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Chinese New Year KL 2020

Chinese New Year KL 2020 – What’s On

Chinese New Year KL 2020 Gee, it seems the Solar New Year is just over and now the Lunar New Year is upon us. Whether you stay at home or eat out, CNY in Kuala Lumpur is guaranteed to be a period of delicious festive gatherings. Here’s a roundup of […]

Butcher's Block Damansara

Butcher’s Block, Best Value Steak in KL

Butcher’s Block Words: Anna Chew Photos: Monica Tindall Best place to get fresh meat? At the butcher’s, of course! It comes as no surprise then that Butcher’s Block in Damansara Heights often comes as a top recommendation for those looking for the best steak in KL. …

Tapestry Dining KL

Tapestry Dining, Chow Kit, Dinner Menu

Tapestry Dining Words: Monica Tindall Photos: Rich Callahan You may already know Tapestry via their Rise & Shine brunch menu. This wonderfully photogenic restaurant quickly topped the lists of Instagrammers in KL as the place to shoot on the weekends withi…

Celler Piñol Wine

Celler Piñol Wine Dinner, Stoked KL

Celler Piñol Wine Monica Tindall Carefully combining tradition with technology, art with science, the team at Celler Piñol produce fine wines in the medieval town of Batea, Terra Alta in Spain. The family-run cellar is devoted to organic farming and to bringing …