Cheapest High-tech Facials in Kuala Lumpur

Perfect Doc – Affordable Facials – Sunway Velocity

Perfect Doc – Affordable Facials – Sunway Velocity Mall

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Perfect Doc within Sunway Velocity Mall can help prioritise your beauty routine without breaking the bank. The business ditches the luxury spa vibes and expensive add-ons for a clean, welcoming environment that focuses on effective and accessible treatments. They specialise in a range of non-invasive aesthetic solutions designed to enhance natural beauty and boost confidence, all at budget-friendly prices – offering incredibly enticing deals for first-timers.

Affordable High-tech Facials KL

I scored some great deals when I tried their MPulse Facial at a first-trial price of RM 99 (regular price of RM 780) and their Perfect Glow Facial for RM 38 on weekdays or RM 68 on weekends (regular price of RM 680).

Perfect Doc Sunway Velocity Mall

The centre is clean and welcoming, with individual rooms for facials, hair renewal, and slimming treatments. Each room has a lockable storage cabinet and a plentiful supply of blankets if you feel chilly from the central air-con. The bathroom is separate and shared but clean.

On both visits, I was cared for by very capable therapists, once with Cherry and another time with Franny. Both were confident in their technique and had years of experience in the beauty industry. They put me at ease and made the sessions relaxing and rejuvenating.

Cheapest High-tech Facials in Kuala Lumpur
Treatment Room
Perfect Doc Sunway Velocity Mall Aesthetic Clinic
Treatment Room at Perfect Doc Sunway Velocity Mall

MPulse Facial

The MPulse Facial was a multi-step process that left my skin feeling refreshed and revitalised. It started with a cleansing H2O facial (the nozzle looks like a dermabrasion head but uses powerful fine water jets instead), followed by the innovative MPulse technology. This painless treatment uses electrical energy to tackle sagging skin and cellulite, promoting better circulation and helping with fat elimination. A relaxing face and shoulder massage followed, along with a hydrating mask to replenish the skin’s moisture. The treatment finished with the application of moisturiser and sunscreen to protect my newly pampered face.

Perfect Doc Sunway Velocity Mall Aesthetic Clinic
MPulse Facial at Perfect Doc Sunway Velocity Mall

Perfect Glow Facial

The Perfect Doc Glow Facial used a similar approach but focused on achieving a radiant complexion. The H2O facial again took care of deep cleansing, while the Perfect Cryo-infusion treatment was a unique experience. This cooling treatment, reaching a temperature of -10°C (Don’t worry! It feels cool, but it’s not unpleasant), was supposed to stimulate my metabolism and boost my immune system. It was paired with a hydrating serum to maximise the benefits for my skin. Just like the MPulse Facial, this one included a relaxing massage, a hydrating mask, and finished with moisturiser and sunscreen.

Perfect Doc Sunway Velocity Mall Aesthetic Clinic
H2O Facial

Both facials were thorough and lasted a comfortable 90 minutes, leaving my skin feeling healthy, hydrated and with a nice glow. Not sure which one to choose? Just ask the experts – the skilled therapists will analyse your skin and make recommendations based on your needs before the session.

Perfect Doc Beauty Clinic Review

Perfect Doc is a clean and affordable beauty centre where you can get some fantastic first-trial prices on facials. Considering that most facials using a combination of manual techniques and high-tech machines in Kuala Lumpur cost around or upwards of RM 500, Perfect Doc provides an excellent opportunity to try them at a very affordable price before committing to more considerable fees.

Reasons to visit Perfect Doc: excellent first-trial prices for high-tech facials, therapists with sound technique, and a convenient location in Sunway Velocity Mall.

Perfect Doc Sunway Velocity Mall
Signature 1, Lingkaran SV, Sunway Velocity
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
+6012 522 4168
Also at Kota Damansara, Mid Valley, Sunway Velocity, Subang (opening soon) and Klang

Perfect Doc Aesthetic Centre Opening Hours
Monday to Friday: 11 am – 8 pm
Saturday: 10 am – 7 pm
Sunday: 10 am – 5 pm

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