The Siam Hotel Bangkok Lobby

The Siam Bangkok – A Luxury Boutique Stay

The Siam Bangkok – A Luxury Boutique Stay on the River

Words: Monica Tindall
Photos: Han Sen Hau

First impressions count, and The Siam Bangkok impresses from the onset. A striking light-filled lobby is green with hanging ferns, a central water feature, bold dark grey and cream furniture, and vibrant purple orchards. It’s beautiful! A tangy welcome drink of ginger, passionfruit and apple juice and a cool towel, alongside a pretty fuchsia orchid arrangement, is presented on arrival, and our stylishly dressed butler whisks us away to check in in the comfort of our suite.

Well … that was his intention. Instead, he patiently sides us as we ooh and aah over the charm and elegance of The Siam Hotel Bangkok. The glass ceilings fill the lobby and walkways with light, and abundant greenery creates a fresh, cool space. Our path is filled with curiosities from around the globe. There’s a “life-sized” E.T. figurine, a horse and carriage from the Han Dynasty, Chinese apothecary cabinets, vintage Elvis posters and sepia photographs of Muay Thai boxers. You can understand our dawdle.

The Siam Hotel Bangkok’s design is a collaboration between Bill Bensley and owner Krissada Sukosol Clapp, both avid antique collectors. The story goes that they were constantly finding pieces at fairs they wanted to be tagged by the other. And this is how they met, “Two Guys Fighting Over Antiques.” With this project, they no longer need to compete. You could sell tours here, keeping groups fascinated for hours by the oddities to be discovered.

Welcome Drink
Welcome Drink – The Siam Bangkok
The Siam Hotel Bangkok Butler
The Siam Bangkok Butler
The Siam Hotel Bangkok
Garden-filled Paths to the Rooms
The Siam Hotel Bangkok
Have you seen a lift with a padded seat before?
Curio, Antiques & Gallery
Curio, Antiques & Gallery
The Siam Hotel Bangkok
Have you seen a lift with a padded seat before?

The Siam Bangkok – Suites

When we do reach our suite, our butler has us checked in, delivers a full room tour, and has our three-day itinerary planned within minutes – restaurant reservations and boat bookings included. He leaves us with a map and a custom guide of what to do, see and eat. He connects us to WhatsApp and is only ever a message away, ready to answer every question and make arrangements for a smooth and highly enjoyable stay.

There are no “small” rooms in The Siam Bangkok. The all-suite boutique property’s “entry-level” rooms are 80 sqm! Each suite is uniquely furnished—Khun Kriss and Bill needed somewhere to put all of their treasures.

Our suite is fronted by a medium-sized living room, a large Smart T.V., a minibar, a coffee table, and welcome treats. It’s an immediate win with an espresso machine that is not Nespresso. I know there are a lot of die-hard fans out there, but Nestle just doesn’t do it for me. Yet, I think they could still do a little better here by providing some Thai coffee, such as some of those fabulous beans from Chiang Mai and a French press.

A jar of the most addictively delicious banana chips and fruit bowl take the edge off our hunger after the long trip to arrive. There are also complimentary reusable water bottles with a Q.R. code on the side. The project aims to reduce single-use plastic. The hotel has several water refilling stations (although there are plenty of glass bottles provided in our room, we never need to leave to get our own), and the Q.R. codes lead us to a map of free refill stations along the river. Guests are encouraged to take the bottles with them and top up as needed.

The bedroom is separated by curtains, which can be opened to allow more light or closed for privacy. The bed is ENORMOUS. This is not just a king, super king, or royal king! They must have sheets custom-made to fit this monster. The mattress is the perfect mix of soft and supportive, and the cloud-like pillows are large and plentiful. A roll-out bed can also be arranged, which is great for colleagues travelling together or families.

This room also has a large television on the wall and more chairs between the bed and the screen. There’s a full desk behind the bed with international power points, and the bathroom has 110- and 220-volt options. Two separate wardrobes and luggage holders mean we each have our own space, and we especially appreciate that all lights are labelled.

