Sokkhak Spa River Side

Sokkhak Spa River Side – Siem Reap, Cambodia

Sokkhak Spa River Side – Siem Reap

Words: Monica Tindall
Photos: Han Sen Hau

One of the privileges of living in or travelling through Southeast Asia is the availability of spa treatments in all price ranges. From five-dollar foot massages to multiple-digit experiences in luxury locations and everything in between, there’s something for all budgets. We’re in Siem Reap, Cambodia, and delighted to spend an afternoon at Sokkhak Spa River Side. It’s the perfect balance of a superbly clean, comfortable environment, skilled technicians and quality products with affordable prices – middle of the road in terms of price point and extremely welcome after a day on our feet exploring the local sites.

Sokkhak Spa River Side cosy Reception

Sokkhak Spa River Side Siem Reap

The reception, with its deep brown wood, splashes of colour in cushions and upholstery, and green outlook, is immediately calming. Of course, it smells wonderful. Using natural, locally made products, the air is gently scented with the fragrance of local blooms and spices.

Our experience begins with a short questionnaire while we refresh ourselves with a cool, wet towel and lemongrass tea. We’re signed up for the Avocado Package, a three-hour session consisting of a deep-tissue massage, scrub, moisturizing lotion, and facial.

Sokkhak Spa River Side beautiful flower decorations
Sokkhak Spa River Side
 Reflexology Room Best Massage in Siem Reap
Reflexology Room
Sokkhak Spa River Side Welcome Tea
Welcome Tea
Best Massage in Siem Reap Foot Bath
Foot Bath

Avocado Package

After the initial reception, we transition to a second room where our feet are given a light scrub with lime and salt before heading to our individual treatment rooms. Sokkhak Spa River Side can serve up to 23 guests at a time with several single and couple treatment rooms as well as a line-up of foot reflexology beds. They have a second, smaller branch on the other side of Pub Street, catering to six guests in any one period, but this location is recommended for the full experience. Robes, slippers, disposable mesh underwear, and a lockable box for belongings are provided, and our treatment rooms are fit with private showers and a shared bathroom just outside the door.

Sokkhak Spa River Side Buddah decoration
Sokkhak Spa River Side


The Avocado package begins with a deep-tissue massage. My therapist is an excellent communicator, checking comfort levels – pressure and temperature throughout the session. She uses the heals of her hands, thumbs and fingers to knead and work out knots. Beginning face down, my back gets a thorough pounding. She has remembered my request for more back work, and goes deep to release the tightness in my neck and shoulders.

A cushion is placed under my knees when I’m lying face-up, releasing tension from my lower back. My therapist modestly covers any body parts not being worked on and checks my preference for a stomach massage or not.

Best Massage in Siem Reap Couple's Treatment Room
Treatment Room

Scrub & Lotion

After the massage, a wet scrub is applied from shoulder to toe. It’s actually a smart sequence, given the climate and dusty dry season. Many spas recommend the massage as the finale in a sequence, stating the benefits of leaving the oil on the skin for an hour or more after completion. However, I’m not fond of getting oil on my clothes, and in Siem Reap’s heat and dust, it would be an unpleasant finish. Instead, the scrub follows the massage, which is then rinsed off in the in-room shower. A moisturizing lotion that Han Sen says makes him feel scented like a smoothie bowl is applied. It hydrates the skin without that sticky oil feeling – perfect.

Best Massage in Siem Reap Lotus Flowers
Lotus Flowers – Sokkhak Spa River Side


The Avocado session concludes with an hour-long facial. The expected cleanse, exfoliate, tone, mask, serum, moisturize and sunscreen routine is followed. The products are gentle and softly scented. They work well with sensitive skin and give us a hydrated glow. My only suggestion for improvement would be to massage hands, feet or shoulders while the mask is left to do its work. However, for some, this might be overkill, given the preceding massage. On the other hand, I have no limit to how much pampering I can receive.

Once dressed again, we return to the reception where we are greeted with another moist towel, a cool lemongrass drink and deliciously sweet, tangy and juicy slices of mango.

Best Massage in Siem Reap Relaxation Lounge
Relaxation Lounge

Sokkhak Spa River Side Review

Sokkhak Spa River Side Siem Reap is an excellent choice for a middle-of-the-range spa. It provides quality services in a pleasant setting at approachable prices. It’s in a convenient riverside location, not far from the city centre, and there’s a fantastic restaurant and lounge just next door that is well worth a visit.

Sokkhak Spa River Side Tea & Fresh Mango to End
Tea & Fresh Mango to End

Reasons to visit Sokkhak Spa River Side Siem Reap: affordable and quality treatments in a pleasant, clean setting.

Sokkhak Spa River Side Siem Reap
Mondul 1 Village, Svay Dangkum Commune, Pokambor Ave, Krong Siem Reap ភូមិមណ្ឌល ១, សង្កាត់ស្វាយដង្គំ, រុក្ខវិថីពោធិកំបោរ, ក្រុងសៀមរាប, Cambodia 17252, Cambodia
+855 17 597 575

Sokkhak Spa River Side Siem Reap Opening Hours
Daily: 10 am – 10 pm

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