Suzi’s Corner, Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Suzi’s Corner is still a cherished location for late night eating. Steak is what hubby comes for, but on this occasion we arrived too late. My usuals were still as good as ever though, if not better: Cashmere Naan – thick slices filled with sultanas and cashews; and Vegetable Soup – brimming with fresh ingredients, not sure that the broth is 100% vegetarian but for a flexitarian it does just fine. Hubby’s other usuals: Chicken Soup – spicy and thick; Tandoori Chicken –  a touch of tang, mildly spiced meat that falls off the bone; and Roti Canai – in this case egg (telur) spanking hot off the skillet.
Reasons to visit:  Succulent NZ tenderloin steaks at a fraction of the cost of a restaurant; cashmere naan; a good assortment of local dishes that won’t leave you with a tummy ache; late night eating with a crowd at any hour.
Suzi’s Corner
Corner of Jalan Hulu Kelang and Jalan Ampang (near the overpass – don’t go over, stay under)
Opposite Ampang Point, on same side of road as Flamingo Hotel
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  1. the soup looks utterly wholesome and hearty…kinda rich too for supper unless its a rainy night.

  2. Oh that Kashmir naan looks really thick and yummy… Perfect for a late Friday night dinner, I would say. 🙂

  3. The spicy chicken soup looks really thick. It will be awesome to have it during rainy nights.

  4. I've never tried a cashmere naan before. Will keep this dish this mind =)

  5. i love the look of roti telur when you can still see bits of yellow on it, signaling where the yolk went! 😀

  6. I m dying to go to Suzi's .. just never had the opportunity somehow as the place is out of distance for me… i heard so much about their steaks… drool… looks like they got other good stuff too!

  7. This is a city treasure. I love these guys. Great food and atmosphere.

  8. So close but yet so far away… LOL!!!

    I always pass this place and on each passing by occasion, I always thought about the steaks there, but never once have I stopped to try them…

    The thought of trying to find a place to park my car is one of the reasons I never tried stopping by Suzi Corner.

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