Pulled Pork Hygge Dining & Bar George Town, Penang

Hygge Dining & Bar, George Town, Penang

Hygge Dining & Bar, George Town, Penang

Monica Tindall

Hygge Dining & Bar in Georgetown isn’t just about food (though that’s pretty darn good too). Hygge, pronounced “hoo-ga,” is all about cozy vibes and feeling right at home. Think comfy atmosphere, friendly staff, and a menu that mixes modern Asian cuisine with international flair. Hungry for a relaxed lunch with the ladies, a delicious dinner with family, or drinks with mates? Hygge serves it all up with a side of genuine Penang charm.

Hygge Dining & Bar, George Town, Penang

The corner shop lot is centrally located between Komtar and Chowrasta Market. There’s a parking lot near the restaurant but we prefer to walk or Grab in George Town. The setting is immediately welcoming. It’s stylish but not overdone. Semi-finished bricks painted in white make a feature wall below a heritage staircase. Dark wood tables for two can easily be separated or joined, catering to differing group sizes. Upstairs, another area with dining tables and lounges is popular for private events. An upbeat jazz soundtrack is energising, and the staff is friendly and effective but non-intrusive.

Hygge Dining & Bar George Town, Penang
Hygge Dining & Bar George Town, Penang
Upstairs Dining Area at Hygge Dining & Bar George Town, Penang
Upstairs Dining Area at Hygge Dining & Bar – Popular for Private Events

But wait, there’s more to Hygge Dining & Bar than a cool dining spot alone. Partners Erica, Ying and Sam took over the lot next door just over a year ago to create their own place to drink. So, Er Yi Tai, a cool Chinese-inspired gastrobar, now makes an easy pre or post-meal stop. It also gives the owners a place to relax after a day in the kitchen without disturbing other bars’ guests with what they joke are their “kitchen smells.” We’re here in the afternoon, and the soundtrack is a charming mix of Chinese tunes from the 70s. The vibe picks up in the evenings with lively jazz and lo-fi music.

Er Yin Tai Cocktail Bar George Town Penang
Er Yi Tai Cocktail Bar, George Town, Penang

Er Yi Tai Cocktail Menu & Prices

Bartender Dannu shakes up our cocktails this afternoon, starting with two original creations. The Sultry Citrus Seduction (RM45) and Citrus Splash Mojito (RM45). The first is a straightforward and effective combination of dried tangerine skin-infused vodka with Campari, Aperol and lemonade. However, they thoughtfully provide the option of switching to soda for a less sweet finish (highly recommend). It’s vibrant orange in the highball glass, and icy cold served over a cube of ice. It tastes just like a liquid version of those little dried tangerine peel snacks you find in tiny packets in Chinatown.

 Sultry Citrus Seduction Er Yin Tai Cocktail Bar George Town Penang
Sultry Citrus Seduction

The second is a citrusy twist on a mojito with light and dark rums, yuzu puree, citrus syrup and mint shaken over ice and then topped up with soda. It’s chilled and very refreshing, a great choice on a warm afternoon. Hubby is so taken by its vibrancy that he orders another.

Citrus Splash Mojito Er Yin Tai Cocktail Bar George Town Penang
Citrus Splash Mojito

We’d planned moderation with our cocktail orders, but the manager, Erica, is super enthusiastic about Spicy Lips (RM50) for its appealing punch. I quickly taste the allure with chilli padi-infused gin, lemongrass syrup and lime. Dannu can customise the spice level according to individual tolerances. I ask for middle-of-the-road so as not to appear a weakling foreigner, but knowing all too well that what I consider spicy sometimes doesn’t even register on local palates. Served in a rocks glass over hand-carved giant ice cubes, it’s garnished with some lime zest and a bright red chilli (I’m sure terrifying for the faint of heart). It’s manageable, at least the version Dannu has prepared for me. It makes a great aperitif, opening the palate for our meal to come.

Spicy Lips Cocktail Er Yin Tai Cocktail Bar George Town Penang
Spicy Lips

We’ve moved next door and are ready to start our meal when Dannu appears with a Negroni, made in a 30-30-30 ratio with a few drops of orange bitters to bring all the flavours together. You know I’m a Negroni fan, and this one makes me very happy—partly because it’s perfectly balanced and partly because Dannu’s vim for cocktail-making is contagious.

Negroni Er Yin Tai Cocktail Bar George Town Penang

Hygge Dining & Bar Menu & Prices

Hygge Dining & Bar’s menu is modern Asian and done exceptionally well. The list is small enough to inspire confidence that everything is executed with great care yet broad enough to offer variety to suit several dietary preferences, such as meat-free, healthy and decadent picks. Below is just a sampling from their menu.

