Kura's Krafts -Craft Beer Bar Jalan Batai, Damansara Heights

Kura’s Krafts Plaza Batai – Craft Beer KL

Kura’s Krafts Plaza Batai – Craft Beer Bar KL

Words: Jacob Weber
Photos: Han Sen Hau

What’s better than a comfortable neighbourhood craft beer bar with over 50 types of craft beers from around the world?

A pet-friendly neighbourhood craft beer bar with over 50 types of craft beers from all over the world.

And what could be even better?

One that serves some of the best hotdogs in town.

Kura's Krafts Craft Beer Bar Jalan Batai, Damansara Heights
Kura’s Krafts – Craft Beer Bar KL, Plaza Batai
Entrance to Kura's Krafts Craft Beer Bar Jalan Batai, Damansara Heights

Kura’s Krafts Plaza Batai – Craft Beer Bar KL

Kura’s Krafts — named after the adorable resident Shiba Inu, Kura — is a cosy, fuss-free space in Plaza Batai. Feel-good and family-friendly, their motto, “A Hecking Good Time”, is absolutely on point; it’s all about good vibes, casual drinking, and indulgent comfort food.

Kura's Krafts Craft Beer Bar Jalan Batai, Damansara Heights

They’re serious about their craft beer, but that doesn’t mean they take themselves seriously. In fact, the team behind Kura’s Krafts don’t have a professional background in F&B at all — they just really appreciate the skill of the brewery trade and have found a home in the craft community. So here, you don’t need to be an insufferable hipster to appreciate the excellent international selection of crafts, either from the big fridge at the back or the six draft taps behind the bar.

Kura's Krafts Craft Beer Bar Jalan Batai, Damansara Heights
Draft Beer

Kura’s Krafts rotates ales, pilsners, ciders, stouts and sours, plus the occasional special import like alcoholic ginger beer. Sometimes, you might come across a keg that’s the only one of its kind in the country. There’s even “dog beer” for the furry friends. (Don’t worry — it’s 100% chicken broth, 0% alcohol. “Hair of the dog” is strictly for humans.)

Kura's Krafts Craft Beer Bar Jalan Batai, Damansara Heights
Draft Beer

They work with multiple suppliers to keep the selection fresh and interesting and pay careful attention to recommendations from their regular customers. There’s also a small wine selection (including zero-alcohol varieties), and if you really can’t go without a cocktail, they’ll make you a decent Gin & Tonic for RM30 or an in-house special like a Purple Haze (Ribena and rum) for RM25.

We’ve covered plenty of craft beer bars that serve excellent food, but we have to hand it to Kura’s Krafts — hot dogs are an inspired choice. And these aren’t your average bar bites; there’s a wide selection of decadent dogs with generous toppings, all made fresh to order. You can choose either beef or chicken sausages, and if you’re not in the mood for a hot dog (impossible), there are also seasonal dishes available on the specials menu.

Kura's Krafts Menu & Prices Craft Beer Bar Jalan Batai, Damansara Heights
Kura’s Krafts Food Menu & Prices

We kick off with a Corn Dog (RM9 for 1; RM15 for 2), which I’ve actually never tried before, and immediately fall in love with. The golden, crispy cornbread coating has a very satisfying crunch, revealing a lovely savoury sausage inside.

Corndog from Kura’s Krafts Food Menu

And then we try the Wagyu Steak and Cheese (RM25) and my heart belongs to another. This is a proper, premium hot dog, with thinly sliced grilled wagyu beef, grilled onions, bell peppers and California cheese sauce. It’s decadent. It’s delicious. It’s dreamy.

It’s not the only wagyu-based option on the menu either. The Wagyu Philly Cheese (RM32) packs steak and cheese into a banh mi bun, which gets full marks for originality and taste. I can’t tell you which one to choose, so I suggest ordering both.

The Chilli Dog (RM18) is Kura’s Krafts’ own take on the classic. It replaces the usual beef chilli with minced chicken chilli con carne, cooked with ‘secret spices’, beans, and tomatoes. I think I prefer this version; the topping’s intense smokiness adds a lot of depth and flavour to take things up a notch.

