1. wow, congrats, another fun interview to listen to! your passion for food (and the environment and for life in general) really does shine through your words 😀

  2. hey monica, congratulations on that! another good interview bout you there 🙂

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  3. Wow I m amaze on ur special skill like know which lamb that graze from which field…..
    U really had a very hectic lifestyle….. N this is what u like…
    So please blog more good food.. I m ur fan… 🙂

  4. Wow! You're amazing!

  5. Monica thank you so much for spreading your love for Malaysia food to all the expat in town! You are awesome!

  6. As an expat, I'm loving your recommendations. I also liked hearing about your blogging process. I need to start taking notes instead of trying to keep all the info in my head.

  7. Congrats! It was certainly a beautiful interview to my ears…

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