Hygge Dining & Bar Penang Menu & Prices
Hygge Dining & Bar Penang Menu & Prices – Small Plates
Hygge Dining & Bar Penang Menu & Prices Proteins & Desserts
Hygge Dining & Bar Penang Menu & Prices – Proteins & Desserts
Hygge Dining & Bar Penang Menu & Prices Main Dishes
Hygge Dining & Bar Penang Menu & Prices – Main Dishes

Sharing Plates

At Hygge Dining & Bar, you can choose three sharing plates for RM 55 or five dishes for RM 90. Add one glass of red or white wine for RM 18. It’s an excellent combo for sundowners with friends or after-work drinks with colleagues. 

We go with the three-plate and white wine option. Roasted Cauliflower (RM 20) is delicious and lightly fried with a lime aioli seasoning. Pickled red onion and coriander add colour to the top and slice through some of the richness of the fried veg. Another veggie choice, the Tomorokoshi (RM 23), is also wonderfully tasty. It features white Japanese corn in shoyu butter. It’s so sweet and juicy that it barely needs cooking. Lastly, Mushroom Croquettes (RM 22) come in four spheres, just the right size, and have a light, crisp coat that oozes with thick mushroom sauce when we bite in. 

Roasted Cauliflower
Roasted Cauliflower
Tomorokoshi - sweet white corn in shoyu butter
Mushroom Croquettes
Mushroom Croquettes


Do you ever choose salads just for the dressing? I must admit it was the first thing I looked at when choosing Hygge’s Salad (RM 28). Ginger flower is one of my favourite Malaysian ingredients, and the jungle herb does especially well with greens and seafood. Cranberries add sweetness to the salad leaves, and almonds contribute a nutty crunch. The prawns are dusted in a house-made curry powder, a perfect complement to the sweeter components of the salad. 

Hygge's Salad with greens and prawns dusted in curry powder
Hygge’s Salad

A trio of sandwiches, Pulled Pork (RM 30) in flatbread, balance our earlier healthier choices. The shredded meat is marinated in a house-made Asian barbecue sauce and stuffed between flatbread fold-overs. Pickled red onion and coriander reappear in this recipe, again proving their worth in balancing rich flavours. They’re another excellent order.

Pulled Pork Hygge Dining & Bar George Town, Penang
Pulled Pork – Hygge Dining & Bar George Town, Penang


Today’s “Market Fish” (RM 40) is red snapper, served with tamarind and turmeric cream, confit potato, and sauteed mushrooms. If you order nothing else, don’t miss this dish! The sauce is sensational. Lemongrass and shallots are blended with the turmeric to create an incredibly light but flavourful foam. The fish couldn’t be cooked better, sporting a crunchy skin and moist, flaky flesh.

Market Fish - Red snapper with turmeric foam Hygge Dining & Bar George Town, Penang
Market Fish


Chef Elvin captures the Banana Butterscotch Cake (RM 20) in its simplicity, summing it up as “uncomplicated and comforting.” It’s a thick slice of warm, moist banana cake dotted with walnuts beneath a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream. The ice cream slowly melts into the slice, and we are delighted to spoon the cake, ice cream, and dots of butterscotch sauce all into one scoop. It’s a substantial portion, more than enough for hubby to feel satisfied as I take a few bites and finish with a Latte (RM 11). One final note: The coffee is good. It is a local roast of Arabica beans with a nicely textured foam.

Banana Butterscotch Cake at Hygge Dining & Bar George Town, Penang
Banana Butterscotch Cake
Latte on Locally-roasted beans Hygge Dining & Bar George Town, Penang

Hygge Dining & Bar Review

We’ve had a lovely meal at Hygge Dining & Bar. We’d return for lunch in a heartbeat and are curious to try their dinner-tasting menu. The bar, Er Yi Tai, is worth a visit on its own merits. Their compact selection of craft cocktails and classics gives confidence that all are done well (the four we had undoubtedly were). The menu is a delicious and well-balanced collection of contemporary recipes with abundant local ingredients. Don’t miss the market fish and that incredible turmeric sauce, and we highly recommend a cocktail in the bar pre or post-meal. 

Reasons to visit Hygge Dining & Bar, Penang: a friendly, relaxed setting; an easy choice for casual catch-ups; delicious contemporary Asian cuisine that is reasonably priced for the quality provided; a great choice for tapas and drinks as well as shared meals that leave you feeling nourished and satiated; excellent service; don’t miss the market fish with turmeric sauce, a selection of sharing plates for a good deal, and a cocktail pre or post meal in the bar, Er Yi Tai, next door.

Hygge Dining & Bar Penang
58, Jalan Kuala Kangsar, George Town
10450 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
Link to Google Map
+6011 5853 5663
**vegetarian choices

Hygge Dining & Bar Penang Opening Hours
Daily: 11:30 AM – 10:00 PM

Er Yi Tai Gastrobar Opening Hours
Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays: 12:00 PM – 12:00 AM
Tuesdays – Fridays: 3:00 PM – 12:00 AM

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