Steak at Brasa KL Grill & Wine Bar Damansara Heights

Brasa KL – Grill & Wine Bar, Bukit Damansara

Brasa KL – Grill & Wine Bar, Bukit Damansara

Words: Stephen Reid
Photos: Peter Tan

I readily accepted after receiving Monica’s invitation to Brasa KL, the new grill and wine bar by the respected Cinnamon Group. I’ve developed a genuine admiration for their restaurants over time. I’m a regular at Natalina Italian Kitchen in Avenue K and recently enjoyed a delightful exploration of Sri Lankan cuisine at Cafe Colombo in Exchange TRX with The Yum List (it’s quickly become a favourite!). Nadodi, their renowned Indian fine-dining establishment, is also beloved, having recently relocated to a stunning new space within the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel Kuala Lumpur. Each visit offered a unique experience, but consistently impressed with impeccable service and exquisite food. Boasting an impressive 24 restaurants across 18 brands, their understanding and mastery of the hospitality industry is undeniable.

Chef Diego Reali, Executive Chef of the Cinnamon Group, is a familiar face from Brasa KL’s sibling eateries, such as the city centre’s Natalina, and is at the kitchen’s helm every evening. Brasa opened in July 2023, joining stablemate businesses nearby, such as the Sticky Wicket, a cricketers-themed pub, and Aliyaa, the Sri Lankan restaurant in the leafy, upscale neighbourhood of Bukit Damansara.

Dining Area Brasa KL Grill & Wine Bar Damansara Heights
Brasa KL Grill & Wine Bar Damansara Heights
Upstairs Dining Area - Brasa KL Grill & Wine Bar Damansara Heights
Upstairs Dining Area at Brasa KL Grill & Wine Bar Damansara Heights

Brasa KL – Grill & Wine Bar, Bukit Damansara

The restaurant has an al fresco seating area under a burgundy awning. Inside the restaurant are brick-lined walls into which deep-set arches display some of the vast array of over 300 wines from all over the world. Incidentally, if there are any that you would like to purchase to take home, they are available for a discount of 10% or 20% if you buy six bottles). Seating is arranged down one side of the restaurant, with individual chairs facing a long burgundy bench seat and tables that can be arranged for couples dining or pushed together for larger groups. A bar offering a range of cocktails, mocktails and coffees is set into the opposite wall. A staircase leads to the upstairs dining area with many booths and private dining rooms, should you prefer a more intimate dining experience. Intriguingly, one private dining room is hidden behind a bookcase and shared with sister restaurant Aliyaa next door.

We opted for the downstairs seating, the heart of the grilling action.  As we settled in, a mesmerising sight took centre stage: a traditional wood-fired BBQ within a brick arch dominated the back of the restaurant.  Flickering flames danced across the logs as they were fed into the fiery heart of the crackling grill, readying it to cook the meat dishes that had enticed us from the menu. Brasa KL, which translates to “embers” in Spanish and Portuguese, is a very apt name for the restaurant. It highlights its core cooking method – grilling, and references the glowing coals left after a fire, hinting at the smoky, flavourful dishes they create.

Bread Brasa KL Grill & Wine Bar Damansara Heights - Cooking Over An Open Flame
Cooking Over An Open Flame

Brasa KL Cocktails

We chose a quintessential Italian apéritif to kick off our meal: the Aperol Spritz (RM45). This refreshingly simple cocktail combines just three ingredients—Prosecco, Aperol, and soda water—served over ice in a large balloon glass. The vibrant orange hue mirrored the colours of a sunset, and the light, bubbly drink was the perfect way to whet our appetites.

Aperol Spritz
Aperol Spritz

Brasa KL Menu & Prices

Brasa KL Grill & Wine Bar Damansara Heights Menu & Prices
Small Plates Menu & Prices
Brasa KL Grill & Wine Bar Damansara Heights Salad & Soup Menu & Prices
Salad & Soup Menu & Prices
Brasa KL Grill & Wine Bar Damansara Heights Pasta Menu & Prices
Pasta & Risotto Menu & Prices
Brasa KL Menu & Prices
Brasa KL Steak Menu & Prices
Brasa KL Menu & Prices
Brasa KL’s Grill & Dessert Menu & Prices


Brasa KL’s experience begins with a warm welcome: fresh-baked focaccia. Served in a little brown paper parcel and accompanied by luxurious truffle butter, boasting the earthiness of those prized fungi.

Bread Brasa KL Grill & Wine Bar Damansara Heights

Our first course was the Mini Prawn Tacos (RM42), a delightful explosion of flavours in a single bite. Succulent tiger prawns were held in delicate round taco shells and generously dressed in sriracha mayo and a kick of spicy guacamole. These arrived presented in a wooden box filled with “seaside pebbles,” adding a playful touch. The combination of creamy, tangy, and fresh was perfectly balanced, and the sprinkling of chopped chives, micro herbs, and fish roe added a burst of salty freshness.

Mini Prawn Tacos
Mini Prawn Tacos

The smoky aroma of the grill filled the air, a delightful prelude to our next appetiser: Charred Wagyu Bone Marrow (RM120). Served alongside the marrow were slices of freshly toasted sourdough bread and a tangy onion marmalade that perfectly counterpointed the dish’s richness. We eagerly dug in, scooping out the spoon-soft marrow and spreading it on the toasted bread, each bite a luxurious and flavourful treat.

