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Coffeeboy Club @ The Gasket Alley

Coffeeboy Club @ The Gasket Alley, PJ

Coffeeboy Club Monica Tindall One of the things I miss most about regular life in KL is café hopping. Besides my love for coffee and brunch, KL café owners offer a lot in terms of design and new places to explore. Sadly, the city’s vibrant café culture has been put […]

Healthy Meal Delivery Kuala Lumpur

Healthy Meal Delivery Kuala Lumpur

Healthy Meal Delivery Kuala Lumpur With no end to restrictions in sight, I’m seeking more businesses that deliver nutritious meals to my door. Sure, it’s fun to indulge every now and then, but staying on top of physical and mental health seems more of …

Healthy Food KL

7 Fit Meals Combo – Wise Crafters KL

7 Fit Meals Combo Monica Tindall Wise Crafters aim to help “busy citizens, especially women, achieve personal health goals by offering natural healthilicious meals and meal plans.” Currently, they make that mission even more affordable with a 7 Fit Meals Combo …

Waves Cafe KL

Waves Café KL, Healthy Food Delivery MCO

Waves Café KL Monica Tindall The longer we stay at home, the more I want healthy meals that I don’t have to prepare myself. I’m increasingly asking regular restaurants for more nutritious options and actively seeking places that solely provide nutrient-dense re…