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K-Whitening KL, Kaiteki Clinic Mont Kiara

K-Whitening KL – Brightening & Hydration for All Skin Types

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Before you ask, “Why on earth are you going for a whitening treatment?” rest assured that I’m not. My goal is to brighten and hydrate my sadly aging skin. However, some of the best treatments around for that are branded “whitening” when they really mean to give you a radiant glow.

The latest aesthetic treatment to hit the KL market is K-Whitening. This three-point injectable is designed to bring back a more youthful appearance through hydration within. Furthermore, the cocktail of nutrients also brightens, reduces fine lines and improves pore size. With only two to three injections on each side of your face, it’s a pretty quick fix.

Aesthetic Doctor Mont Kiara
Kaiteki Aesthetic Skin Care Clinic Mont Kiara

K-Whitening Treatment KL

Our beloved Dr Jessie (an advertisement in herself for the benefits of contemporary aesthetics) performs K-Whitening in all Kaiteki Clinics around the city. Still, the one closest to me is in Mont Kiara.

I’m greeted with hot tea and a biscuit when I arrive, and then friendly staff soon have me off to a private room. My face is cleansed before photos are taken, and numbing cream is applied to my skin. I’m then left snug under a blanket with the lights dimmed for around 20 minutes to allow the numbing cream to take effect. After a long day at work, that quiet respite is a welcome comfort.

K Whitening KL Kaiteki Clinic
Tea & a Biccie

Lights on again, Dr Jessie arrives, greets me and checks on my skin’s condition. She says the K-Whitening treatment will do wonders for my complexion, give a radiant glow, and reduce some sensitive red patches around my cheeks. Amongst the cocktail of hyaluronic acid, multivitamins, and peptides is a good dose of Vitamin C, an added boost for skin repair.

You might say that Dr Jessie has quite a bit of experience under her needle, with 1000s of injectables administered in her clinic. She is so skilled that I only need two pricks on each side of my face. The skin is initially opened, and then the product is moved around with a blunt needle, reducing the likelihood of pricking any blood vessels. She pushes the formula just below my eyes, into my cheeks and laugh lines for full-face skin quality results.

I’m not the most brave when it comes to needles, so I appreciate the speed at which the procedure is carried out. It’s all over in less than 15 minutes. However, I am also grateful for the kind nurse who distracted me with a vibrating tool and cool ice packs as the K-Whitening cocktail was injected.

The results are immediate, with pore reduction and slight plumpness witnessed straight after. It takes less than a day for the red injection spots to disappear and then about a week for the full benefits to be appreciated.

Unlike filler, there is no post-care other than avoiding heavy exercise for 24 hours, and this is mainly to lessen the chance of bruising at the injection site. Other than that, there’s nothing to do. You can even go for a facial afterwards!


I see maximum results about two weeks after the procedure. If you look closely under my eyes and at the smile lines around my mouth, hopefully you’ll see the difference, too.

K-Whitening KL Kaiteki Clinic
K Whitening KL -Before (left) & After (right) Pics

K-Whitening KL Price

The K-Whitening treatment at Kaiteki is regularly priced at RM1600 (3.5-4 cc), but you can give it a go for your first time at only RM1180. Appointments are essential.

Reasons to try K-Whitening at Kaiteki Clinic: instant hydration and brightening that improves with time; a quick 15-minute treatment (plus 20-30 minutes for a face wash and numbing cream); minimal pain; little downtime.

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