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76Style Hair & Nail Salon -Seibu, TRX

76Style Hair & Nail Salon – Seibu, TRX

Monica Tindall

In a world of rapid change, cities undergo frequent transformations. Yet, the people and their evolving fashion choices drive this change. Tokyo, known as the epicentre of street fashion, is a hub for disseminating trends throughout Asia. Utilising the universal language of numbers, 76Style aims to propagate Tokyo’s fashion culture, symbolising a cross-cultural exchange beyond linguistic barriers.

Newly opened on the ground floor of Seibu Departure Store in The Exchange Mall TRX, 76Style Hair & Nail Salon occupies a quiet corner at the back of the cosmetics section. It’s already a private location, but the team goes one step further by offering sliding dividers in the main room, gifting a little more solitude if desired, and fully enclosed VIP rooms for those wanting complete discretion.

76Style Hair & Nail Salon TRX
76Style Hair & Nail Salon Seibu TRX

76Style Hair & Nail Salon – Seibu, TRX

A line of salon chairs fronted by oval-topped mirrors is flanked by washing and colouring stations to the left and right. A little like open kitchens give diners an insight into the behind-the-scenes of food preparation; the colouring area allows clients a peek at the products and formulas being mixed. 

76Style Hair & Nail Salon TRX - Hair Stations
Hair Stations
76Style Hair & Nail Salon TRX - Washing Station
Washing Station

Attention to Detail

Every detail has been considered to create a comfortable and luxurious experience at 76Style Hair Salon. A choice of tea with sweets is served to start. Guests are provided a lockable cabinet next to their seats for their belongings. High-end gowns and robes protect skin and clothing. The chair for the wash basin is automated, gently lowering and lifting guests into position. Several stylists work at the same time making sessions time effective. Products smell wonderfully fresh without any overbearing chemical notes. It’s a well-thought-out experience with uncompromising customer satisfaction.

beauty services Seibu The Exchange Mall - Dividers Give More Privacy
Dividers Give More Privacy
beauty services Seibu The Exchange Mall - VIP Rooms Are Available for Complete Discretion
VIP Rooms Are Available for Complete Discretion

76Style Hair Salon

I’m here for both hair and nails, eager to see what makes the Japanese team unique. Today, I’m in good hands with Yuki, the Executive Style Director at 76Style Seibu, for my hair. She brings her expertise from Fukuoka, Japan, and is the team’s newest member. She aims to craft hairstyles that complement each individual’s features, giving a refreshed look tailored to their unique characteristics.

After some discussion, viewing previous styles, and looking at photos of possibilities, we decide on a trim, soft highlights, and a conditioning treatment.

Yuki Japanese Hair Stylist
Yuki – Executive Style Director at 76Style Seibu


Care for health is immediately apparent with quality gowns protecting clothing and a skin-protecting product applied to my scalp before beginning. Yuki and her team work with such care, applying colour to fine sections of my hair and covering them with foil. As my hair suffers from bleach damage, Yuki has wisely chosen to use the already-bleached strands as the highlights, making the base colour slightly darker. This eliminates using new bleach altogether, creating a much more pleasant and healthier experience. It gives the appearance of the body in a naturally elegant and subtle manner. Milbon, Shiseido and Fiole – all Japanese brands – are used for colouring at 76Style Hair Salon.


The colour is followed by the Global Milbon Smooth Treatment, exclusive to 76Style Hair Salon and suitable for all hair types. This three-step session provides shine and smoothness without weighing down the hair too much. Because my hair is thin, a heavier treatment could make it look oily and flat, reducing any natural-looking body.

The first and second products penetrate the hair cortex. They’re thoroughly combed through and then rinsed out in the basin. After rinsing, the third product is applied, coating the hair’s outer surface and gifting a glossy appearance. Lastly, a scalp tonic provides a surprisingly invigorating finish. It cools the scalp and comes with a brief but excellent head massage. Lastly, an illuminating serum is applied before blow drying.


Once my hair is dry, Yuki trims the ends and provides some soft, long layers around my face. It’s been a few months since my last trim, so it gives the cut some shape and definition. She also takes the time to snip fly-away split ends, reducing the frizz.

My hair feels soft and light, and the subtle highlights give the appearance of additional shape.

beauty services Seibu The Exchange Mall - before and after hair colour
76Style Hair & Nail Salon Seibu TRX
76Style Seibu Price List Hair Services
76Style Seibu Price List Hair Services

Hair services alone are more than enough reason to visit 76Style salon. However, there’s also an expert Japanese nail artist on site. I’m ready for the whole cultural experience.

Nail Salon Seibu TRX

With one of the city’s top nail artists in residence, I don’t miss the chance to have a manicure with Tokyo-trained Kaori, boasting over 12 years in nail care. She believes beautiful nails are for everyone. She personalises consultations to find the perfect Japanese nail design and polish colours that flatter your skin tone and goals.

beauty services Seibu The Exchange Mall - Kaori Japanese nail artist
Kaori – Nail Artist

It feels like regal treatment in her private nail room. A comfortable armchair is enhanced even further with built-in massage functions. Soft cushions and blankets add even more levels of comfort, and thoughtful provisions such as a Smart TV and phone stand with a stylus pen (so you can continue to use your phone without spoiling your nails) add a luxurious touch.

As with my hair session, all the details are in place to maximise comfort and health. Top-of-the-line tools are used, and additional care, such as an undercoat, protects my nails before starting.

Just as ombré, a colouring technique where a darker base is graduated to lighter tips, is popular with hair, so too it’s the latest nail trend. However, it’s generally reversed – a lighter shade deepens towards the ends. Kaori is famous for this technique. Just check out the pretty designs on her Instagram page. She takes it one step fancier for my gel manicure, using a metallic nail polish that has an impossibly shimmery effect. She can get precisely the look she desires by using a magnet to pull the metallic particles into position, even creating a heart on a couple of nails.

For gel nails to stay in pristine condition, every detail right through to the finish is essential. Kaori takes time to ensure each nail is completed with precision. This means my nails last a good month without a single chip – although Kaori recommends three weeks as an appropriate amount of time before having the polish removed professionally.

76Style Hair & Nail Salon TRX - private manicure room with massaging chair
Kaori’s Nail Room
beauty services Seibu The Exchange Mall - selection of premium nail polish colours
Quality Selection of Colours
beauty services Seibu The Exchange Mall - Ombré Nails with Metallic Polish
Ombré Nails with Metallic Polish
beauty services Seibu The Exchange Mall - Ombré Nails with Metallic Polish
Ombré Nails with Metallic Polish
76Style Seibu Price List Nail Salon
76Style Seibu Price List Nail Salon

76Style Hair & Nail Salon Seibu TRX Review

Getting my hair and nails done at 76Style Hair & Nail Salon in Seibu, The Exchange Mall TRX is a real treat. The team provides a high-end, Japanese-inspired salon experience that leaves my hair and nails in improved health and up to date with the latest style trends.

Reasons to visit 76Style Hair & Nail Salon TRX: expert Japanese hair stylists and nail artists; try out the latest ombré nail trend with Kaori, and get masterful advice on what cut and colour suits your face with Yuki; a high-end salon experience; secluded location and VIP rooms for further discretion.

76Style Hair & Nail Salon Seibu TRX
G-B23 Seibu Department Store
G.DS.01, Persiaran TRX
55188, Tun Razak Exchange Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Seibu TRX +603 30511768
*76Style also has salons in Plaza Mont Kiara and Lot 10.

76Style Hair & Nail Salon TRX Opening Hours
Daily: 10 am – 7:30 pm

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