The bathroom is impressive, and it’s a dramatic entrance as we open the doors and descend the steps to the centrepiece, where there is a free-standing tub bathed in natural light thanks to the sunlight above. There’s a rollable table, which I use later in the evening to hold my laptop to enjoy the latest on Netflix while soaking oh-so-happily in a giant bubble bath.

Once more, we have our own space with separate sinks at opposing ends of the bathroom, with plenty of room to spread our belongings without risk of sink splashes. The shower has both handheld and rain heads, and bath products in refillable containers sport a soft, natural scent. The only improvements I’d like to see here are a hair dryer with a bit more oomph and a magnifying mirror to ease the strain on these fading eyes when applying makeup.

Living Room
Suite Living Room
Suite Bedroom – The Siam Bangkok
Bathroom with Old Bathtub


Outside of the room, there’s much to explore. You might start at The Siam Bangkok boutique. Don’t expect the standard line-up of commercial goods; instead, be ready to be marvelled by curious collectables. There’s even a 1968 Batman comic going for BHT 5000.

You’ll want to take time to stroll the halls. We find something new on every pass-by: artwork, installation pieces, books, furniture, and much more. Be sure to walk around all levels of the hotel, even the floors that are not on the same level as your room.

On the second floor, there’s a music room with a piano, a vintage vinyl collection that you’re welcome to play, stuffed peacocks, posters of rock legends and even a taxidermy alligator. Go up a level, and you’ll find a hoard of pieces that look like they belong in a museum. It turns out that it’s not only Khun Kriss who’s a collector, but his mum, Khun Kamala Sukosol, does a good share of accumulation, too.

Perhaps the most exciting floor is ground level, where there’s a gym, library and screening room. The fitness room is surprisingly spacious for a boutique hotel and even has a proper Muay Thai boxing ring and training equipment in one corner. There are several cardio and strength machines, as well as a lot of free weights, bands, mats, steps, and other fitness accessories. The fridge is stocked with water, freshly pressed juice, apples and the tastiest little energy balls ever – I confess to taking a couple to go.

The library is like a living museum where guests are invited to interact with the display, and in the back corner is an attractive screening room. You can play anything from the hotel channels or connect to the Internet and screen whatever you want. A soft sofa and cushions make for a comfortable cinema experience. Still, there are also old-school fold-up red upholstery and wooden chairs once found in old theatres. It’s complimentary use for guests, and we’ve heard it’s popular with families and especially for international sports matches, where several rooms gather, hopefully cheering for the same side.

Go down a level, and you’ll find the peace-inducing Opium Spa, where we sign up for a not-so-peaceful-sounding Muay Thai massage. Contrary to the name, our therapists are not boxers ready to pound us with their special skill set. Instead, our soft masseuses use their thumbs, heels of hands, forearms and some light chopping with the sides of their hands to gently relax our bodies – perhaps something the martial artist might have post a session in the ring.

Keep moving towards the banks of the Chao Phraya River, and you’ll find a Jim Thompson Store with a collection of Bill Bensley’s work (all proceeds go to the Shinta Mani Foundation, which helps educate youth in Cambodia). Further on, there’s the pool and all-day dining restaurant. Looking like something straight out of a French villa, the pool is lined with manicured gardens, deck chairs, and striped umbrellas overlooking the river.

On the other side is Chon Thai, the all-day dining restaurant, and The Pier, which doubles as a waiting platform for the hotel’s boat shuttle and bar, best enjoyed in the cool evenings.

