Petite Millie, 1 Utama, Malaysia

Sweet, creamy & refreshing Goodness Gracious Its Green Fruit Freezer (kiwi, soursop, green tea, natural yoghurt) RM14 – this was our favourite drink;  Passionfruit Orange Camelia Calmer hot or cold RM7 or RM8 – adjust the sweetness with sugar syrup;  thick creamy milkshake The Hungry Monk’s Tribute Frosted Flavours (banana, toffee and shortbread) RM14 so creamy and sweet, could easily constitute dessert
Pain a L’ail – selection of toasted farm bread served with olive tapenade, smoked garlic confit
spread and butter – RM6.50 – simple pleasant presentation
Roasted Leek and Potato Veloute – chives, ricotta smoked fish tartare and avocado oil – RM12.50 – favourite starter
Portabello Sandwich – comte cheese, toasted walnuts, and bell pepper relish – RM18.50 – Gets its name from the appearance of the mushrooms folded in two to make a sandwich rather than any gluten accompaniments
Avocado & Crab Tarte Flambee – fragrant Thyme, lemon oil, chive, crab meat salad and avocado – RM19.50 – this is an either you love it or you’re not too sure meal. I was leaning towards the not too sure, my dining partner was on the love it side of the fence. Seems to be quite the conversation piece as when I mentioned to friends that I’d recently dined at Petite Millie a number asked if I’d tried this dish all with equally opposite reactions.
Luv a Duck Tartine Sandwich – peppered duck breast and fresh rocket leaves, orange & dill aioli on an open sandwich with the cut offs of the tarte flambee base crisped into a side dish – luvved it
White Truffle Oil Fish Pie  – white truffle oil baked fish pie with shitake mushroom RM36.50 – warrants a second order
Basil Oil Tossed Spaghettini – seared rare tuna loin a la plancha, tomato beurre blanc and zucchini – RM28
Poutine Cheek – chunky fries, grated cheese, homemade gravy topped with 6 hour braised beef cheek, freshly ground pepper and truffle oil – 26RM – don’t leave without trying this dish!
Warm Dino’s Granny Smith Apple Crumble with vanilla ice cream RM16.90 – tastes as good as it looks
Cinnamon Crusty Napolean – seasonal fruit, berries, mango sherbet – RM14.50 – not overly sweet as some sorbets around town – allows the natural flavours of the fresh fruit to shine through – befitting choice as an afternoon treat or finale to a meal
Coffee with oat biscuit – nice presentation

Petite Millie has set a new standard for casual dining in Malaysia. A roomy French style brasserie with blackboard menus and an open kitchen allow you to connect with food and people. Funky folk music enlivens the background and fabricates an upbeat merry climate. Sharing of dishes encourages interaction and conversation. Being little sister to one of the most extraordinary restaurants in town, Millesime, you are assured attention to detail, such as everyone’s orders coming out at the same time and piping hot plates keeping your food at an appropriate temperature.
Food is principally of a French European influence with a French Canadian Quebec connection hovering around. You’ll see this in their signature dish, Poutine – chunky fries smothered with homemade gravy and cheese. Petite Millie takes this from established street fare to gourmet heights by accenting it with their own flare. The Poutine Cheek which adds six hour braised beef cheek and truffle oil to the tangle is a compulsory request. Also known for their Tarte Flambee (slender dough topped with crème fraiche) and Tartine (open faced sandwich on country bread), you have three must order dishes before even dipping into the menu.

Drinkies will be just as pleased as foodies with their thirst quenching throng. Wine starts from RM13 a glass (cheaper than a smoothie!) and RM76 bottle. The sweet, creamy and refreshing Goodness Gracious Its Green frozen yoghurt smoothie makes a visit to Petite Millie worth a stop all by itself. Flavoured tea, coffee, thick shakes, juices, carbonated drinks, beer and wine merit a complete menu of their own. 
Reason to Visit:  Beef Cheek topped Poutine, Roasted Leek & Potato Veloute, Luv a Duck Tartine Sandwich, White Truffle Oil Fish Pie, Goodness Gracious Its Green frozen yoghurt smoothie, simple chic casual atmosphere, affordable wine
Posts on Millesime (the big sister):  25 April 201224 April 201217 December 2011
Petite Millie
Lot G 146
Ground Floor 1 Utama Shopping Centre
47800 Petaling Jaya
+6 03 7732 0395
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  1. The Beef Cheek topped Poutine does looks mouth watering!

  2. I love the poutine cheek here, as well as the avocado/crab tarte flambe.

  3. i'm on the "i like it but i'd like it even more if it was topped with even more avocado' side of the crab tarte flambee! heheh 😀

  4. I will come for the Cinnamon Crusty Napolean, very outstanding outlook!

  5. Tarte Flambee and Poutine Cheek are our favourites, we always order these when we visit Petite Millie. 🙂

  6. We stood outside debating whether to go in on Saturday, but we turned around because I felt a shortage of meat on the menu. =D

  7. aiye I dont take beef …
    so cannot try the the Poutine Cheek…
    I tried once and the food is OK for me..

  8. Wow, all that food is making me hungry!

  9. The Poutine seems to be a favorite! Noted on my list to try and the desserts looked awesome.. =)

  10. The desserts look brilliants colourful. Love the Warm Dino’s Granny Smith Apple Crumble and I definitely will order that again.

  11. This place looks so inviting, thanks for sharing.

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