Nirvana, Bangsar, Malaysia

There’s always a gaggle of hungry hordes flocking the entrance to Nirvana in Bangsar. Fortunately though, service is fast so tables are filled and released quickly. The reason for the queue is their tasty banana leaf. Turnover is HIGH so you can expect your meal to be hot out of the pot. The standard leaf comes with white rice, three types of veges, a crispy papadam, tart pickles, salted chilis, rasum (a sour soup) and your choice of curries – fish, chicken or dahl. There are many additional bits you can order such as fried chicken or biryani instead of white rice. We tried the biryani which came with a juicy drumstick, worthy of the few extra ringgit. Accompany with a mint lassi to balance the spice and you have yourself a well rounded meal. Nirvana is a terrific spot to bring visitors for a colourful taste of Malaysia.
43 Jalan Telawi 3,
Bangsar Baru, 
591000, Kuala Lumpur
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  1. I like their fried bitter gourds. Other than that, I would rather go to Kanna's because it's quite pricey and it's usually packed to the brim. But hey, they are still using the REAL banana leaf unlike Kanna. Hehe.

  2. This is fantastic place for the typical Indian cuisine but sometimes I can't take the crowded environment.

  3. the vibrantly red chicken, the colorful rice & veggies … gosh, pictures of banana leaf rice always evoke memories of powerful, delicious flavors! i can't believe i've allowed years to lapse since my last banana leaf rice meal! 😀

  4. The mutton varuval is quite good, but unfortunately, service can be a pain during peak hours. -_-

    • I've heard that about the service a few times. We must have arrived on a good day as service was attentive and fast. I was impressed with how quickly our food came.

  5. I love their vegetarian banana leaf! The fried bitter gourd is absolutely gorgeous! YUmmmm….

  6. Oh banana leaf rice – yums! More curry, please! 😉

  7. kinda like Nirvana if not for their very unfriendly and slow service. Love the fried bitter gourd on most days.

    • A few people have mentioned slow unfriendly service… we must have visited on a good day as the waiters were all smiles and moved us quickly to our table with food coming out pretty fast too.

  8. Ohhh I miss Indian food! So much! I miss nasi briyani!

    But I've never had Indian foods served on a banana leaf! Did it affect the taste? And you said "The reason for the queue is their tasty banana leaf"… do you eat the leaf? :p :p

  9. Dear Rad, Banana leaf is just used like a plate to hold all ur dishes. Once you eat all ur dishes it will be rolled and thrown out.
    the banana leaf will not be reused.
    May be when you eat ur hot food on the bananan leaf some banana leaf natural ingredients may seep into ur food and food tastes better,,,yummmy,,,one more thing,,,ur eyes like the green color,,,so dark green of banana leaf,,,it adds fr the taste,,,,,when u eat on banana leaf you are so close to nature,,,,n ur body and soul likes it!
    so the ultimate satisfaction to the body and soul!

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