Charred Wagyu Bone Marrow Brasa KL Grill & Wine Bar Damansara Heights
Charred Wagyu Bone Marrow


Monica and I, both fans of Chef Diego’s masterful tomato sauces from his other restaurants like Natalina’s, eagerly anticipated our first pasta course. Our anticipation wasn’t misplaced; the Wagyu Ravioli (RM68) was terrific. Freshly made pasta parcels were filled with a luxurious blend of minced wagyu beef and stracciatella cheese, then generously cloaked in a vibrant red arrabbiata sauce. A dusting of Parmesan cheese and a simple rocket salad completed the dish. Each bite was a powerhouse of flavour, leaving our taste buds singing.

Amazing Red Sauce Wagyu Ravioli
Wagyu Ravioli

Our next pasta course, the Agnolotti Porcini (RM58), was another delight. Freshly made pasta parcels were generously filled with earthy porcini mushrooms, smoky eggplant, and creamy scamorza cheese. The highlight for me was undoubtedly the eggplant—the smoky char from the grill beautifully complemented its creamy texture and subtle sweetness. Bathed in a luxurious porcini sauce and topped with fried sage leaves, we wished for more delicious sourdough bread from the previous course to savour every last drop of the sauce.

Brasa KL Grill & Wine Bar Damansara Heights Agnolotti Porcini
Agnolotti Porcini

Brasa KL Wine List

Brasa KL’s wine list is surprisingly comprehensive for its size, likely due to its dual role as a wine bar. They offer options for every budget, from approachable glasses to selections that would please serious wine enthusiasts. The Cinnamon Group’s Sommelier, Anwar Kabir, recommended the Malbec Pizzella La Posta Argentina (RM45 per glass) to complement our lamb and wagyu dishes. This full-bodied Malbec, made entirely from the Malbec grape, is a classic pairing for grilled meats. Its deep colour hints at its rich flavours of black cherry, dark fruits, chocolate, and baking spices.

Steakhouse Kuala Lumpur Malbec Pizzella La Posta Argentina
Malbec Pizzella La Posta Argentina

Main Menu & Prices

Anticipation crackled in the air as the smoky aroma of the open wood-fired grill filled the restaurant. The stars of the show were about to arrive. Our first main course, the Lamb Rack (RM135), lived up to its enticing fragrance.

As a fan of the TV show “Masterchef” (though not a culinary expert), I’m familiar with chefs’ struggles and pitfalls when preparing lamb. The quest for perfect pinkness often results in undercooked, unrendered fat, leaving the dish unpalatable. Thankfully, there was never a risk of that here. Chef Diego’s decades of experience at the grill delivered a juicy masterpiece. The rack of lamb boasted beautifully rendered fat with a smoky char, revealing perfectly cooked meat – juicy, pink, and succulent. The smoked eggplant purée added a layer of smoky complexity. In contrast, the bean purée offered a spicy counterpoint, balancing the richness of the lamb.

Lamb Rack Brasa KL Grill & Wine Bar Damansara Heights
Lamb Rack

The team at Brasa KL understands the allure of a perfectly grilled steak. They take immense pride in sourcing the finest Wagyu beef, ensuring each cut meets their strict marbling, flavour, and tenderness standards. This commitment to excellence starts with the selection process, guaranteeing a genuinely exceptional steak experience, which we looked forward to trying.

Our next main course, therefore, was the Wagyu Ribeye (300g—RM148 per 100 gm), a luxurious slab of juicy steak served on a rustic cutting board. It arrived accompanied by decadent truffle mash and a peppery rocket salad. The highlight for me was the beautiful char on the exterior—a testament to the power of the wood-fired grill. The crispy edges yielded to melt-in-your-mouth, perfectly seared Wagyu—a true carnivore’s dream.

Steakhouse Kuala Lumpur Wagyu Ribeye
Wagyu Ribeye

Brassa KL Desserts

Unlike the standard tiramisu in most Italian restaurants, Brasa KL’s Pistachio Tiramisu (RM55) offered a delightful twist, with cream and pale green layers rather than the cocoa-dusted traditional variety. The accompanying green pistachio ice cream was a refreshing bridge between spoonfuls of the crunchy crumble and creamy mascarpone, generously infused with pistachios, transforming this familiar dessert into something exciting. It was like a nutty, pistachio-flavoured custard.

Steakhouse Kuala Lumpur Brasa KL's Pistachio Tiramisu
Brasa KL’s Pistachio Tiramisu

While the chocolate lava cake reigns supreme on many dessert menus, Brasa offered a refreshing alternative: the Matcha Lava Cake (RM55). The vibrant green dessert boasted a unique flavour profile—some might find the grassy notes of matcha a touch unsweet, but it was perfect for me (someone who doesn’t crave intense sweetness). The creamy vanilla ice cream and crisp wafer biscuit alongside it offered a touch of classic sweetness and a textural crunch.

Steakhouse Kuala Lumpur Matcha Lava Cake
Matcha Lava Cake

Reasons to visit Brasa KL Grill and Wine Bar: The Wagyu Ravioli was terrific. Chef Diego makes the best tomato-based sauces in the city, and the vibrant arrabbiata sauce coating the pasta here is no exception. Order another basket of focaccia to mop up every last drop. While most customers will come for the steaks, don’t miss the lamb rack. It’s a masterclass in lamb cookery. Forget the overcooked, fatty versions you might have encountered elsewhere. The lamb is cooked to juicy perfection, boasting a beautiful pink centre and a touch of char.

Brasa KL – Grill and Wine Bar
No.50-G, Jalan Medan Setia 2, Plaza Damansara
Bukit Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Link to Brasa KL on Google Maps
+6 011 5110 2857
[email protected] @brasakl

*Street parking

Brasa KL Opening Hours
Daily 5.30 pm – 10:30 pm (kitchen last call at 9.45 pm)

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