Cowboy Coffee, Petaling Jaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Yeehaw! Isn’t it every little (big) boy’s dream to be a cowboy? Well now he can live out that fantasy at Cowboy Coffee. With rope wrapped table legs, steel cowboy hats trimming the windows and some serious country and western mood music, Cowboy Coffee is a fine place for ‘coolin yer heels’ (staying for a while in cowboy talk). From the basics, ‘six shooter’ (strong) coffee such as latte and cappuccino to some ‘screaming’ (awesome) frappes even the most ‘awdacious’ (adventuresome) wrangler will find something to quench his thirst. ‘Scare up’ (get) as little as 6.90RM and you’ve got enough for a ‘rip snorting’ (good) cuppa. If you happen to feel ‘peckish’ (hungry) they offer some ‘rattling’ good sweets too that won’t have you ‘planking down’ (paying) too much cash. So mosey on down to Cowboy Coffee the next time you feel like lassoing yourself a bonanza cuppa coffee. 

Cowboy Coffee
No. 1, Jalan 19/3
Section 19/3
46300 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan
+6013 393 8833
[email protected]

To learn more cowboy lingo visit:

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  1. Such an interesting theme for a cafe, yeehaw yeehaw! 😛

  2. Waoh… you are venturing far for a cup of coffee. =)

  3. i love cowboys too! gun-slinging, shootouts & bar fights in the wild, wild west are always fun to watch on the big screen! 😀

  4. I think when I was younger, I dreamed about being the Red Indians instead cos they got to do the whoop-whoop-whoop battle cry! (Not to mention the pleasant task of scalping them cowboys. Yay.)

  5. cowboy… yee hay….
    the name is definetely a hit..

  6. the cowboy dream is still in many blokes…

    this is probably a good place to sit and chill on a weekend.

    • Unfortunately at the moment it's only open Mon – Fri. It's in an office block so I guess most of their customers come from there. I did hear a rumour though that they are looking to open up a few others around town.

  7. I wonder how good their best "shot" of Espresso is? Being cowboys and all..=D

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