The Siam Hotel Bangkok
Collector’s Pieces – The Siam Bangkok
The Siam Hotel Bangkok
Contemporary Installations
The Records Room
Music Room
Pool Table
Pool Table
Antique Camera
Antique Camera
The Library
The Library
Screening Room
Screening Room
Fitness Room
Large Fitness Room with Muay Thai Ring
The Siam Hotel Bangkok
Opium Spa
Opium Spa
Opium Spa – The Siam Bangkok
The Siam Hotel Bangkok
Between Buildings
Jim Thompson Store  The Siam Hotel Bangkok
Jim Thompson Store
The Pool Nicely Framed
The Pool
Pool at The Siam Hotel Bangkok
The Pool
The Pier
The Siam Pier

Restaurants & Bars

As mentioned, Chon Thai is located by the river and serves a menu of international and local favourites. It’s very pleasant in the mornings for breakfast. The open-walled restaurant benefits from a gentle breeze coming off the water, and large floor fans provide further circulation. The menu is just as I like it—unlimited a la carte—and there is a bounty of options.

A cold section features cereals, yoghurt, granola, acai bowls, baked goodies, fruit, cheese, and cold cuts. Western hot mains are diverse, from cured salmon bagels to smashed avocado toast, toasties, coconut waffles, and eggs in every format—Turkish, Florentine, poached, scrambled, and more. From the Asian kitchen, there’s rice, noodles, soup, and congee. Our top picks are the French toast, smashed avocado, and turmeric chicken and rice.

Cold-pressed fruit juices, herbal drinks (we like the deep blue butterfly pea), and tea and espresso-based coffee drinks support the food. While the coffee is nondescript, we appreciate dairy alternatives such as oat milk. However, tea is something special. Sawanbondin Farm & Tea House supplies tea, and its artisanal blends are made with leaves from a Karen Hill Tribe in Chiang Rai. The organic blends are sustainably grown and managed, and the business improves the living conditions of this isolated community.

Dining Space
Check Out The Bar!
Check Out The Bar!
The Siam Hotel Bangkok
Breakfast at The Siam Bangkok

The Story House on the lobby side of the property is a hotspot for special occasions and events. The glasshouse-like area is divided into several rooms, each with its own design. Afternoon tea here is a hot ticket—it’s just so darn pretty. For dinner, they offer a la carte and a three-course dinner set. Read all about The Story House menu here.

The Story House Bangkok The Siam Hotel
The Story House Bangkok – The Siam Bangkok

Getting Around

The Siam Bangkok seems to be far from everything. Located in an old neighbourhood where the palace actually houses the royal family, alongside several schools, hospitals, and a university, it is an authentic district without tourist fanfare. However, this does not mean you are isolated.

Bangkok’s reputation for standstill traffic is notorious. If you travel by car, you could spend an hour to go two kilometres. However, the river is very different. There are no jams here, and the hotel’s boat can take you up and down the river much faster than any road transport. There’s a comprehensive map detailing the stops en route with recommendations of what to see, do, eat, and drink along the way.

The final stop is near the BTS station, meaning there’s no need to suffer through road congestion for a minute. While it’s a great way to get around Bangkok, many guests see the hour-long round-trip boat ride as an exciting activity in itself. The cool breeze from the water makes the trip very pleasant, and you can see all sides of life from the river. A bartender takes shifts on the 4 pm, 5:30 and 7 pm shuttle, ready to whip you up a cocktail for the journey. Any time of day is pleasant, but 5:30 pm has a magical quality as the sun radiates its day’s final warmth and the city’s lights begin to glow.

Shuttle Boat
Shuttle Boat

The Siam Bangkok Review

Despite appearing to be far from the city, with direct river access and a complimentary shuttle boat, The Siam Bangkok is actually quite accessible. Its riverside location is a highlight, and the rooms and property are one-of-a-kind. If you’re a collector yourself, or a movie buff, or just appreciate grand, bold design and plentiful greenery, you’ll find much to love here.

Reasons to visit The Siam Bangkok: stunning boutique property with 38 suites; an incredible collection of curio that will keep you engaged with new finds for hours; the screening room is something special; giant dream-inducing bedding; butler service; a great riverside location with complimentary shuttle; must try a meal in The Story House.

The Siam Bangkok
The Siam 3, 2 Khao, Vachirapayabal, Dusit District
Bangkok 10300, Thailand
Link to The Siam Bangkok on Google Maps
+66 2 206 6999

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