Cendol Flurry Union Bistrot, The Exchange Mall, TRX

Union Bistrot – The Exchange Mall, TRX

Union Bistrot – The Exchange Mall, TRX

Words: Karen Santosuosso
Photos: Johan Sopiee

Offering a splash of Malaysian flair in their international fare, Union Bistrot in the newly opened The Exchange Mall TRX has something for everyone. A sophisticated yet approachable atmosphere blends local flavours and ingredients with many dishes familiar to non-Malaysians, too. Our friendly server and barista, Jun, explains that Union Bistrot’s menu encompasses the country we’re in to offer fine casual dining with quality and flavours for the local palate while also introducing some new experiences to international diners.

Leafy-green Entrance to Union Bistrot The Exchange Mall TRX
Leafy-green Entrance to Union Bistrot – The Exchange Mall TRX
Dining Area with Floral Arrangements
Dining Area
Union Bistrot Dining Area
Union Bistrot Dining Area
Dining Area with grey chairs and black tables
Dining Area

Union Bistrot, The Exchange Mall, TRX

Sleek black furniture contrasts beautifully with bursts of colour from the orchids on all the dining tables, creating an inviting atmosphere for lunch, dinner, or drinks. Private rooms, accommodating up to 16 guests, are also available — perfect for intimate gatherings or special occasions. We are warmly greeted by the staff upon entering and immediately feel welcomed—the service really shines here. 

Private Room
Private Room

Union Bistrot Drinks Menu & Prices

We begin our visit with a few drinks shaken up behind the silver bar by skilled mixologist Raul. Union Bistrot offers many non-alcoholic drinks from its Refresher menu, and we go with their suggestion of the Maxi Mexican (RM 22). Jun refers to it as the ‘Hot Mexican’ because of its spicy garnish. The drink is a refreshing mixture of fresh watermelon, orange, and grapefruit with some sneaky chilli on top. There are quite a few other refreshers and mocktails featuring local Malaysian ingredients that I’d like to go back and try.

Mixologist Raul Shaking Up Some Cocktails at Union Bistrot TRX
Mixologist Raul Shaking Up Some Cocktails at Union Bistrot TRX
Maxi Mexican Mocktail
Maxi Mexican

Raul then moves on to constructing a Bistrot Boy (RM 47) for us. Asam boi (preserved plum) infused tequila, calamansi juice, simple syrup, and egg white combine to create a balanced and tart concoction. The rim of asam boi salt adds some extra oomph if you sip through it. 

Bartender prepraringa Bistrot Boy Cocktail
Bistrot Boy

Things start to get really intoxicating as Raul assembles a Butterfly Fart (RM 47). A mixture of butterfly pea-infused gin, elderflower liquor, lemon juice and egg white is enveloped in an exciting show of lavender smoke. I always love a smoked cocktail, and if this is what butterfly farts truly smell like, then I reckon a bit of flatulence at the table isn’t so bad! 

Butterfly Fart - pretty blue cocktail
Butterfly Fart

Union Bistrot Menu & Prices

Entreé, Mapas, & Salads

Union Bistrot offers a unique list of small plates and Mapas (Malaysian tapas) to start. The Smoked Salmon Cannelloni (RM 75) features smoked salmon pâte stuffed inside cannelloni pasta and wrapped with freshly smoked salmon, then topped with salmon roe for a touch of saltiness. This ends up being one entreé that we all really savour.

Smoked Salmon Cannelloni with edible flower garnish
Smoked Salmon Cannelloni

The Warm Honey Roasted Beetroot Salad (RM 45) is a comforting mixture of thinly sliced beetroot with pearl barley and sweet toasted walnuts – it’s a satisfying combination of textures with a bit of tang from the tamarind yoghurt sauce. 

Warm Honey Roasted Beetroot Salad at Union Bistrot The Exchange Mall TRX
Warm Honey Roasted Beetroot Salad

The Rojak White Edition (RM 35) comes with a white rojak emulsion, fresh local fruits, crispy dough, and peanuts. I’m still getting used to the flavour profile as I’m quite new here, but our photographer Johan and Monica (an honorary Malaysian after being here for over two decades) both really enjoy the umami flavour that comes from the fermented prawn paste, sweet and sour sauce, lime, and sugar.  

Rojak White Edition
Rojak White Edition

All of our appetisers are washed down with a lovely bottle of Peccavi Chardonnay (RM 348) from Australia. With notes of vanilla and oak, Mon chooses this one as it pairs well with saucy dishes and fish. Union Bistrot offers house pours by the glass, too, if you aren’t ready to commit to a full bottle with your meal. 