An Assortment of Hotdogs and Craft Beer
An Assortment of Hotdogs and Craft Beer

The Jalapeño Peach Jam (RM15) also deserves serious praise for its topping: a blend of jalapeños, peach, coriander, and lime juice creates a sweet-and-spicy sauce with a lingering warmth that goes very well with the soft white bun. If you want something with even more of a kick, then try the Spicy Relish (RM16), with a hot and tangy sauce drenched over a generous helping of onions and bell peppers. You’ll be gasping for a cold craft beer to go alongside this one.

We certainly are, so it’s time to crack open a few cans. First up, a Strong Currant (RM42) from Heretic Brewing Co. — an eyebrow-raisingly sour barrel-aged Red Ale with blackcurrants and fresh raspberries. Oh, this is good on a hot day. (And haven’t they all been hot lately?)

Next, a Timothy Tamothy Slamothy (RM33) from Moon Dog Craft Brewery — and I’ll be damned if this ‘Double Chocolate Biscuit Milk Stout’ doesn’t taste just like the famous Australian snack which it’s named after. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you’ll appreciate this one.

Kura's Krafts Craft Beer Bar Jalan Batai, Damansara Heights
Craft Beer at Kura’s Crafts Plaza Batai

Flyaway Pilsner (RM31) by Drake’s Brewing Company is a pleasant North German-style pilsner, combining extra pale premium German pilsner with flaked maize (of American extraction). It’s a clean, dry beverage, with just a hint of spice to go with the subtle fruits.

I’m not a huge fan of pickles, but I absolutely love Pickle Beer (RM33) by Garage Project, a quirky, refreshing Cucumber Dill Pickle Sour that goes very well with these hearty hotdogs.

Timing’s End (RM57) is a hefty 6.5% ABV-strong New Zealand IPA by Verdant Brewing Co., with notes of grapes, gooseberries and lime, giving it a slightly sour and citrusy edge.

Happy (RM41) is a nice and Easy Pale Ale to finish on. It’s a light 3.5% that Cloudwater Brewery in Manchester, UK, claims is the “epitome of sessionability.” Trust me—they know how to drink in Northern England, so I don’t doubt them. Of course, they’re absolutely right: it’s smooth, light, and juicy and goes down a treat.

After a few drinks, we’ve worked up another appetite, so it’s back to the hotdog menu. The Bacon Onion Jam (RM20) combines beef bacon with caramelised onions and jalapeños for a bold, sweet and spicy mouthful. For something more savoury, check out the Mushroom Cheese: well-seasoned grilled portobello mushrooms with a lavish topping of good old American cheese. You can almost hear the baseball stadium …

Assorted Hotdogs & Craft Beer
Assorted Hotdogs & Craft Beer at Kura’s Krafts

And if you really don’t want a sausage in a bun, you can have chicken in a basket. The Chicken Tenders (RM20) come with an excellent ‘Mala-Mayo’ sauce with a secret ingredient; they won’t tell us what it is, but I can tell you it goes very well with the fresh, crispy, juicy chicken tenders.

Chicken Tenders
Chicken Tenders

Finally, the Furikake Fries (RM12): crispy fries with seaweed seasoning and an excellent wasabi mayonnaise. A couple of portions of these and a few cold craft beers with friends are enough to put the world to rights. (You still have to try the hot dogs, though.)

Furikake Fries Craft Beer Bar Jalan Batai, Damansara Heights
Furikake Fries

Reasons to visit Kura’s Krafts: pet-friendly, fuss-free craft beer bar with an excellent and constantly rotating international selection; a low-key, laid-back atmosphere that’s ideal for a casual drinking session and hanging out with friends; brilliant bar food, including incredible hot dogs; good vibes all round! 

Kura’s Krafts
8-3, Jalan Batai, Plaza Batai
Bukit Damansara, Malaysia
Link to Kura’s Krafts on Google Maps
* Pork-free food menu
** Pet-friendly
*** Parking in the Plaza Batai lost

Kura’s Krafts Opening Hours
Wednesday-Saturday: 5 pm–12 am
Sunday: 5–11 pm
Monday & Tuesday: closed

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