La Siena Afternoon Tea Penang Marriott Hotel table with sea views

La Siena Afternoon Tea – Penang Marriott Hotel

La Siena Afternoon Tea – Penang Marriott Hotel

Words: Sherra Yeong
Photos: Monica Tindall

Besides a pretty setting, floor-to-ceiling windows, lovely sea views and gracious service, the best thing about the Panoramic Afternoon Tea at La Siena in Penang Marriott Hotel is unlimited servings!

That’s right! For the price of RM 98 per adult, guests can get top-ups of whatever they choose. Have a sweet tooth? Go ahead and refill those Chocolate Choux and mini Tiramisus. Can’t get enough of a classic scone? More coming your way! Or, go on, ask for additional portions of that luscious house-smoked salmon-—it’s all included.

La Siena Afternoon Tea menu, prices, tea and rose
La Siena Afternoon Tea Menu & Prices

La Siena Afternoon Tea – Penang Marriott Hotel

La Siena is a multi-functional space on the fourth floor of the newly opening Penang Marriott Hotel on Gurney Drive. Now open exclusively for afternoon tea, guests can also hire it out as a private room for events or intimate dinners. Just recently, The Expat Mingle was held here. 

The modern decor, with a nod to Penang’s Peranakan culture, is complemented by large picture windows framing tree tops and the sea beyond. Local heritage can be seen in the artistic interpretation of the blue pea flower that decorates the inner wall and the use of traditional Peranakan tiles. Offering panoramic views of the newly opened Gurney Bay project, the Panoramic Afternoon Tea is befittingly named. 

Chef Aaron Lee, the head pastry chef of Penang Marriott Hotel and a born and bred Penangite who has worked internationally, guides us through each tier of handcrafted treats. Specializing in chocolate (a challenging element to master in the pastry world), he created this afternoon tea set by incorporating elevated style and genteel portions of well-presented pastries.

Cosy grey corner table at La Siena
La Siena
Bar & Service Area
Bar & Service Area
Corner Window Seat
Corner Window Seat

La Siena Afternoon Tea at Penang Marriott Hotel

Afternoon Tea at La Siena is a three-tiered set with sandwiches, pastries and scones in the tower, accompanied by a side platter of beautifully crafted, bite-sized sweets. Tea and coffee is included in the price.

Afternoon Tea at La Siena
Afternoon Tea at La Siena


The Apple Crumble features a dome of caramelized sliced apples above a dark chocolate disk, giving you the “snap” you would expect in properly tempered chocolate. A combination of almond cream and diplomat cream fills the pastry base. Its sweet persona and creamy texture prove the right partner for the bitterness of dark chocolate.

Tiramisu is fashioned to look like a gift box. Savoiardi (Italian ladyfinger biscuits) are soaked in local Ipoh coffee and layered with mascarpone cheese in a marbled chocolate ring with a pink chocolate ribbon. We like the coffee kick balanced with the sweet cream.

The Chocolate Choux has diced pieces of passion fruit agar, giving a zing of acidity to the chocolate mousse surrounding them. There’s a little sparkle thanks to a mirror glaze and gold leaf crown.

A striking red presence brings forth the Osmanthus Cheesecake. The Chantilly cream lifts the cheese, as local seasonal fruits decorate the top with colours befitting a lively dance.

Lastly, for the sweets, the Exotic Mille Fuille is made with crisp puff pastry and diplomat cream that melts on the tongue. It’s so named as it includes mango and pineapples for a tropical take on the classic dessert.

Tray of Petite Handcrafted Sweets
Tray of Sweets


The middle tier features a trio of warm pastries. Chicken Pie comes in a petite one-bite package with chicken, potatoes, cream, and thyme in a shortcrust base and a puff pastry top. 

Light as a feather with an equally convincing pillow-shaped look, the Mushroom Pastie has a good balance of white button and shiitake mushrooms and the satisfying crunch of airy puff pastry. It somewhat feels like eating wild mushroom soup in pastry form. 

There is also the Salmon and Leek Quiche. It’s juicy with an unmistakable savouriness, courtesy of the smoked salmon that was cured and smoked in-house. It’s definitely one to look out for.

Savoury Selection of puff pastries and mini quiche
Savoury Selection – La Siena Afternoon Tea


Part sea, part land, the restaurant offers an interesting selection of sandwiches made with soft, fresh-from-the-oven house-made bread.

We start with the Seafood Salad Open-faced Sandwich. This has prawns and crab meat, with capers, mayonnaise, and fennel for an aromatic touch.

The Smoked Salmon and Avocado Open-faced Sandwich is an immediate champion. Generous slices of in-house cured and smoked salmon are folded atop a bed of mashed avocados. This one is worth every bite.

For classic Italian flair, you may like the simple yet distinct flavours in the Cherry Tomato and Basil Bruschetta with sundried tomatoes and fresh basil. It’s a classic combination for a reason, as it never goes out of fashion or changes based on current trends.

There are also two finger sandwiches. One is the Turkey and Cranberry with turkey cold cuts and a cranberry spread on white bread. The other is the Dark Rye Cucumber and Cream Cheese on dark rye bread.

Open-faced & Finger Sandwiches at La Siena's Afternoon Tea at Penang Marriott Hote
Open-faced & Finger Sandwiches


Plain and Cranberry Scones are tried and tested recipes honed by the hotel chefs until just right. To achieve a texture that is not too dry or dense is no walk in the park. House-made French forest strawberry jam delivers a taste of tradition. In contrast, the rose-scented apple jam is a pleasant diversion.

Plain and Cranberry Scone for La Siena Afternoon Tea Penang Marriott Hotel
Plain and Cranberry Scones – La Siena Afternoon Tea

Tea or Coffee

Not only is the food served in unlimited portions, but so are the tea and coffee. The options include respectable TWG teas, known for their 100% cotton-based teabags, and Boncafe, made in your preferred style.

La Siena Afternoon Tea Menu & Prices
La Siena Afternoon Tea Menu & Prices
La Siena Afternoon Tea Menu & Prices
La Siena Afternoon Tea Menu & Prices

Make it Boozy

Additionally, you can choose to booze up your afternoon tea at La Siena with a glass of Santa Margherita Prosecco DOCG (RM 50), House Wine (RM 30), or a Martini or Margarita (RM 30) in any number of flavours – although, we prefer the classic over the flavoured syrup enhanced versions.

Bartender shaking cocktail
Add a Cocktail for a Boozier Afternoon
Cheers to Afternoon Tea at La Siena with a classic margarita and martini
Cheers to Afternoon Tea at La Siena, Penang Marriott Hotel

La Siena Afternoon Tea – The Details

Afternoon Tea at La Siena, Penang Marriott Hotel, runs daily between 2:30 pm and 5:30 pm. Adults are charged RM 98.00+, and children aged six to 11 are charged RM 49.00+. As mentioned, food and hot beverages are refillable! It’s a darn good deal!

Reasons to visit La Siena for afternoon tea at Penang Marriott Hotel: pretty setting with sea views; unlimited refills of food, tea and coffee; exquisite sweets; professional service.

La Siena
Level 4, Penang Marriott Hotel
55 Gurney Dr, Georgetown
10250 Penang, Malaysia *Link to Google Map

La Siena Afternoon Tea Hours
Daily 2:30 pm – 5:30 pm

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