Tapestry KL

Tapestry KL – Chow Kit Cafe Brunch & Lunch

Tapestry KL – Breakfast, Brunch & Lunch in Chow Kit

Words: Matt Brown
Photos: Rich Callahan

It was as a wide-eyed newbie to the city that last year, I stumbled across Tapestry KL. I was staying at Hotel Stripes Kuala Lumpur in Chow Kit, and in the morning, I wanted to explore the neighbourhood full of gorgeous industrial and colonial-style buildings. I walked about twenty steps from the hotel lobby and found my happy place. Tapestry KL, which has turned four years old this year, is an eye-catching blend of raw industrial elements and gorgeous greenery, serving great food and great coffee.

You would be forgiven for assuming that from the line-up of people recording their videos for social media out the front that, Tapestry KL is one of those establishments that is all sparkle and no substance. Thankfully, it definitely does not just rely on its pretty facade or have a bunch of wacky things to photograph on the menu. Being a part of the WYLD Group, which also runs PS150 and Eight Ounce Coffee, among others, means that it does what it does very well, with no-fuss yet thoughtful food, an eye on sustainability and a knack for creating a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere. It has now been open for four years, and the menu currently features half of its items from a revamp six months ago, while the rest are all the absolute favourites from the day they first opened their doors.

Tapestry KL is committed to and proud of its efforts at reducing waste, as well as creating almost all of the ingredients that it needs for dishes in-house. Sourdough bread, kaya butter, pickled vegetables, syrups for drinks… the kitchen does it all. They even ensure that not a drop of milk is wasted by turning leftover amounts into their own ricotta cheese.

The team have mastered the art of keeping things easy and effortless, with an ability to make the space that is nearly always solidly booked up feel personable and welcoming. They showcase places where people can relax, enjoy their time out and appreciate well-made food and drinks. The WYLD Group continues to grow, with Tapestry KL an excellent trailblazer for the new brands to follow.

Tapestry KL
Tapestry KL
Tapestry KL
Go Early to Avoid the Crowds
Tapestry KL
Breakfast, Brunch & Lunch in Chow Kit
Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch Chow Kit Cafe
That Cake Counter

Tapestry KL – All Day Brekkie

The Rise and Shine Egg Drop (RM22) explodes with soft-boiled sunshiney egg, brioche toast, caramelised onions and aged cheddar cheese, a dash of sriracha aioli and is served in a toasted Hawaiian bun. It’s light and fluffy and not over-eggy, which means that you can still taste all of the flavours involved. There are options to add beetroot-cured salmon, Sarsi-glazed bacon or grilled halloumi cheese for an extra RM8 each.

Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch Chow Kit Cafe
Rise and Shine Egg Drop

Mushroom Toast (RM30) features beetroot-pickled shimeji mushrooms, baba ganoush, baby spinach, grilled portobello, pickled onions, crispy tempeh pieces, and pomegranate on some truly awesome toasted sourdough. Again, balance and lightness are the order of the day, with all of the elements blending well together and not a single ingredient overpowering everything else.

Tapestry KL
Tapestry KL Mushroom Toast

I’m usually a little wary of any spiced egg dishes (it’s such fun having grown up with a weak Western palate!), but the Shakshouka (RM34) at Tapestry is a flavourful and very mild dish worth exploring. Spiced tomato sauce, baked eggs, baba ganoush, ricotta cheese, chickpeas and minced lamb, all served on the glorious toasted sourdough.

Tapestry KL

If you are after a healthy dish for breakfast, the Horchata Smoothie Bowl (RM23) is a creamy and satisfying option that goes just as well with the excellent coffee as any other option. The bowl presents, in beautiful fashion, banana emas, pineapple, low-fat yoghurt, coconut cream, almond butter, mixed berries, pomegranate, toasted Hawaiian coconut flakes, granola and chia seeds. It sounds like a lot, but Tapestry KL really nails the ideal serving sizes for all of their menu items – again, no food waste! – and this dish is always acceptable to fall under an unofficial ‘Breakfast Dessert’ category that perhaps is only ever used by me.

Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch Chow Kit Cafe
Horchata Smoothie Bowl & Cranberry Pink Pepper

A lazy brunch over coffee with friends would be wonderfully complemented by including the Grilled Banana Bread (RM25) with dried fruits and walnuts, served with almond butter and pumpkin kaya. This stands head and shoulders above a lot of banana breads I have eaten for the fact that the nuts are throughout the loaf and not just sitting on top.

Tapestry KL
Grilled Banana Bread

Lunch from 11:45am

For a middle-of-the-day visit, consider the Truffle Mushroom Orecchiette (RM30), with grilled eryngii and shiitake as well as beetroot-pickled shimeji mushrooms, truffle oil, orecchiette pasta and truffle mushroom cream sauce. Another perfectly-sized serving with the pickled mushrooms in pink popping off the plate.

Tapestry KL
Truffle Mushroom Orecchiette

The Beef Ragout (RM32) is hand-chopped beef brisket ragout served with al dente spaghetti and grana padano. It is an ideal excuse for ordering more sourdough to make the most of the sauce. 

Tapestry KL
Beef Ragout

Vegetarian or not, I feel like everyone would enjoy the Buddha Sandwich (RM32). The paneer cheese, grilled zucchini, pickled carrot, pesto mayo, toasted sourdough and grilled portobello mushroom all sit in chunky harmony together, reminding me that when a toastie is done well, they simply can’t be beaten.

Tapestry KL
Buddha Sandwich

Tapestry KL Drinks Menu

The Shrub Series is a selection of elevated juice concoctions that are both healthy and delicious. The Cranberry Pink Pepper (RM20) is fresh and dried red cranberry, black and pink peppercorn, elderflower tonic, soda water and apple cider vinegar. Refreshing and light, with all flavours in good balance.

Mighty Green (RM14) is a juice blend of celery, cucumber, orange, mint, ginger, baby spinach, and green apple with another subtle and harmonious mix of fresh ingredients, lifting anyone’s mood on an early morning.

If you are at all someone who appreciates coffee, order the Oleo Saccharum – Orange (RM15). This is an impressive and delicious orange and coffee combination, and trust me – one may not be enough. Orange oleo saccharum is created by coating citrus rinds in lots of sugar and then extracting the essential oils, adding them to house-made honey orange syrup, ristretto and fresh milk. Forget iced coffees; this is what you want to order from the cold coffee section.

Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch Chow Kit Cafe
Mighty Green & Oleo Saccharum

Being happy cousins with the Eight Ounce Coffee brand means that you can expect some of the best coffee in this area of KL to be served at Tapestry. Classic 8oz Coffee Latte (RM13.80) is exactly what you would expect from these masters of coffee – velvety and smooth. The Flat White is just as good and is also RM13.80. So many items on the menu are excellent pairings for the coffees, along with the daily assortment of cakes that greet visitors at the front entrance.

Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch Chow Kit Cafe
Classic 8oz Coffee Latte

Reasons to visit Tapestry KL: this is a place that has established itself as a friendly and high-quality purveyor of modern food with local ingredients and a sense of its impact on the world. The bread and coffee are excellent, and it’s very impressive to find somewhere that actually offers so many vegetarian options without making it seem that you’re missing out on anything else. Tapestry KL is worth the visit.

Tapestry KL
28, Jalan Kamunting, Chow Kit
50300 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
+603-7622 8720 @tapestrymy

Tapestry KL Opening Hours
Monday to Friday: 8:30 am – 4:30 pm
Saturday & Sunday: 8:30 am – 5:30 pm

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