Peccavi Chardonnay poured into wine glass
Peccavi Chardonnay, Western Australia

Main Dishes & Seafood

So far, Union Bistrot has not skimped on presentation, and the mains continue to wow us. The Honeyed Magret de Canard (RM 90) consists of two juicy pieces of honey-glazed duck breast, charred pak choy, hoisin sauce, and a garlic ginger foam. There are also a couple of pieces of crispy duck and shiitake tortellini for added crunch. 

Honeyed Magret de Canard at Union Bistrot TRX
Honeyed Magret de Canard

The dish that ends up being one of Mon’s favourites is the MPW Gold Standard Fish Pie (RM 75). A mixture of cod, smoked salmon, unagi, scallop and prawn is cooked with a kabayaki (soy sauce and mirin sauce) cream and topped with a light potato purée. Sprinkled with fresh microgreens, this could be a well-rounded dish for any seafood lover to enjoy. 

MPW Gold Standard Fish Pie at Union Bistrot TRX
MPW Gold Standard Fish Pie

My favourite dish of the evening is the Crispy Red Snapper (RM 90), which provides a satisfying ASMR experience. I enjoy running my knife along the crispy scales, which have a delightful crunch. Paired with king oyster mushrooms, Brussels sprouts, lemon garlic cream, and a crispy ginger salad, it is a perfectly balanced and healthier dish. 

Crispy Red Snapper Union Bistrot TRX
Crispy Red Snapper


We can’t stay on the health kick for too long, though, as dessert needs to be sampled, of course. The Jackfruit Mille Feuille (RM 42) consists of fresh and candied jackfruit, mousse, fruit compote, and deconstructed mille feuille pastry. The dessert is topped with gorgeous edible flowers that resemble butterflies, making it an exciting way to end our meal. 

Jackfruit Mille Feuille where to eat in TRX
Jackfruit Mille Feuille

Johan can’t get enough of the Cendol Flurry (RM 30). Presented in a fun sundae glass, the colourful mixture of gula Melaka granita, red bean chutney, sweet corn purée, and coconut milk is an elevated take on one of Malaysia’s most traditional desserts. Johan originally gives it an 8 out of 10, but then quickly changes his mind to a solid 9.5 out of 10 rating after some more bites. 

Cendol Flurry Union Bistrot, The Exchange Mall, TRX
Cendol Flurry – Union Bistrot, The Exchange Mall, TRX

The cold cendol flurry pairs well with a warm sip of the Kota Marudu COE 70% (RM 25). This chocolate has been awarded as one of the world’s best. Supplied by esteemed local chocolatier, Chocolate Concierge, this chocolate drink is assembled in an adorable French press, plunged for extra froth, and then poured slowly into an attractive cone-shaped ceramic cup. The Kota Marudu is a chocolate native to Sarawak – with fruity and bitter notes, the drink is light, airy, and not too sweet. 

Kota Marudu COE 70% Hot Chocolate pouring into ceramic cup
Kota Marudu COE 70%

Coffee Flight – Malaysian Liberica Beans

I implore all coffee enthusiasts to come to Union Bistrot and try their Coffee Flight (RM 68). From coffee blossom tea to cascara cold brew to an origami brew as the final beverage, each cup tells a story of the life journey from berry to beans to brew, allowing diners to savour the nuanced flavours of 100% Liberica beans in all their fruity and light glory. 

The experience is a wonderful finale to our meal and comes with a full show by barista Jun. He explains how the coffee blossom tea is made from the Liberica bean flowers. The cascara, made from the dried skins of the coffee cherries, is then used for a cold brew, aiding digestion. There’s an earthy, herbal taste, and Jun tells us that each time, it may taste slightly different based on the brew time. The final cup of the flight is made with the roasted beans brewed using the traditional Origami method to slowly drip, allowing the coffee to bloom and let its flavours come through. It’s a charming and unique way to end our meal here. 

Coffee Flight - Three different brews on Malaysia Liberica Beans
Coffee Flight

Union Bistrot Review

I can really appreciate a place that is conscious of utilising local ingredients and celebrating the flavour profiles of the area. Union Bistrot does just that, along with presenting each dish beautifully. This would be a great place to take visitors to KL who might want something a little different. 

Reasons to visit Union Bistrot: Innovative cocktails and mocktails showcasing local Malaysian ingredients, friendly service, a great place to stop in The Exchange Mall TRX for a meal before or after a day of shopping, and coffee connoisseurs should definitely try their coffee flight!

Union Bistrot
L1.46, The Exchange TRX Mall, Tun Razak Exchange
55188 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
+60 11 2713 8826
If arriving by Grab, drop off at the main lobby and take the escalator between Fendi & Chanel to Level 1. They are just above Fendi. If you are driving, park at Hall A and take the lift to level 1. Union Bistrot is in front of the elevators.
**vegetarian choices

Union Bistrot Opening Hours
10 am – 10 pm daily

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