 40 minutes from Abu Dhabi International Airport and right next door to shopping, the beach, and countless dining and entertainment outlets. Located on Al Marina Island, guests can easily explore the area without worrying about spending too much time on transportation. This luxury hotel perfectly blends convenience, comfort, and indulgence.

Rixos Marina Abu Dhabi
Rixos Marina Abu Dhabi
24-hour stopover UAE

The Rooms

Guests at the Rixos Marina Abu Dhabi can expect luxury and comfort in every room. The rooms are well-appointed with spectacular views of the city, the sea or lush garden greenery. Rooms are designed with modern furnishings and soothing colour schemes, offering a serene haven after a long journey. From plush bedding (heavenly after a long flight) to modern technology, guests can unwind and relax in their own private haven. Our Premium Sea View room offered uninterrupted views of the Arabian Gulf through floor-to-ceiling windows and a balcony with outdoor furniture. Breaking up two seven-hour flights with a stay in this room was a welcome luxury.

Rixos Marina Abu Dhabi
Superior Sea View Room
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View from our Balcony
Rixos Marina Abu Dhabi
Sunrise From Our Room
Rixos Marina Hotel Abu Dhabi UAE0
You Can Also See Sunset from the Room!


Rixos Marina Abu Dhabi boasts an impressive array of facilities that cater to every whim and desire. With four inviting pools and a private beach just steps away, we were spoiled for choice. Our arrival was in the middle of summer, so an early morning walk and refreshing dip were perfect for recuperating from the first leg of travel.

We also took advantage of the hotel’s Exclusive Sports Club, which houses state-of-the-art equipment and classes throughout the day (rarely do hotels offer so many classes!). Sunrise yoga had us stretching out our flight stiffness and eased our transiting bodies into the new time zone. The spa looked tempting, but we decided to save that for our return journey, and we took good note of the the convenient on-site “Ken Beauty Salon” and thought families would appreciate the vibrantly-coloured “Rixy Kids Club.”

24-hour stopover UAE
Adults Pool – Rixos Marina Abu Dhabi
Rixos Marina Abu Dhabi
Family Pool
24-hour stopover UAE
Exclusive Fitness Club
Rixos Marina Abu Dhabi
View of the Palms

Restaurants, Cafes & Bars

With nine diverse cafés, bars, and restaurants (five currently open) within the hotel, Rixos Marina Abu Dhabi satisfies every culinary craving. From sophisticated fine dining experiences to vibrant, family-friendly environments and the latest social trends, the options cater to a range of preferences. We indulged in a sumptuous breakfast buffet and lunch at Turquoise Restaurant, dinner at People’s Restaurant, and afternoon tea in the Lobby Lounge during our stay. We even squeezed in some live entertainment at Anti-Dote Bar.

Turquoise is the hotel’s all-day dining restaurant. The open buffet showcases a wide variety of flavours from world-class cuisines. We ate breakfast and lunch here, and the selection was magnificent! Ordinarily, I’d choose healthy Western-style dishes for brekkie, but the kitchen’s Turkish hospitality and Middle East location made these recipes irresistible, too. Mezze, flatbreads, olives and cheese of all kinds – options were delicious and endless. Every time I have a layover in the UAE, I’m wowed by the amount of fresh produce and variety of ingredients a country that is mostly desert has access to. The kitchen team certainly took advantage of this abundance with impeccable presentation and attention to detail.

Turquoise Restaurant Rixos Marina Abu Dhabi
Turquoise Restaurant – Rixos Marina Abu Dhabi
Rixos Marina Abu Dhabi
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Just the Beginning of the Buffet
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Love the Middle Eastern Sweets

Killing mid-afternoon hunger pangs, we basked in the refined elegance of the Lobby Lounge and with an exquisite Afternoon Tea experience. A delightful assortment of delicate pastries, finger sandwiches, and premium teas was meticulously prepared and delivered by gracious staff who explained each item.

Rixos Marina Abu Dhabi
Lobby Lounge
Rixos Marina Abu Dhabi
Afternoon Tea with Live Performance

The casual and attractive atmosphere of People’s Restaurant was only outdone by the welcoming staff at dinner. The menu showcased the freshest of seafood cooked to perfection, a testament to the expertise of passionate chefs. Here premium produce was again obvious, and the kitchen crew celebrated each ingredient with skilful execution. The social atmosphere of the restaurant added an extra layer of enjoyment to the dining experience, creating a perfect setting for sharing delightful moments with friends and loved ones.

Rixos Marina Hotel Abu Dhabi UAE
People’s Restaurant – Rixos Marina Abu Dhabi
Turkish Luxury Property Brand
Fresh Seafood at People’s Restaurant (Sea Bream)
Turkish Luxury Property Brand
Catch of the Day (Salmon)

Not only does Rixos Marina Abu Dhabi have an abundance of dining options, but they place high importance on entertainment, too. Throughout the day, we witnessed live piano music, a cello and violin performance, a harpist, and, in the evening, a live band at Anti-Dote Bar. The chic ambience created an alluring backdrop for those wanting just to kick back and enjoy the show or those more interested in socialising.  

Rixos Marina Abu Dhabi
Anti-Dote Bar

Rixos Marina Abu Dhabi Review

As our 24-hour stay at Rixos Marina Abu Dhabi ended, I felt grateful for the exceptional hospitality and the chance to recuperate between flights. From the striking architecture to the comfort of its rooms, welcoming service and a wealth of entertainment and dining options, the hotel surpassed our expectations. Whether seeking a brief respite during a stopover or planning a longer stay, Rixos Marina Abu Dhabi is an excellent choice.

Reasons to stay at Rixos Marina Abu Dhabi: a superb option to break up long-haul travel between Asia and Europe; comfortable, well-fit rooms; an abundance of dining, entertainment and relaxation choices; great views; a variety of all-inclusive or partially-inclusive packages to suit differing needs; incredibly kind, helpful and professional staff.

Rixos Marina Abu Dhabi
Marina City Ring Road
United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi

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