best restaurants in SS2

Du.Jour Dining & Cafe, The Hub, SS2 PJ

Du.Jour Dining & Cafe, The Hub, SS2 PJ

Words: Jacob Weber
Photos: Rich Callahan

A French name. A Mexican-inspired menu. Homemade Malaysian recipes.

And a modern, trendy cafe setting that could be somewhere in New York, never mind SS2.

With international influences catering to local tastes, Du.Jour Dining & Cafe is playing all its multicultural cards right, and it’s a winning hand.

There’s a gorgeous ambience about this corner of The Hub SS2, with lots of natural light and leafy greens that contrast well with the sleek black furniture and subtle monochromatic decor. Semi-industrial-chic with a touch of tropical, and it looks great. Very Instagram-friendly. There’s a pleasant patio with outdoor seating and an upstairs dining area away from the hustle and bustle of the main cafe (perfect for corporate and private events) and pastry counter downstairs.

The menu actually changes every 4-6 months, and we’re lucky enough to visit when the concept leans towards Mexican food (available Monday- Sunday after 3pm), which is one of my personal favourites. It’s been designed for the local palate, toning down the spice and making it a little sweeter and well-rounded.

There are still plenty of local favourites and classic Western dishes on the menu, from nasi campur to pizza and pasta, with substantial main courses and signature all-day breakfasts. The bakery and pastry selection is also well worth checking out, with irresistible cakes and indulgent desserts that go nicely with a wide choice of hot and cold beverages.

Du.Jour Dining & Cafe
Du.Jour Dining & Cafe, The Hub, SS2
best restaurants in SS2
Leafy-green Interior
best restaurants in SS2
Du.Jour Dining & Cafe
Du.Jour Dining & Cafe
Aesthetic Restaurant in SS2

Barista Menu

We start with a small sample of that selection, kicking off with a cold caffeinated brew to cool us down and perk us up on this hot Saturday afternoon. Du.Jour Dining & Cafe’s (halal) Espresso Martini (RM16) is two shots of espresso – locally roasted Brazilian beans – shaken with sugar syrup and Irish cream syrup to get a fine frothy top. It’s almost as glamorous as its alcoholic older sibling, and you’ll feel just as classy sipping it. 

best restaurants in SS2
Espresso Martini

The Strawberry Lychee Soda (RM16) is on the other side of the spectrum: light, tropical, and very refreshing. Turns out lychee also works well in a cold brew; the Lychee Black Tea (RM16) with coconut water and peach gum is as interesting as it sounds and worth trying.

best restaurants in SS2
Lychee Black Tea – Du.Jour Dining & Cafe

The Matcha Latte (RM16) is exactly as any good matcha latte should be: some light vegetal elements balanced with a mild bitterness, a thread of umami and a smooth lingering finish. 

best restaurants in SS2
Matcha Latte

Perhaps the highlight of the barista menu – and competition is tough – is the Signature House Kombucha (RM19), an artisanal brew by a close friend of Du.Jour Dining & Cafe. We try the Goji Berry and are very happy with our choice. 

best restaurants in SS2
Strawberry Lychee Soda & Signature House Kombucha

Du.Jour Dining & Cafe Menu

Cups down, cutlery up: time for the main courses. We start with the Potato Millefeuille Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon (RM36), a hearty opening. The potato is exactly the right texture, soft inside with slightly crispy skin, topped with luscious hollandaise sauce, perfectly poached eggs and a generous helping of fresh, rich Norwegian salmon. Start your day with this, and you’ll be satisfied until dinner.

best restaurants in SS2
Du.Jour Dining & Cafe – Potato Millefeuille Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon

Next, a Nasi Campur Sederhana with Ayam Panggang (RM38), which is absolutely excellent. Everything is made from scratch – the acar pickle is co-owner JJ’s mother’s own recipe – and prepared and presented beautifully. The belacan has a lovely lingering heat, the tender chicken thigh is marinated in lemongrass and ginger overnight to give the meat and crispy skin an incredible depth of flavour, and the rice is fluffy and fragrant. No wonder it’s on the Signatures menu.

Du.Jour Dining & Cafe
Nasi Campur Sederhana with Ayam Panggang

The Japanese Grilled-Eel Tartine (RM38) is one of the better “open-face toasts” I’ve had for a long time. Crusty sourdough toast is topped with a thick spread of avocado hummus, a velvety omelette, and a generous portion of teriyaki unagi (from a legitimate Japanese supplier). A rich and rewarding bite.

Du.Jour Dining & Cafe
Japanese Grilled-Eel Tartine – Du.Jour Dining & Cafe

Y ahora, (and now), some signature items from La Mexicana menu. The Blackened Chicken Tacos (RM27/3 tacos) are delicious, with a generous filling of fresh, juicy chicken with excellent homemade guacamole. The salsa rounds everything off with aplomb.

Du.Jour Dining & Cafe
Blackened Chicken Tacos

It’s a good thing that four of us have been sharing the main courses so far because we wouldn’t have much room for the Pulled Beef Burrito Bowl (RM40 for 1/RM70 for 2–3). A big, delicious portion of 4-hour slow-braised Australian beef with smoked paprika and chipotle, with chewy rice and fresh salsa corn; it’s full of colour and flavour and texture, and it all comes together very nicely. Muy bien.

Du.Jour Dining & Cafe
Pulled Beef Burrito Bowl

We also have to try something from the pastry counter, all of which is homemade. The Mango Charlotte (both RM17.95/1 slice) is an excellent choice – but really, anything from this selection would be. See what’s available when you drop in, and treat yourself. Time it right, and you’ll get to try co-owner Izreen’s mother’s homemade recipe for alcohol-free fruitcake

Du.Jour Dining & Cafe
Du.Jour Dining & Cafe

Du.Jour Dining & Cafe Review

KL has long had a cosmopolitan cafe scene, but there’s not always been substance behind the style. Du Jour has both in spades. It’s a cool, comfortable spot where you could easily spend a couple of hours working your way through a couple of hearty main meals, sharing something sweet from the bakery, and – oh, go on then, a cheeky slice of cake to carry home. Maybe get two, in case you eat one in the car.

Reasons to visit Du.Jour Dining & Cafe: Varied and regularly updated menu with traditional favourites, featuring homemade recipes and local ingredients, as well as classic signature dishes; generous portions, beautifully presented; friendly service; great ambience; excellent homemade pastry and bakery items.

Du.Jour Dining & Cafe
B-G-01 & B-M-01, The Hub SS2, Jalan Harapan
Seksyen 19, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Du.Jour Dining & Cafe Opening Hours
Monday-Thursday: 9:30 am–5 pm
Friday-Sunday: 9:30 am–8:30 pm

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