Pizzeria, Hard Rock Hotel, Batu Feringghi, Penang, Malaysia

Sit under fanned coverage or in the natural shade of the trees

 Wood fired pizzas are what Chef Joe is known for
 Chef Joe Italiano preparing one of his specialities

Of course there are cocktails – Penang Island Ice Tea, Purple Haze & Bahama Mama
 Thin crust pizzas are what the islanders keeps returning for – this one is the chef’s creation of the day – a bit of everything
 Spaghetti aglio olio style with prawns – lots of olive oil, a light bite from the chili and fresh seafood
Pineapple Upside Down Cake
For carefree regalement by the sea,
Pizzeria is the place to be.

Thin crust Italian style pizzas, keep customers returning.
While the sea breeze and rock tunes, keep young hearts a yearning.

It’s Hard Rock! Thought I’d give some musical lyrics a go.

Okay, I hear you, don’t give up my day job. 🙂

At Pizzeria sea views run a close second to Chef Joe’s carb creations. Known for super thin and crispy wood fired pizzas, not only hotel guests enjoy a bite here, but so do locals looking for insouciant indulgence. Made fresh on site, relish some pre-meal merriment as Chef Joe whirls and twirls the dough in a rockin’ demonstration of skill and limberness before it is topped and baked. Hot out of the oven the bases are crunchy around the outside and bottom and soft and forgiving in the middle. Any assortment of toppings are possible. This Pizza a la Vostra piled with chicken, turkey ham, mushrooms, spinach, cheese, basil, onion, barbecue sauce and house made tomato coulis was devoured in lion size bites by hubby after his morning gym workout. 

Pizza is the prime reason for a visit, but Chef Joe’s bubbly personality and humble nature is cheese on the base. He shared with us a heart warming story of himself as a young boy with not much hope of a bright future flitting between jobs of waiting tables and bouncing at night clubs. He was fortunate though to be raised by a strong mum who believed in him and pushed him to get some skills to improve his prospects. Moving out of the club scene, he began work as a kitchen hand and with the encouragement of his dear mother Joe grew the courage to give new things a try, work hard and believe in himself. He moved his way up the food chain to be a Tattler’s Best Chef award nominee and head chef of Pizzeria, Hard Rock Hotel, Penang.

Reason to visit:  relaxed dining by the pool/ sea, wood fired pizzas, a motivating chat with Chef Joe

Hard Rock Hotel
Batu Feringghi
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  1. Spaghetti aglio olio style with prawns looks so delicous..
    I could see that the prawns is just perfectly cook.

  2. I would love to have that Pineapple upside down Cake!! and yes.. Pizza too….

  3. Penang Island Iced Tea! hahah, i love that name! anyways, this place looks really cool too. we should all pack up and move to penang for a month and enjoy the eateries there! 😀

  4. Wow, fantastic photos! Haven't been to Penang for so long, I should one day. The food looks good too! Nice trip! =)

  5. There's nothing quite like a pizza fresh from a well-fired wood oven. Yums!

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